4 “P’s” to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products – Linh Trinh – FHR #192

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4 “P’s” to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products – Linh Trinh – FHR #192

Why Dave Chose to Interview Linh Trinh:

Linh Trinh is a master at selling high ticket products. The best part is he sells them by creating undeniable truth. Basically, he helps the prospect realize what Linh is offering is the best way for them to get the results that they want. If you believe in what you sell you have a moral obligation to be the best and do whatever it takes to help others. Linh reveals his secrets to helping 1,000s of people get what they want and shows you how you can to.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Linh’s weapon of choice is the webinar funnel for his clients, and his delivery system for it had to change. (3:57)

-Linh has helped us see the importance of proposing “undeniable truths”. (7:26)

-We can get our customers to see that they are in pain without our solution, the next step is helping them see the possibility of relief we have to give them. (10:00)

-Once we show our audience their pain and possibility they are ready to remember how no one has helped them yet and that this is their problem. (12:23)


-Linh emphatically lets us in on if we want to provide true value to our community we need to charge the price that will allow us to provide it. (17:59)

Quotable Moments:

“When you offer something for free, people don’t value your time. So, what would happen is I would have 3 or 4 of my coaches just waiting around having appointments booked. And they would sit around all day just waiting for people.”

“The really specific questions allow them to visualize the scenario and then allows them to answer the question.”

“The whole coaching process begins even before the coaching begins, it begins at the sales call. The sales call in itself is a ‘breakthrough call’.”

Other Tidbits:

