One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Make $100 A Day As A ClickFunnels™ Affiliate

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Make $100 A Day As A ClickFunnels™ Affiliate

One Funnel Away Challenge Is Here! If you are an entrepreneur looking to make money online chances are you have searched for “make $100 a day online”. If that’s you then check out

At ClickFunnels™, we went through these videos, we found that most of these strategies don’t actually work. However, we want to offer you a way not only make $100 dollars a day online as a ClickFunnels™ Affiliate.


In this video with Russell Brunson, explains what you will need in order to become a successful affiliate. Selling online doesn’t need to be complicated and to make it easy for you, we are laying out everything you need in order make money online as a ClickFunnels™ Affiliate. Plus, you get 100% of the commission, it’s a pretty sweet deal!


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One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Make $100 A Day As A ClickFunnels™ Affiliate
One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Make $100 A Day As A ClickFunnels™ Affiliate 1

One Funnel Away Challenge Is Here! If you are an entrepreneur looking to make money online chances are you have searched for “make $100 a day online”. If that's you then check out At ClickFunnels™, we went through these videos, we found that most of these strategies don’t actually work. However, we want to…

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Russell Brunson and Tai Lopez: How To Start A Online Business That… | Part 2

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement – Made $100 million with Tai Lopez & Russell

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement: Welcome to the first part of our marketing series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson. Watch as these two entrepreneur titans of industry tell you how to grow your business and take it to the next level. In part one of this five-part series, we are sharing from Russell’s book Expert Secrets on how to create a mass movement and how marketing your business like this can 10x your income. ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

– Hey my name is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to my channel. I’m so excited to have you here. If you can a moment really quick and click on the subscribe button, that way I can send you really cool videos like this in the future. But today I’m gonna be talking about a five-part video series I’m doing right now. It was actually an interview I did with this man right here. Grrr, his head got really big. Tai Lopez and I was actually in California.

This was a couple of months ago. I was out in California and I actually messaged Tai and he said hey come on over to the Tai mansion, hanging out and we’ll do an interview. So I got there super late it was like 11:30 at night and I was like there’s no way we’re doing this interview.

And sure enough we showed up. He fed me and then about one o’clock in the morning. If you’ve every been to Tai’s house or seen it he broke out like 400 cameras. He had cell phones galore for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, networks I’ve never even heard of and we did this interview and it turned out really, really cool and I wanted to share it with you.

So the very first part of this interview Tai’s asking about how we built ClickFunnels™ from zero to 100 million dollars and the first thing we talked about is how you actually build a movement. I talked about the movements that ClickFunnels™ has built. We talked about some of our success stories. Like LadyBoss and the movement they’ve created and a whole bunch of other stuff.

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

With that said let’s jump into part one of this interview series with me and Tai Lopez. (stormy thunder) – Russell, take me back three years ago you decide to launch this company, called ClickFunnels™. Are you now number one competitor with Shopify? – I think so, I don’t know anyone else that’s come close, so I’m pretty sure. – And you did this, you have five kids, you live in Idaho, for all of you to live in smaller markets. – It still works. – So what was the feeling to go from zero and three years later doing one hundred million bucks here. – That was never the goal. I mean the goal is like try to do whatever.

But it’s funny because about four years ago when we had the idea and we were like can we do this. Like a lot of people have tried it before. I even tried it before. Luckily I had a co-founder in Todd Dickerson who was technically able to build it. And he spent about a year building it and then it came back and it was just amazing. And so I’m like all right let’s sell this.

That’s my job to be the guy selling it and talking about it and trying to build the excitement behind it. It’s crazy cause it took off. At first it was kind of slow it took a while to figure out how to sell and how to get people excited about it. And then when it started working and then triggering success stories, people having success with it and more it started growing and growing and the last three years has been nuts. –

So, let’s go through this. Marketing, cause a lot of people are listening in are people who have an idea and they want to grow it. One of your secrets is not just selling a product but creating a movement. – [Russell] Yeah. – Tell me about that. Cause that’s really your number one. I asked you the number one thing you think is responsible for growth and those of you listening should emulate. You’ve written this book called Expert Secrets. You’ve got Robert Kiyosaki on the front cover recommending it and the Underground Playbook Defines your Message, Build A Tribe, and Change the World.

So why do people need to build a tribe? How do you do it? – [Russell] The market we’re going into there’s a lot of competitors, right? And all of them are like, there brands but there kind of nameless faces. There’s brands trying to do this thing right. And I remember about that time I went to a network marketing thing cause I had some friends and I wanted to see how these guys do their stuff. I show up in this room and there’s like four or five thousand people in this room and everyone’s going on stage and they’re crying and I was so confused. I’m like this is a software company, why are people crying. – (laughs) –

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

And person after person for two or three days and I’m so confused and finally I look over to one of my buddies and he said to me he said you know what they’re doing here? I was like I’ve got no idea but everyone’s crying, I’m confused. And he said they didn’t build a software company they created a movement. That’s why people are here. That’s why they’re coming. – So he’s saying they built a movement before they even branded this concept. –

Yeah as they were doing it. We were launching ClickFunnels™ and I was like if we’re just a software company like everybody else then we’re a commodity, right? If you’re a commodity then it’s like everyone is fighting for the lowest price and eventually you price yourself out and that’s how a lot of businesses happen. I was like we need to build something bigger where people are a part of this movement and they’re part of our tribe and they belong to this thing. And so about that time we were launching ClickFunnels™ and again at first it didn’t take off like I thought it was. I remember about two or three months into it I did a presentation about a concept we call Funnel Hacking which is like could we find somebody else as a funnel, you look at it and then you model it inside of ClickFunnels™. Our people started calling themselves funnelhackers.

I was like okay hey we’re funnelhackers. We started making T-shirts and everyone who signed up for our software make them watch a 10-minute video showing them how to use ClickFunnels™ and we mail them a T-shirt that says funnelhacker. Almost every week since we’ve launched ClickFunnels™ there’s been some the next ClickFunnels™ killer is coming out. I got emails from everyone forwarded and they’re like the competitor’s coming out. And so far I think there’s about thirty something that have come out and all of them have kind of fallen by the wayside and didn’t do much. –

You think that’s cause they weren’t movements like yours? – Yeah, well I asked some of my members how come you guys don’t try their software? Why aren’t you switching over? And they said because we’re part of this is like, this is not your company Russell. This is us, we’re funnelhackers, ClickFunnels™ are our tool, this is who we are. One guy, I remember he told me, he’s like I look at the ad long enough on my Facebook feed just long enough to laugh and then I scroll on.