Linh doesn’t sell features that come with his services, his logic is that when you talk about all of the features your product includes it more often causes uncertainty than persuasion.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward radio on today you’re gonna love this opportunity you have a great and wonderful opportunity hearing from a dear friend of mine from around the world here and I want to introduce you guys to Lynne trend Lynne welcome and thank you so much – how are you doing I’m doing great for those you guys who don’t know Lynn Lynn first of all he has a a podcast I highly recommend guys get to take a look at its online trainers podcast also Lynne is gonna be a funnel hacking live here in Orlando and March go to farm hacking live.com get your tickets because you’re gonna want to beat your after you listen this podcast you’re gonna go oh my gosh I have to get more of Lynne and the best way of doing is being there because he’s actually been one of our hosts at one of our round two r2 comma Club roundtable hosts the coolest thing is you’re crushing it on really doing a lot of high ticket stuff but I love one of the things you’ve always talked about is the importance of building business systems instead of just focusing on a short term action type of stuff so I know that kind of ties into the high ticket but I’d like to if you don’t mind tell people a little bit about yourself real quick and then we’ll dive into this high ticket stuff yeah so I’m based in Melbourne and you know I started as a personal trainer 2007 in 2014 I decided to leave the personal training industry stop trading time for money and and start an online business now I struggled for about nine months I was posting on Instagram doing all the content marketing starting blog posts and I didn’t know how to get clients I didn’t know how to get clients consistently and that’s that’s kind of when I developed and fell all over Russell Branson’s first book home secrets which allowed me to learn about marketing and built funnels to attract people now the biggest thing that we do right now from 2014 to 2016 why would I draw a business – I think doing $277,000 in about 18 months inside of the online fitness space it’s highly competitive and we’re selling packages anywhere from 1,500 to $10,000 to work with me 1 2 1 so since then I’ve gone on to help other trainers become experts of their niche and actually build systems to attract people and get people to chase them and get them to be paid what they’re worth but at the same time help trainers develop a coaching and fulfillment system that doesn’t rely on information only and is so relentless to getting their clients results they’re getting their clients to follow through because you all know that we live in a world right now where the information we’re dying in information people weren’t following through the world is you know becoming you know this disease has increased obesity has increased all these problems have increased yet we’ve got more options than ever and you know the coaching model that we came up with was how do you get people to actually follow through how do you actually get people to come in how do you actually get people to actually like transform their lives not not temporarily not lose weight for 4 weeks and then put it all back on but we talked about transforming their identity so that they become somebody new and when you transform somebody’s identity transform their habits so that’s kind of the stuff I’ve been geeking out on over the last two years and dude it’s it’s been amazing to work with the Russell its demeanor amazing the world with Tony Robbins of working with you guys there at ClickFunnels™ it’s it’s all helping to our growth so ultimately you know what I like to say I know it’s cliche but like upgrade humanity yeah just create better human beings create human beings that don’t even so much of a scarcity mindset of I can’t do this I can’t I can’t do that but giving them hope and to actually pursue what it is that will they want to pursue so Len tell me what what type of a funnel are you using when you’re selling this high ticket stuff I mean how you getting people into your funnel what’s the process like are using applications I mean how do you sell that large of a price point can you guys explain to people what did it you’re doing you have core so we use a webinar phone and women are famill is great because you can take it called prospect who doesn’t know anything about you is never seen you before so we market across the world and a webinar funnel is essentially getting somebody on where they forty sixty minutes with you went through that we share a lot of really great information and the most important thing is driving that belief of what they can do and getting them the outcome now on the hour paid application we do paid applications now because we used to do free and there were some two big main issues that we saw with free applications that number one were the people that apply to work with us another one they probably weren’t qualified enough that is they didn’t know what it is that we we did they didn’t want what we had to offer and they were just applying for the sakes of it so naturally we came up with a lot of objections around price number two that the problem with free applications were we’re getting a lot of no-shows and when you offer something you will free people don’t value your time and so what would happen is that have for my coaches just waiting around having appointments booked and they would spend their day just waiting for people and and that I don’t know if you do a lot of sales calls or sales applications but if you spend your day based around somebody else’s schedule that can throw you off a little bit so I decided okay cool we need to fix this because we’re getting a ton of applications but unfortunately the show up rates were miserable okay and then on the cause they were like a hard slow call and you know we always go back to that question how do I make this better I have I get better results and so I thought why don’t why don’t I just literally pitch on the webinar I go hey guys like the simply this if you want to work with us then here’s what you’re going to need to do what we’re gonna get you’re doing is we’re gonna get you to pay a hundred dollars down and the reasons why we want to do this is simply do the fact they’re number one it makes sure that we kick away or the tire kickers but number two it allows our team of coaches to be able to spend more time with your nationally crafted game plan and at the end of the day if you don’t decide to come and join us on our coaching programs or move forward with us then you’ll get that hundred dollars back so we couldn’t care about your hundred dollars what we do care is that you show up to the call you value the corn you value and respect our coaches time that that there they’re leaving aside so that saved us tremendously and what we see on it right now is that you know how webinar converts really really well so on an auto webinar we’re running an auto webinar right now it’s converting approximately about 6 percent which means for every 100 people that register six people actually putting the hundred dollars submit their application and what happens after that is then our closing rate becomes a lot higher I think when I was closing I don’t close anymore but when I was closing it was about eighty eighty two percent and I closed in about seven minutes and it’s really really cool glad we came Anthony I had I had people from in a circle and I had my own clients watch me close and and the process was just seamless because I could take them through a consultative process and we do something called creating like the undeniable truth I they go at the end of the day if you’re gonna move forward with us yeah they do this or you do that and I show them that there’s every area every other decision that moving forward to us leads the pack and if they actually understand that logically and then they must move forward so we create the undeniable truth on the core dude that is just crazy I want you to repeat that cuz I don’t people ever listen this going what he just say so this idea as far as creating undeniable truth so explain to me what that is and so this is a process that I’d gone through because I’ve been doing sales for so long since you know I remember hustling you on cold core since 2014 and I just thought okay what is the problem out there and we look at the marketplace and I assess the problem and I go okay everything out there is a problem your competitors that are a problem the truth is right now people are not getting the results you and I both know that there is more information out there but disease obesity the ability for entrepreneurs to finish and follow through courses and build businesses and a miserable in the amount of attempts that people spend to get started so I go okay if everyone out there is a problem and I’m the only solution then I need to make sure that they see everything else out there is a problem chances are what are they going to do when they leave the core so I go okay well my competitors are a problem simply because they don’t get you to focus on the internal internal stuff like building yourself changing your habits actually building yourself as a leader so again even if you did leave this call right now and chances are what are you gonna do what have you done so I take them through what I like to call the four piece and the first piece is pain you need to really identify the one biggest pain point that they currently have inside their life and you and I both know like the process that I used to go through was that I used to identify many pads and and my conversation became scattered now I just want to hit that biggest pain point and how I do that is I ask them and and you understand you’re out of time you understand what their general pains are but if I had a magic wand which one of these three things would would you want to fix right now as its have more money as they have more time was this had more freedom and so once they tell us what that pain is I can narrow down and I can Zone in on that pain and I can bring out that point that I want to start by I really try to focus in on one thing the problem that I used to have and the problem that I think a lot of people have with sounds is they try to get into the pen and they try to bring up all the pain so don’t get you don’t get to go deep and when you don’t get to go deep you don’t create those there’s there’s problems and it always comes back to an identity problem like that person is experiencing pain that father might be experiencing pain of losing weight okay that might be the pain but underneath that he feels bad because he’s like he’s having an identity problem because he doesn’t want to be that dad that lets Danny say he doesn’t want to be that mediocre dad so the true identity based problem is assertion that paying with the identity that he feels he has once we bring out that identity we go to the possibility yeah this is the next page and inside of the possibility I simply ask him hey if we were to work with each other 12 months from now I think it was a Dan Sullivan question but I I went more specific because I found with this question that people weren’t able to answer it correctly and what I mean by that is if I asked you Dave what your goes for next year that’s too much of a difficult and answer a question for you to answer you’re gonna be like wow I don’t know right and that just throws people off so I go okay Dave if I’m gonna work with you and you’re not gonna sit down and you’re gonna give me the best the most raving testimonial ever are you gonna say oh my god Lin transform my life and just like the testimonials you see on social media and Facebook what needs to happen inside of your business inside of your life and let’s start with money because how much money do you need to make in order for you to be a raving fan so that the like the really specific questions allow them to visualize the scenario and then it allows them to answer the question because I found a lot of the times inside of silos you’d ask a question and and you would get resistance because they wouldn’t know and most people don’t know what they want so you needed by them you need to allow them that scenario dude I can I can do that seriously I love this idea as far as as that see that you could I mean when you’re going to that possibility you’re not only you’re seeking a testimony before you in the future and you’re taking off of them and putting it on you and then back to them so I think that’s a super cool thing so yeah I thought I might keep going this I love this it’s a pretty supposition to say you’re gonna give me a testimony we’re gonna work together it’s gonna be amazing though what needs to happen inside of your money what is happening with your time and then what we do with that is we we show them the identity of who they can become okay so all this is identity based the pain leads to them showing the biggest pain that allows them to associate with the identity of who they currently are and once they’ve realized through that Chaeronea they don’t want to be there because every single person inside of them has an inkling to be great and they’re dissatisfied that’s why they’re on the call with you then the possibly you need to identify with them okay what’s that Alaskan it look like you do they become and once you’ve got point A to point C I simply go okay well inside of a car right now if I want to go to Boise and I’m in Melbourne and I pulled up two points inside a navigation route how are we gonna get better and I ask them the