Because I know that I’m a funnelhacker and I’m part of this movement. And so it’s like everyone is gonna try to beat us on pricing and things like that and it’s like no we built a community. We built a tribe of people who have a belief they’re going somewhere, there’s a vision what they’re all trying to do and that has been so huge in propelling us. they also share it We get organically about a thousand people a day that are signing up for ClickFunnels™. – And these are paid customers by the way. 55,000 paid customers. – Not free ones like most software. – Your free email list, how big is it? –

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement - Made $100 million with Tai Lopez & Russell 2

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

Over a million. – Over a million. – We’ve probably had about five hundred thousand or so that have actually created an account but yeah, 55,000 that are actively paying. – Paying you and it cost between what? – Between $100 and $300 a month. – 100 and 300 and then you’ve got some upgrades people can do. So, it is interesting we’re talking about this cause I was just reading this, I like to read textbooks even though I didn’t go to college. This is how I do my version of college.

So I was reading this book on, it’s just a psychology, Dr. David Russ, it’s a psychology book. He’s actually coming here tomorrow. He’s one of the most interesting guys in the world. And he’s talking about the rise of gang membership around the world. And he said it completely tracked the breakdown of the old family unit tribe. Gangs started to get big let’s say, I mean there’s always been some form of gang, but people want to belong to something. So now if you can build a business, you see that with Lady Gaga. She called her fans wasn’t it like Little Monsters or something like that?

And Justin Bieber what do they call, beliebers. – (chuckle) So one our top success stories we’re talking about in the book a lot. She’s in the weight loss space and her maiden name was Tool. She was always like Tool Time trainer. It was tough because people didn’t self identify with that. – Right. – And so she heard this for the first time, she was at an event we did and on the flight home she was like I need to change this to something that my people will associate with. It was tough for her because her business at that point had been her name. And she’s like that’s not big enough for everybody else. And so on the flight home she was thinking about ideas and all of a sudden she had this idea.

She’s like I’m gonna rebrand it as LadyBoss Weight Loss. And my winners are gonna be LadyBosses. And they went home and deleted their whole business which was doing well, rebranded it, launched this thing called LadyBosses and if you look at here movement right now they have over a hundred thousand women who have purchased their program so they’re in this thing. They do these swag drops. – Swag drops. – She’s like I’ve got my LadyBoss swag and she’ll come in and she’ll reveal it and they’ll have, so for a short period of time, and I’m not allowed to share their numbers, but they will sell so much clothing in a finite period of time to all the LadyBosses. Cause they have these shirts that say I’m a LadyBoss and they have all these quotes that people self identify with. – Yeah. –

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

And when they took it from a brand like from their name to this thing that’s bigger like people can identify with. – I just want to reiterate, I’ve seen this over and over. Even what I do. Knowledge Society is one of the names of one of my companies. And it’s not even something I tried to brand. And I see my employees latching on to that because you can’t latch on to being Tai Lopez, that’s just one person. But being attached to Knowledge Society is like this higher purpose and if you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs there’s five levels of needs. Physiological is at the base foundation.

And you have number two you have safety. And then number three you have love and number four you have status and respect. But number five is self actualization or actualization to a higher purpose. And that’s where people find god and they find, like Mahatma Gandhi and his movement to gain independence for his country. Martin Luther King Junior, Abraham Lincoln. And so what you’re doing is you’re applying those same principles to a brand. And it took you from zero to a hundred million dollars a year. –

The thing about the big brands, the ones that have done a really good job in the last generation have done that. Look at Apple. – [Tai] Biggest company in the world, Apple. – [Russell] Apple self-identify with that. Like there’s Apple users and there’s everybody else. There’s that thing, you look at shoes, you look at clothing lines, the best brands have done that. For some reason most businesses, we don’t think think about that, it’s like well I sell this or I’m a financial planner or I’m in real estate. Those who start looking at a pattern. I’m a big pattern guy. You see a pattern it’s like okay, now that I know the pattern, how can I amplify that. So when we realize this is the pattern. In the book we’ll say how to create those movements.

But you understand the pattern it’s like okay how can I do this for my business and when I became aware of it then it’s like okay now that I know what it is I can amplify it. I know that these are the pieces of how to make this movement happen and like what are all the elements of a good movement and how to be the leader of that movement. And one of the things, when you understand it you can amplify it. – Yeah. – And most of them never know, they’re like I sell this thing. This is my business. – Tell us a little more. What did you build, was it just this hacker funnel kind of idea or funnel hacks or what did you identify with? –

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement

You know I think the majority of our members they’re small entrepreneurs, they’re people who are still involved in their business. They’ve been marketing their business and they’re passionate about that. I was our customers like five or six years ago. I had ideas, things I wanted to get out but I didn’t know how to do that. I’m not a website designer or developer or anything. So I had to hire people and it was so slow and just frustrating.

So for me it was like when we made ClickFunnel I was able to as someone who is passionate about my product or my service I could just go and put it out there really, really fast. I was talking to your partner earlier about MentorBox and he was like back in the days I had a hundred developers here to build all of our software, our things. He’s like guess how many work for our company now?

Two and they log into ClickFunnels™ and they edit stuff. Like that’s all we do. So it gives people like us who are passionate about a product, or an idea, or whatever it gives us. I was hoping it makes entrepreneurs free to share their message, not get bogged down in all the tech stuff that keeps people from doing it. And so our people, our phone hackers.

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement: Like that’s their thing. I don’t get stuck down with all the tech. I can just go and share my message. I can sell products. I can do whatever it is I want to do. – So people have got an idea, they are no longer constrained by technology. – Thanks so much for watching part one. I hope you enjoyed the interview so far. Make sur you subscribe right now. That way you’ll get notifications when episode number two comes out to see the next part of this amazing interview. ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement


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Funnels Digital Distribution – Take 1 Video And Create 23 Unique Content

ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement - Made $100 million with Tai Lopez & Russell
ClickFunnels™ Mass Movement - Made $100 million with Tai Lopez & Russell 3

Welcome to the first part of our marketing series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson. Watch as these two entrepreneur titans of industry tell you how to grow your business and take it to the next level. In part one of this five-part series, we are sharing from Russell’s book Expert Secrets on how to…

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How To Triple Your Exposure… 2CCX Mastermind Cruise Part 2 | FHTV Ep 118

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise – How To Triple Your Exposure

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: The Two Comma Club X cruise was not only incredibly fun but also dropped so much value! In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights from Myron Golden’s wealth mindsets talk, Stephen Larson on business problem solving, and so many others! ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

#Russell Brunson

(ship horn blaring) (driving beat rock music) – Those are the people you take advice from. – What is the next step? (waves crashing, birds cawing) – So what I want you to do, I want you to stand up, I want you to put your hands together for Miss Julie Stoian right there, everybody! (crowd cheering and clapping) – So I wanna talk about two really big problems that entrepreneurs have.