question how are you going to get there right now and this is what I like to call the next pay the problem and I need to show them the problem the problem is that they don’t know the problem is whatever they’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked so chances are a lot of the times I’ll go well I’ll just do is the thing that I did in the past no I do chances are you did it but there’s a reason why here because it didn’t work can they like want to stick for longer and I’m like that’s the problem you couldn’t stay to it you can stick to the plan you couldn’t stick to the diet and therefore it didn’t work and so I showed them this and I go okay well here’s a problem well here’s the problem all I’m gonna try this and so if you walk through them logically that they don’t know the answer but you’ve essentially done if you created nor three roads and in order for them to move from point A to point B you essentially say to them and guys if you sell and if you sell this way you have a moral obligation to absolutely be the best inside of your field like this is some really really hard really really good and hard selling here but inside of the space so I believe that if you innovate you know that you’re the best then you have a moral obligation to help them and what I’m going to take you through is really really cool because by the end of the call you now actually coach a client to break through and you actually indoctrinate them and you get them excited and now they’re ready to be coached okay but if you don’t take them through this process and if you don’t actually show them that any other pathway it’s the pain they’re not going to be open to listening to what you have to just say and if you don’t get them to that point then they’re not going to follow through so the whole coaching process begins even before the coaching starts it begins with my selves called the sales call in itself is a breaks record okay so that is so killer dude it’s it’s cool and and the way like I can talk about this because the way we do the webinar and the way we get people to apply saves a lot of time which means you know you can go into the sales conversation and coach somebody through this process the 4pd process the time the possibility the problem and then you can go through your path and you and the path simply goes like this a lot of people when they try to sell this stuff they try to sell features and the problem with so many features is guess what Dave when you sign up today here’s what you’re going to get you’re gonna get a Facebook group you’re gonna get a membership side and what happens with that even though you think it’s amazing what with that is now you create uncertainty inside of your prospects mind so Dave if I’m trying to sell you I go do it the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to install you with lead generation systems okay so that you can get up these you can get 10 leads a week that’s it okay you want to sell the outcome the benefit so that you can have when you’re selling the path you don’t sell the membership site because Dave if I sell your membership site what do I create I create uncertainty inside of your mind you go well what’s in the membership site what what membership site would I get what’s in it specifically and what happens when you create uncertainty is you create distrust and when somebody a person is only gonna buy from you especially at a high ticket level when they feel completely certain that you have the roadmap and you have the certainty to get them there so when I saw the path I go okay well here’s step number one Dave when you come on and work with us wait I know I know where you want to go I know you’re at a point I and I know you want to get to point B now we’ve done this countless times before you can check out all these results on this page and we show them the results and we go Dave in order for you to get there here’s our proposed plan okay step number one we’re gonna need to get your lead generation system first okay to get your 10 leads now what do you think you could do with 10 minutes chances are would your would your sales increase well of course it would even if you didn’t know how to sell which chances are anybody would know that 10 leads in their business sells and the second thing I talk about is well we’re going to teach you how to convert these leads and then build a system so that you’re not there it’s the same stuff that I’m currently doing that I’m we’re making sales and I don’t have to be there okay and then step number three Dave I’m going to show you once you start getting a hundred new clients in do you know how to coach a hundred clients at scale and you’re like Len a turn and I’m like awesome we’re gonna build a system around that as well first you’re gonna build the system and then the second step to that is taking you out of the system so that you still get clients results without you spending so much time sorry I’m gonna pause it no no the PCI I just want to give me my credit card I just don’t know I mean Dave I I get really excited about this process simply because number one you need to be really good at is that you do and so many people can’t sell it comes down to is they don’t believe in their product they don’t believe that they’re the best they don’t believe that they the best in the market they don’t innovate they don’t continue to learn they don’t double down but when you do you own all the power I can say this to your face and I mean it and I go look Dave by the end of this by the end of these three steps you’re gonna have the result and I expect to just get you back on a testimonial in six months time and we’re going to chat together does that sound good we walk through these four steps and and he creates like the undeniable truth that if they don’t join every other path leads the time and that’s what I mean by this process because it’s such a it’s such a breakthrough moment for them they realize that they need to move forward they realize that what they’ve been doing they haven’t doubled down and you and I both know that more skin may invest in the game the money is great we talk about high ticket and we go a lot of the time sorry for swearing but a lot of the times we invest high ticket so that we can invest in the experience of them we invest they invest in high ticket so that they invest inside of the skin inside of the game so a lot of the times how is set up coaching is we dedicate coaches directly to them we have been that we now have the resources to be able to deliver and fulfill and innovate and a lot of people that don’t so high clear end up selling a mediocre and giving a mediocre service and guess what you’re adding to the problem because if you hand them a mediocre service you can’t give in that detail because you’re not bringing enough revenue inside your business and you