The first is perfectionism. And the one over here is when we try to cut too many corners because we’re in that desperate situation where we’re tryin’ to make money, and we’re tryin’ to get things done fast. It’s like growth hacking gone bad, right? We start creating really crappy foundations for our business. And over here is perfection. This is like obsession. This is when nothing gets launched, or you’re constantly throwing things away. So products with shortcuts are crappy products.

Perfect product is it important?: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Products with a perfectionistic owner don’t ever see the light of day. There are two truths that you have to hold in tension. The first is that you should take action as fast as possible with a minimum viable product, and you should not worry about it being perfect. What is on this other zone? This is the other tension, this is the other truth. Over-delivery, excellence, all that kinda stuff. When you can do both well, because they seem like at first they’re in competition with each other, right? Minimum viable product doesn’t have to be perfect, but I thought we were supposed to over-deliver and be awesome and create a new opportunity.

It can’t be improvement, it has to be amazing, right? These two things are both true. They hold in tension, and when you can stay comfortable in that tension, you will be far more productive than if you start to fall outside of that. (steel drum island music) – We just flew over that, and it’s a full rainbow now, it literally just got better. – [Sam] And then what happened? – And then a cop showed up. – [Sam] Luckily they didn’t see anything, right? – Lucky they didn’t see anything yet. We think we’re okay. – [Sam] They’re right there. – Just be cool. We don’t look like filmmakers, I think. – My name’s Miles, and I’m a filmerographer. What’s your name? – I’m Dan. I’m Dan Usher. I don’t wear sunscreen. I love filming cool stuff. (Miles laughing) I fly drones through rainbows and stuff. Invade personal privacy quite a bit. Sam– – [Miles] Okay. – [Dan] What is up? – Uh, yeah. My name’s Sam. I help him with all of the criminal activity that we do when it comes to filmmaking.

2018 Year in Review Video

: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

(upbeat poppy rock music) – [Russell] Today we are in St. Thomas. – It’s gonna be amazing. There’s some really cool things we’re gonna learn about the island, which I have no idea about, ’cause I’ve never been here before, so I’m super-stoked to be here. They said some of the trees kill you, so I’m hoping we survive. (upbeat poppy rock music) – We’re here to get one shot of Russell speaking a line for the 2018 Year in Review video.

The only problem is we’re going into this. – [Sam] Oh, that’s rain. That’s a lotta rain. I point at it, and then if we cut to this. – [Russell] Okay, above or back? – [Sam] Uh, above. – [Russell] K. – Which motivated us to do lots of crazy stuff, like kayaking in a storm. If you haven’t yet, click above to subscribe. – Boom! – Subscribe! – [Man] Whoa! – So that was rad. It was actually pretty cool, man. – That was a good shoulder workout for me. (upbeat poppy rock music) – Twice I pinched Colette, and she thought it was a shark, so that was the best part. (multiple people laughing) –  There’s crabs all over. There’s hermit crabs crawling around. – [Man] Really? – We’re about to start the hermit crab race, so I want you guys to find a fast crab. You’re looking for one with mental toughness and good people skills. –

The real reason why people are not successful: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

[Announcer] Start your engines! (crowd roaring) (engines revving) – And three, two, one, let’s go! – [Man] C’mon, Monster! – [Man] Let’s go, Darrell! (engines roaring) – [Kels] C’mon, Bageera! – Bageera! That’s a great name, Kels. – [Announcer] Here he comes, (engines roaring) here he comes, here he come, and it gets ‘im! – [Man] The outer circle. The first one to get to the outer circle first wins. (engines roaring) – [Announcer] Here’s the checkered flag! –

Yeah! (laughing and cheering) – Woo! I won! That’s my boy, that’s my boy! (upbeat poppy rock music) – We came here, we kayaked, then we hiked, took pictures by the blowhole, drenched us all, we got soakin’ wet, it was a lot of fun. And now we’re back. I think we’re gonna find somethin’ to eat, and then we’re back on the boat. So that’s the game plan now. (upbeat poppy rock music) (waves crashing) – Let’s put our hands together for Mr. Stephen Larsen! (cheering and clapping) – Thank you, man. K. Questions invite revelation.

And a lot of the time, the reason why people are not successful in this, is they have no idea what they’re trying to solve. If you don’t know the problem you’re trying to go solve, I’m gonna consume everything. I’m gonna read everything, I’m gonna take in every guru, I’m gonna go through every single course, even though Russell gave us this amazing framework. I’m like, look pathway, this square, square, there’s literally these checkboxes. I’m still gonna go consume all of it. Go on every single Facebook Live.

Focus on real problem master your mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Stop learning everything. Don’t learn, I do not learn generally, like in a general sphere anymore. You have got to know the immediate problem you’re tryin’ to solve in front of you. This is cool, ’cause it gives you clarity and emotional license to drop off all the other garbage and noise that runs inside of our heads. Nothing else matters. Any other spur of the moment that looks attractive kind of opportunity that pops in my way. No, no, no, no. Because I don’t know how to solve that yet.

Let me get distracted by another course, another thing, another thing, another thing. It’s not that they’re not helpful. It’s that for you to actually make money, it is likely not the answer. It is what is the next step, right? And then, what’s the next step? And you’re never going to see all of them. Ever! I never do! I have an idea of what I wanna build this year, and some of it just scares the crap out of me, ’cause I’m like, whoo, okay, I’m really pumped about it, I know where I’m going to go. In between, there’s a lot of unknowns.

Entrepreneur Mindset: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Welcome to entrepreneurship. Okay? Ambiguity land. All right? And so, all I do is focus on, like, the three steps, that, all right, I kinda know the three things I needa do. Great! That means I know everything I need to know. K, I have everything I need to know. And I just take that one step. Crap! How do I place that? Book, book, book. Book, book, book. Book, book, book, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt. Next step. And that’s how you do that. Okay, I really appreciate you guys, and hopefully that was helpful. (cheering and clapping) – So, Russell got his books this morning. He had a huge stack of them. And he went out on a speed boat and hid them personally. Nobody knows where they are. And now we’re sailing out as the Two Comma Club, the Two Comma Club pirates to find these special books and secrets hidden along the Bahamas. We don’t know where they are, but it’s our mission to find them. (horn blowing) (chimes) (hollering) (eerie vocal music and chimes) (horn blowing) – Hey! We’ve been here! We’ve been here the entire time. – Oh. Damn. (laughs) – All right, the cruise ship just landed in Nassau.