live inside of a scarcity mindset your ability to deliver and fulfill and give them my great experience drops drastically and inside of that drop you drop their results and because they invest less money and less skin inside of the game they don’t get the results so how’d you get selling to me is them getting skin in the game and you and I both know this saying like diamonds are created under intense pressure so at the end of the day I ask them and they go do do you have a blanket this is these are objections that we can go through every single day dude yeah but I and plan and like of course we do but here’s what you’re doing when you get onto a payment land dude I’m about to turn you into a diamond and why would you what and you know that diamonds form from impress in intense pressure from rocks right like rocks go through intense amount of pressure in order to become a diamond do you want to become a diamond yes I do that then do why would you remove the pressure from yourself well how’d you do that and you ask them logically to tackle that objection and you of course we do so do you still want the payment plan and they have to think about it do you know what I mean like when do you own what it is that you do you go in there with such certainty and you go in there with such belief because I believe truly it is we’re seeing the results people that pay upfront and get better results people that pay through a payment plan guess what they’re thinking of the way up they’re thinking this month won’t if nothing happens then I can leave that’s the thought process I do are you committed to your results I am Lynn and I’m like I’m sure you are so there’s so many people say that but the next thing is gonna require commitment okay and so we walk them through this process and I walk them through logically and what he texts actually achieve success you and I both know that if somebody invests you know ten dollars in something they’re not going to value it as much as they invests the same thing at $10,000 it could be the same information thereby in their ability to see value and their ability to extract value from the same information difference so this is so cool I had this conversation with Kelsey on our team the other day regarding we have a large event coming up we were talking about payment plans I’m like I just hate payment plans and she’s like well Dave I can tell you we’ve gone through and because it’s a high ticket price point that we’re gonna be selling at you know $3,000 at a live event and I said I just hate payment plan she goes I can tell you Dave right now every time we do payment plans they always they either they cancel the first payment because they quit they give up on themselves or they basically find some way of pointing the finger blame at somebody because it’s not their fault and so I’m not kidding it’s the craziest thing I hear you saying that I’m going I lose tennis and because of that we are not gonna offer a payment plan because I wouldn’t want those people who are totally serious we committed because I want I want them having the results so I get the testimonials absolutely and that’s how every business should run if your business is not running in such a way where you’re getting the results to get the testimonials your business won’t grow you know business that it’s called foundation do the business so good that you’re getting testimonies and then apply all the marketing strategies to it and I see a lot of this stuff inside of the internet marketing space and you know inside of the online space people are so heavy driven by marketing in sales that they forget about fulfillment and then they begin looking at tactics to get people in what payment plan to a stop I do I do a free trial and they’re so driven by getting people in but not actually running the actual core foundation of the business which is to drive the testimonials create the desire and that’s how you increase your prices you don’t increase your prices by simply marketing better you increase your prices by giving people better results geez I I’m literally living this daily right now because we’re does that you’re talking it’s about actually inner circle and increasing the prices inner circle because that exact same thing and it’s like people that pay up front chances are if they’re in the seven nine figures they they are they are it’s a crazy yeah-ah lid I love talking to you this has been a crazy crazy opportunity for me and again I I can’t think you know understand you guys you’ve had just a short short taste of we’re not gonna be I can’t I want you guys to meet him he’s gonna be at funnel hacking live and he’s actually gonna be around table host and let me answer any questions you might have so I highly recommend you guys have to go at funnel hacking live.com get your tickets get their most importantly fine Lynn and if you can’t make it how did they get a whole deal in is the podcast on iTunes right now it’s called the online trainers podcast it’s relevant for any coach or expert if you want to learn about the internal struggle you want to learn about mark and who want to learn about creating an amazing coaching experience for your class to build results so they can find me that or they can head over to Facebook and go coach Lynn turn calm and yet that’s the two ways connect with me that so one more time tell them what the podcast is again the online trainers podcast the online trainers podcast so again guys go check out the online trainers podcast or you can find Lynn at coach Lynn Trin yeah I’ve basically written it on Facebook oh my gosh any other parting words here dude I love exactly what click models are doing and I would say to anybody else that’s struggling out there like keep keep going learning how to innovate and ultimately build a business where that you care about and get clients results the biggest thing you know where we went from six figures to seven figures to eight figures this year is the ability to double down and care I mean so many people inside of the online marketing space one automation and they want to have that freedom we’re sold into that idea but if you’re one of the very few people that care you actually build a business that actually matters and you get people coming to you because that’s what people actually want they want to connect them and they want to care man I couldn’t say it better than that with that we’ll let you go Lynn thanks so much thanks Dave I’ll see you a funnel hacking dude that kind of way thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio.com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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4 “P’s” to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products – Linh Trinh – FHR #192

4 “P’s” to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products – Linh Trinh – FHR #192