We just jumped off, we’re finding the taxi right now to head over to Atlantis, where we are gonna get some videos, have some fun, and hopefully swim with some sharks. (upbeat poppy rock music) – [Man] What are you up to right now? – We’re about to go down a water slide that shoots you through a shark tank. An actual shark tank. Totally awesome. – So entrepreneurs suck at vacations, typically. So that’s why we act like we’re vacationing while we’re making videos the whole time! So people think we’re relaxing. We are producing. Memories fade. Videos last forever.

Difference of Clickfunnel and Lead Pages? : ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Unless YouTube shuts you down. That sucks. – Is this the spot, Dan? – It works. It’s just a bit intense. I hope you don’t lose the laptop. – All right, check this out. So he’s got his phone with the lines right there on the phone. (laughs) – Feed into the funnel, and it increases how much money you make, and how you get more emails. – Hey Russell. I got this. – You just– Oh, thank you. – Over the years, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from you guys, which is why we’ve worked hard this year to deliver over 290 updates. Desktop notifications. I dunno where to go! (old fashioned TV show theme music) –

So you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t use ClickFunnels™? – I’ve never even heard of ClickFunnels™. Is that like Lead Pages? (laughing maniacally) – My first big financial aha was this. It is easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time, than it is to make a little money over a long period of time. That was my first financial breakthrough. Any track stars in here? Where my track stars? That ran track in high school, anybody? What is your name, sir? – [Brennan] Brennan! – Brendan? – [Brennan] Brennan. – Brennan, Brennan. You ran track, what did you run? – Triple jump, and– – Triple jump. – Four-by-one.

Okay, so I had polio as an infant. I’ve had a metal brace on my leg my whole life. I did not run track, okay? So let’s say Brennan and I, we get in a race, we’re gonna do a mile race. Can you run a mile? – [Brennan] Yes. – Okay. So we’re gonna do a mile. But how many of y’all would agree that it wouldn’t be fair to go the same distance, yes? (crowd murmurs) Okay. So… Brennan, you said you can run a mile, right? – [Brennan] Yup. – K, he’s gonna run a mile. I’m gonna go two miles. Oh crap, I’m so dyslexic.

Leverage Your Ability: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Did I say it backwards? (crowd laughing) I said it backwards. Anyway, but I’m stuck with it because I’m a man of my word. So how many y’all know Brennan’s gonna win? Yes? (crowd murmuring) Brennan’s gonna win, right? Everybody say unless. – [Crowd] Unless. – Unless Brennan’s running and Myron’s on a bicycle. Because I said he’s gonna run a mile, I said I’m gonna go two miles.

Now watch this. I can go farther, faster, and use less energy because you can always make up and leverage what you lack in ability. And so many people go through life trying to improve abilities that they don’t have instead of looking for leverage to compensate for the things they don’t have. See, what most people won’t do is they won’t stop running hard long enough to find leverage that can get them to where they desire to go that much faster. So it’s easier to make a lot of money in a short period of time than it is to make a little money over a long period of time.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

Start To Look For Leverage: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

But you have to stop running and start looking for leverage. So that’s some wealth mindset stuff that hopefully’ll help somebody. (cheering and clapping) – [Interviewer] What are you about to do? – Oh, we’re about to do this funnel right here. Never done this before. We got the four of us boys ready to go. – [Interviewer] And conditions are a little windy, huh? – It’s a bit windy out here – A little windy! – We’ll have a good time. We’re gonna have a good time. (upbeat horn music) (wind blowing) – Ahh! – Wow! One funnel away! (easy listening jazz music) (record scratches to stop) (squeaking)

– You guys thought we were gonna learn traffic today. We’re actually not, we’re gonna like dance and such. And, forward. And back. And side, close, side. And back, right, forward, left, side, close, side. You guys gettin’ it? – [Crowd] Yeah! – K. Give ’em a hand. (crowd clapping) It’s looking good, looking good. Hey, we’re on vacation, right? (crowd cheering and clapping) I’m gonna write a headline on the spot.

The Magic of Funnel Hacker TV: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

The magic trifecta that Russell Brunson uses to triple his content production by only working once. Anyone know that? – [Crowd] Yes. – K. The what, why, and how trifecta. K? Funnel hacking. Right? Funnel hacking. Watching what Russell does, seeing the funnels that he builds, buying and what are the upsells, how does he do it, what’s happening? That’s the what. What’s coming out, right, what’s being released, what’s being produced? That said he also produces a how. And you’ll see that on FunnelHacker TV. You’ll see him vlog, and you’ll watch how he’s producing the what. And then, you tune into his podcast, and in his podcast, you’ll notice it’s different in his podcast.

The FunnelHacker TV is very surface level how. Oh look, here’s what Dave’s doin’, here’s what Russell’s doin’, here’s what Julie’s doin’ today, here’s what Russell, here’s what John’s doin’, and all these things, and here’s all the teams interacting, and it’s, I’m traveling over here, and, this is the how and how I produce what ends up getting delivered to the world, right? But his podcast is where you get a one-on-one in Russell’s brain why. Why he’s doing it. Why he’s doing it the way he’s doing it, what he’s thinking about, to produce. You know, like why he’s going through the how to produce the what. But what if you could double your followers, engagement, and depth of understanding you and connecting with you by producing a how type thing? You can do whatever you want.

Facebook Live better than Vblog: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

You can do a Facebook Live, whatever makes sense to you. Doesn’t have to be a vlog. Maybe you wanna do a vlog, right? And then how, and then why aren’t you also doing a why, you know? A why. So this trifecta right here. You’re already doing the what, and you’re already doing the stuff. Just record it. Be vulnerable. Be open, and record yourself doing the thing that you’re gonna sell, and then talk to people as to why you’re doing the thing that you’re gonna sell. And you’re already doin’ it anyway, you might as well just have someone hold the camera, or whatever, and talk to them a bit more. And now you’ve tripled the exposure people have to you, without doing anything more. Is that cool? – [Crowd] Yeah! (clapping and cheering) – [Host] Awesome, you guys, let’s give it up for Mr. John Parks right here! (clapping and cheering) ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

– Hey, I heard Two Comma Club guys are doing karaoke tonight. So let’s go inside to hear how that sounds like. ♪ And I found it there in your heart ♪ ♪ To fall, and it turns out he was ♪ ♪ Longer ♪ ♪ Now he’s a superstar ♪ ♪ Slamming on his guitar ♪ ♪ At first, I know, it starts inside of me ♪ – Owww! (crowd cheering and clapping) Boom! – There are war ships. There are tall ships. And there are small ships. But the best ships are the friendships like we’ve made here this week with each and every one of you. Salut, thank you. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – [Russell] You know, a year ago, when we first started talking about this, we kinda had this vision, like wouldn’t that be cool if we did a cruise? And I was honestly, ’cause the introvert in me was like nervous about it. But now, twelve months later, having it happen, and having the experience that everybody, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We had such a good time.

The Best Business Partnerships: ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

And I think everybody grew a ton while being here on the boat. (pins clatter) – [Man] No way! – [Russell] And I think the biggest and the best business partnerships and deals happen in a situation like this where you can get past the formal, like, hi, how you doin’, and like actually find out who people are, and what they care about, and how you can serve them, and how they can serve you, and it just changes the game completely from a business partnership and friendship standpoint. You’re able to put your guard down and relax, and really connect, because you’re sharing these amazing new experiences together. I hope that you can put this in your calendar for next year, make it a goal to be on the Two Comma Club cruise because this is an experience that will completely change your business, and it’ll probably change your life as well. (heartfelt upbeat instrumental music) – Two Commas forever, baby! (crowd cheering)

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ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise - How To Triple Your Exposure
ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise - How To Triple Your Exposure 4

The Two Comma Club X cruise was not only incredibly fun but also dropped so much value! In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights from Myron Golden’s wealth mindsets talk, Stephen Larson on business problem solving, and so many others! Subscribe: GET MY FREE…

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Inside Look At The 2CCX Cruise And Mastermind Part 1 FHTV Ep 117

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise – Inside Look

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Feeling some FOMO for missing the 2 Comma Club X cruise? Not to worry, because in this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights. You won’t want to miss Russell Brunson talking about why we procrastinate or James P. Friel on how to set goals and achieve them. Funnels Mastermind Cruise

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Schmoozing while Caribbean Cruising

(ship’s horn blasts) (upbeat music) – Yes! (laser gun blasts) (glasses clink) – Identity shapes behavior. (waves splashing) (seagulls caw) – Who’s ready for a week of networking and schmoozing while Caribbean cruising? Where profitable business is done while on vacation, and having fun. Woo! Two Comma Club cruises, let’s get ready to rock that boat! Woo-hoo! (upbeat music) – Hey, my name is Joanie, I just flew in from Seattle. – From Italy – I’m from Slovakia. –

From New Jersey. – We getting ready to go to the cruise, ah! – [PA] I’d like to take this opportunity and welcome you onboard the beautiful Norwegian Bliss. (pump-up electronic music) (boat foghorn) – Alright we’re officially at sea and we’re having our first official meeting here. We’ve got everybody gathered around about to tell them what’s happening to tell them what to plan on, and then I think we’re eating dinner cause I’m starving, hoping, hoping there’s time after this. Alright, let me get ready. (cheering) (whistling) –

The trip’s gonna be fun. I think a lot of people asked are we gonna be in meetings all day, or are we gonna be goofing off? The answer’s however you want it to be. Don’t stress out about it. If you sleep in, don’t be like, aww I’m late for the meeting. It’s okay, we’re on a cruise. (laughter) – Ahoy there, maties! (laughter) – [All] Ahoy! – Are you guys ready to have fun? (cheering) After this next is – [All] Everything! (cheering) (whistling) – Goodbye, bad weather! – Goodbye, civilization! – Goodbye, house chores! – Goodbye, work! – Goodbye, cooking! (cheering) – [Man With Captain’s Hat] We want people to be comfortable and relaxed and have that mindset of prosperity, inspiration, and profit. And I’m not awake yet. – I wanna go ahead and bring to stage Mister James P. Friel.

Right there, guys. (cheering) (clapping) – Is the very first thing you need to do is adopt and identity. What is the identity of somebody who has the habit that you already want to have? For me, it was being a drummer. And I was like, well, if I’m a drummer, I gotta practice like a drummer, right? If I had just said I’m not a drummer, I’m gonna do a completely different set of things. Identity shapes behavior.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Reasons we don’t achieve our goals.

And behavior shapes outcomes. So, the first type of goal is called a result goal. That means this is the end thing that I’m trying to accomplish. Right, it could be, I want a million-dollar funnel. The second goal: process goals. So, the process goal is that the thing that I’m doing on a regular basis the thing that I do every single day What are the chances of me achieving and accomplishing the result goal if I never do the process goal? Zero.

This is why we don’t achieve our goals. – You’re saying work on a habit ’til it becomes a habit, right? – [James] Yeah. – But then if I don’t see the results from it, what happens, I think probably to, I know some of us in here, we’ve talked, you move on to the next thing. – [James] Yeah. – You move on to the next thing, you move on to the next thing, and then you’re spinning your wheels. – Yeah, no, it’s amazing question. It’s aligning your expectations with what you think is reasonable and then consistently doing small, simple things to get there and not uprooting the plant before it has the chance to start sprouting. Thank you guys so much for your attention. I appreciate it. (cheering) (clapping) – Killer. Accountability, process, identity, habits.

Ties it all together. (shouts) – [All] Whoa! – Thank you! – We are at teppanyaki, and the food has been absolutely amazing. (spatulas making beats) They make beats with their spatulas. (spatulas making beats) They make jokes all night. – “♪ Rollin’ Rollin’ down the river!” – [Man] It’s basically a fun family event for a little while. – In the hat! (clapping) (beat begins) – [Automated Voice] Ten Nine (shouting in slow motion) Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Game over. (maniacal laughter) – So, we’re trying to get viral footage of laser tag, and they’re not letting the camera guys in, so Blake snuck in the back door and slipped in, and we’re watching the big monitors of the game, and we just saw Blake running around filming all these little kids.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise


ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Two Comma Club X Cruise

He doesn’t know we’re not even in that session. (laughter) Which is pretty awesome. – I was by myself. [Man] We were watching you the whole time. (electronic music) – Guess where we are? We are actually, I have no idea where we are. Tortilla. Tortuga. We’re on the Two Comma Club X Cruise, and you should be here. Why aren’t you here? Look at this place. (electronic music continues) – You. Should. Be. Here! (music picks up) – [Man] Goin’ to the baths at Tortola. Apparently, it’s this secluded place, and, because the group is big enough, they can charter a private ship for us, so a little boat, so look where we’re going. – You got me looking green? – [Cameraman] You look like the Hulk. (laughter) (upbeat electronic music) – So, I feel good.

The green has gone down. Bruce Banner’s back. I’m good. (music continues) – [Cameraman] So, what’s it like being around all the funnel hackers out here? – We actually get to connect and meet people in a relaxed setting, so we actually get to make some great connections. – [Man] It’s always more fun traveling to destinations and seeing awesome sights around the world while still meeting new people and doing business.

We’re under the palm trees, we’re laying on the white sand beaches, we’re snorkeling with each other, you know, we’re walking through caves. The environment is providing such an atmosphere of relaxation. – [Man] That’s part of what being a funnel hacker is. You know? Being able to give yourself the freedom to go travel and to work remotely. (bell dings) (intense music) (shouting in slow motion) – What?? (shouting in slow motion) (tiger roars) – One! Two! Three! (bell dings) (cheering) –

Yes! Yes! Yes! Ten people! Oh my gosh, get me out. First ride. (festive music) – Amazing talent. I’m trying to practice kicking my leg up that high, but right now my leg’s now this high. – We just watched the vanna show. We had second row seats. It was pretty fun. He loves those kinda things, so it was really good, but now I’m all butterflies, like how do you follow a dance act like, let’s talk about business? Ahh. – Okay, so we’re gonna do a shot that’s really important for an ad, so I need you guys’ help. (laughter) It’s gonna be slightly awkward for me.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: Build a Ziprander

It’s gonna be really awkward for me. Slightly awkward for this guy too. I’m gonna hold the book. He’s gonna put his arms around me, so you get the shot. I need you guys to What do you want me to do? To reach like you’re trying to grab the book. I don’t know his vision, but I promise it’ll be amazing afterwards. (laughter) (cheering) (camera shutter snaps) (cheering) Can I get it? (laughs) Oh, wow. You guys are entrepreneurs.

The goal is not to go and build a business. It’s to build a team, and all of us entrepreneurs we have this big vision of what we want to create, right? How many of you guys have a vision of what you wannna do? What you wanna create? Okay? So, we have these big, huge visions over here, right? And then we’re like, alright, I’m gonna go execute on this vision, and you start running, boom, they start running toward the vision, right? Second, we have it, boom, we’re off to the race and start going towards our vision, we’re going towards our vision, going towards our vision, and all of a sudden, as we’re going through, there’s all these things that start coming up, right?

Like, there’s this and this and this and this and this, and every single time I would get hit with one of these hurdles, I would stop, and I would say, how in the world do I program? Okay, I don’t know, so I’m gonna go change my major in university to programming, and I’ll spend the next six years of my life learning programing so I can build Ziprander. That’s how my mind was.

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise: The biggest problem

That’s how most of our minds are, like, how do I do this? I have to figure it out! I’m gonna switch my major and learn it, right? And all of the sudden you go on this detour where you’re trying to figure out how in the world to do that thing, and this detour takes you on this path over here to a world that we call procrastination. The question how will lead you to procrastination.

The question of who will be here the fastest. Who already knows how to do that. Okay? You figure out the who, who already knows the how, that changes everything.

But it’s the who, not the how. And so, on our journey, the biggest problem that we have as entrepreneurs, if you’re struggling at any point in this thing, it’s because you’re going down this path and you’re like, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, and you get stuck in this path of procrastination.

Well, it’s super late, and like half of us are asleep, so I appreciate you guys hanging out for a minute, so that was actually really cool. I’ll see you guys in the morning. It’ll be super fun. I’m excited (laughs) (cheering) (clapping) – [Narrator] On the next episode of Funnel Hacker TV. (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Oh, no. That’s a lot of rain. – Two, one, let’s go! – I won! – The dirt and the sweat – And now you’ve tripled the exposure people have to you – No, no, no – We’re here on St. Thomas. It said some of the trees kill you, so I’m hoping we survive.

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ClickFunnels™ Changing Game – Breaking Records with Kaeline Poulin

ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise - Inside Look
ClickFunnels™ Mastermind Cruise - Inside Look 5

Feeling some FOMO for missing the 2 Comma Club X cruise? Not to worry, because in this episode of Funnel Hacker TV Behind the Scenes we are giving you our favorite highlights. You won’t want to miss Russell Brunson talking about why we procrastinate or James P. Friel on how to set goals and achieve…

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Funnel Friday's Episode #56

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business – How to build a Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business: We are back for another episode of Funnels Fridays where Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards show you how to build a sales funnel using ClickFunnels™. This week, we are helping a local business optimize her sales funnel. ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

A lot of Facebook and Instagram and also YouTube what’s up, Jim? I do man. Yay. What’s up brother? How are we doing? I love you, too.

I know if the left one does by itself. I’m super excited and that the right one goes by itself. I’m even more excited. If both of them go off. I have to excuse myself from the room for a minute. So do we just wish you’d like create a unicorn funnel that has all of your best of all the stuff that you you can set by people and even by or perhaps merchandize.

Oh, oh, oh look merchandise. Wait, sorry. Are you have plastic? I left that hat in the other room. Oh, man. What’s that? My other pants? That’s just what is this how you purchased or is this one that you were gifted?

This was one that came from my good friend Gordon watt in, Las Vegas, Nevada.

So he sent this to me to as he knew it would brighten my day and it did and I’ve been walking around annoying annoying my wife and scaring my dog because I walk up to the dog and go like this and she heard it’s pretty funny. Actually. She’s a Chihuahua to so it’s even more terrifying those pretty amazing.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Oh man. Well, it’s good to be back with you for Friday’s bend over while I didn’t have doing stuff traveling and meeting people and all sorts of fanciness. So living that Russell Brunson lifestyle brother the Westie lifestyle.

No, it was what was important that we were important. We was in you were in Puerto Rico last week meeting with a whole bunch of people.

It’s interesting. They’re like all these personal development Geniuses and then there’s like me and two other like direct response Geniuses and it’s funny because like all of them are a little bit scared to sell the way we do and we’re like so obsessed with selling like they just like serve so much wear. Anyway, she’s it was this really cool dynamic? Like of like selling people versus serving people and is trying to blend the Two Worlds into one super thing. So it was fun maybe time. There you go. Awesome.

Well, I always believed that if you’re serving people you have a responsibility to sell them. That’s true.

Especially most in their vaults Lisa it like you feel guilty selling stuff and it is just think so one thing about this show you love we love some stuff. In fact, we’re he has some more stuff and so the best way to serve more people is some more people because people who pay attention and that’s kind of what I believe.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

I agree with that people who pay attention that’s absurd very good Russell. Would you rather have 10,000 free subscribers on a list or a thousand paid customers on a list Russell that wasn’t paid ones any day of the week. That’s right.

Absolutely, man. Your energy seems a little low perhaps do you need a rhino energy drink I’ll give you some so I okay. So this is a kind of bummed out. So in a week and a half now is a wrestling tournament. I’m so excited about my very first dressing turned 17 years. Oh you’re going to wrestle. I thought you were coaching now. No. Oh, yeah, but I was going to write rustles my first are so excited. So George ivanoff was a Fantasy Life. He’s a he was the Bulgarian Olympian for a wrestling he flew to Boise last week.

We’re going to trade all week as an amazing first practice at did it was super fun. Second practice jacked my neck. I’m not gonna move for five days. I’ve had chiropractors acupuncturists. I literally brought my magic lasers. This is a magic laser that reduces inflammation. You push the button. I’ve been lasering the crap out of my neck for the last like week straight my it’s about to come on what whoa laser apparently goes into your ripped out neck and it destroys the inflammation and pulls it back out. Yes.

Funnels Optimize Sales

There’s there’s magic later. This is actually legal in America if people find out I have is I think I can get arrested. I ordered it will please share it over the internet and ship it to Canada. I haven’t had a meal go to Canada and bring it down.

I just told it publicly on TV. Anyway, this is something that the Russian astronauts invented because in the when you’re in the space station, you can’t like there’s a doctor that This magic thing has these like Tracy put on it shocks you but apparently it wait till after your immune system and shoots all of your immune system all the one spot to heal everything overnight.

It’s like you can lose an arm this thing will grow back by the next day, but you’re the lead on America. So anyway, so this is this is why I put that on my forehead and grow a unicorn horn only one way to find. Yeah. I’ma put my head up to the thing put you put it up there and let’s see if it works.

It’s wrong. Anyway, so find energy is lost as I live you might for my neck all the way like my spine is just like inflamed and sore.

Ooh, sorry, man, but I still think we can have to wrestling so I’m hoping that by then I’ll be able to wrestle even though I haven’t been able to practice. So that’s like I was planning on doing two practices a week for two and a half weeks to get to remember on Russell, but now it’s gonna walk out against like real people who wrestle without any practice.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So are you starting to do like that International Masters stuff? Is that what this is Yes, actually, yeah. That it’s actually really cold Masters. Yeah, it’s 35 45 year olds. And so okay.

It’s people like me who just going to show up and try to do something. There’s like people who are coaching who were actually really good. So I’m hoping I get some drawers of Chumps like me because I literally got Russell almost 18 years so I could see you though and another couple years win a World Masters title.

I could honestly you got enough time on your hands. You got a nice gym that if you really put your head to that I bet you could do it. I really do are you challenging me to do that? Well, you challenged me to grow my beard until I hit the TCC X club and I’m going to do it this year. So I’m just counting down to when I get to trim this thing. So yeah, I am challenging you to go become a world Masters champion because I know you can do it and I’m old. Yeah about six years. Okay. I’m in my neck Hills. I’m in otherwise that’s get surgery or something. Well, it’s called you need to like Warm up, you know just saying, yeah.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Alright, so let’s listen bottles today. I have another photo here a long time. All right.

Well, that’s what you told me about a little bit. I’m really excited for this. We should I show it or you want to show it you can show it. Okay. This is something that you know as guys do we want to learn about things like eyelash extension. So I mean I’m wearing this hat and so nothing’s off-limits.

This is actually a funnel scripts in a ClickFunnels™ user and this is this is cool. And the reason I picked this was because She is a local business and she’s selling the certification class locally, but I bet if she starts filling it up enough she could probably figure out a way to do it, you know online but she’s actually selling people into an all-day training locally where people pay 775 bucks to have her teach them how to put on lashes.

Funnels Optimize Sales

You know, putting lashes on people not like beating them with a whip that’s a different kind of funnel but this is putting lashes on on people’s eyes and you know stuff, you know, like when you you know, well, so when you go get a wax and the pedicure mani-pedi and you’re like, yeah, I want my extensions put on my lashes, you know how it is as men he made you I think so in Boise, so um is notice so this your eyelashes are beautiful anyway Russell.

Um, so what she’s got Is a pretty simple opt-in page that I see something glaring that we might be able to do to help but again, they’re telling me right now they’re getting a 60 to 80% opt-in rate. So I don’t know what the traffic source is. I mean, it could be just like her friends. I don’t know and then this is the page where they end up when where she makes the actual offer where again the headline is email sent watch video to learn more.

I mean that’s that’s pretty straightforward and then she’s got a minute and a half long sales video here that again it’s it’s working but there might be some things that we could do to help her with that and then it kind of lifts off what they’re doing and then she’s got to testimonials and and that’s it. I mean that’s this pretty straightforward.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So what you tell me your initial reaction to this and then you know, I’ll tell you what mine is I think my initial reaction is first off good for her for crushing it like the fact that this is working is awesome.

But it is there’s definitely Is a Polish that I think would be a little things would have huge impacts, right?

Yeah, because it’s very as she as she gets sure.

You know, I’m guessing a lot of people are coming to you right now are probably people she knows that she met I’m assuming because she’s also a wider and wider the copies got to be tweaked on the page and stuff like that to be able to like really grab people who have no idea. What’s happening. Right? Like my wife came here sheep. I wouldn’t know what to do. Right, but if she met her like met her at a bar class or something, she’s like, oh no learning style. Actually. She came here. They should be all in.

All right, it’s something so that when you start getting warmer traffic colder traffic that that you can catch those people really help them to have a good experience. So that’s my that’s my gut right top and stuff.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So I mean immediately without even using final scripts which by the way is your complete and total solution for creating any type of sales cap you need for your funnel.

Um, initially my thought is just even some I mean a headline like how to start your own.

Career as an eyelash extension as a certified eyelash extension expert without spending six months in cosmetology school to me that as a headline that just that just that just came out of the top of my head. And the reason for it is this cool thing. My ears are moving. You can’t hear me but um your screen right now, but I can okay, but basically I probably can’t even remember what now, you’re sharing the screen your show on the screen. Okay, so sorry I need the sinus infection funnel right now. Um, but oh, yeah cough syrup.

Now you want to talk about some fun with something. You can’t sell in the United States across state lines that good cough syrup, um, but, you know something along the lines of how to how to start your own exciting career as an eyelash extension expert.

Without spending or how to launch how to start your own exciting and profitable career as an eyelash extension expert without spending six months in cosmetology school, you know, it’s this just the most basic, you know how to benefit without black real quick how to launch an exciting and profitable career as an eyelash extension as a certified eyelash extension expert.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Lash by lash one were to use one word. Eyelash one word switch. She’s got it extension. Professional how about professional professional without going to cosmetology school for six months? Cosmo Cosmetics he has meant it don’t matter the school didn’t have a name I think for six months or six months. I’m Cosmo calling its mezz. It’s not the magazine. It’s an e so I mean that right there.

Boom, I mean II that right? I wouldn’t change anything else on that page. If I were her except maybe that now from a sales copy perspective. I’m thinking I my brain is in A/B split test mode right now because I just did a big thing on it, but that I wouldn’t really alter much anything else as far as the copy goes, but I might make that that million lashes thing. I mean that looks cool but it’s not. Yeah, I’d make it. Yeah you made it smaller. It was kind of big I like I pull down here because logos only like typically feed our ego doesn’t usually all the conversions right?

I spent so much money on it. So it was amazing. I went to 99 designs and they made 99 of them. Then I picked one and it was amazed.  Showed all my friends and and I had this Facebook contest and everybody’s ears were wiggling when they did it and it was just it was so empowering.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Well these out as like I’d like to make better coffee inside the opt-in box. I the enter your best email and then submit I would change to like There’s a billion extra dry. Send me get started the video now or something like that. Okay get started. Now if something like this was a benefit in the button. Yeah, I agree on said button bigger buttons, especially buttons bigger buttons.

Okay that page I think looks insanely cool. Now. Yes couple of tweaks move the logo add some copy in the opt-in Box change that and update the headline. Now the only other thing again just and maybe that’s for the next page.

And so maybe I’ll shut my mouth. Let’s go let’s lead I would leave that one alone. I’d have a just try that and actually that cool that picture of her teaching the class is cool. I like that picture.

I love it too. Um, So on one thing I would first this is this is if you want Total geek out on split testing. I would split test inverting this picture so that all the heads are looking towards the button. It seems stupid but crap like that typically allow and dramatic impact we do this dog funnel like 12 years ago and we like as like a 40 some percent increase in conversion by having the dog is like looking away from button.

Funnels Optimize Sales

We just like inverted the image with towards the button and was like 40 something to increase in conversion just by like the flipping of the heads the way the heads are all looking away from the button. They’re looking towards the button. I bet you’d see a big jump from just inversion of the picture. So wow kind of nerdy geeky, but I know that’s really cool and I’ll tell you something else that I did I did recently. Well, I was sitting with my dad.

I know you probably want to hear this we’re gonna do I don’t know what to do with it. Um, This book right here.

Did y’all need if y’all don’t have this you’re wrong.  You need to get this book and you need to read this book. You need to go through it. In fact, I created a whole new. In fact, I want to I want to demo this real quick on the next page. We got to figure out a way but on page 105 you talked about dirty little secrets.

Yes and our maybe it wasn’t 105. I marked it. Anyway, um, you talked about the Dirty Little Secret and in my one of my first products was the 10 dirty little secrets of mortgage financing always and it’s page 115. And anyway, I made I didn’t even show you this I made an entire new funnel script the Dirty Little Secret script inside a funnel scripts just because I read this thing and I was like, oh my God, I just it sits right here, man.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

It’s page 115. I made this thing. So we got to figure out how to at least use it so I can demo it for this. Purpose if nothing else. Please indulge an old man. Okay indulge the internet grandpa, but seriously, if y’all don’t have this you’re wrong this is amazing and need to do another one.

Well, actually our this is excited to have trouble right now and whole team split testing stuff. We’re dropping them all in there. It’s my goal is like in a year from now build a new version 2 of like a hundred eight more split tests. And so we’re building up the the database of test right now. So the opposite of people want to get it Russell. Where can they go?

I actually think it’s not for something that we’re making an e-book versus we don’t like something. I don’t think you can buy anywhere right now. If you sign up for the funnel Labs thing, if you go you can still get it there. At least you’re still selling it. Yes, it might be anyway.

Funnels Optimize Sales

All right. Anyway, all right for somebody, okay, so somebody comes here boom. They’re like, yes, I want to launch an exciting and professional career always have a proper career as a professional in six months.

Well, then they often they go taken to this page right here sister looks like right now, let me just get like a little pitch video here. She’s selling Yeah, the video is the video is a minute twenty something super short. Yeah exact rate is it’s a minute and a half video to sell a $700 $800 core 77535.

So my biggest feedback on this page is like the more expensive something gets typically the more time give me time or copy you need to spend sell it. In fact, so some 75 with like like a bolus of what it is is pretty insane. But again, it’s just moving to from hot traffic to warm to cold I think anymore copy and more step just like to really be able to show the perceived value people. So thoughts.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

I agree and I think there’s also some stuff just geeky and I’m not the design expert but getting rid of that space above the top and you’re losing some real estate, especially you know with all yeah, there you go.

So I want to show you guys this this new script that I made just because I want Russell to geek out on it. And if he doesn’t like it, then we’ll cut this out later.

But um if we were going to if we were going to use that thing of the Dirty Little Secret, well, of course, you could come over into funnel scripts and I thought it was going to show my screen.

There we go. All right, and you could use the dirty little secrets script which allows you to create dirty little secrets for email products hooks headlines and more and I did a cool. I did a cool demo actually took my buddy who’s a Navy SEAL. I walked him through this using the script and he was like he was going nuts. We used him as an example.

So our main keyword phrase for this is eyelash extensions, if I could spell it would be great. And who would you say is our target audience with this in a home moms want an extra income? That’s why I think Mom’s who earn extra income.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Okay, mom who wants extra income like that. Thank you. I’ll be by end to eyelashes are moms who for the house?

Okay. So target audience really wants to make a little extra money. Oh cool. um target audience really wants to avoid spending months learning how to do lashes.  When schools have horrible If I could type this it go faster to do lashes and who’s the enemy in this situation do you think is it the cosmetology school? Yeah.

Okay, the Dirty Little Secret The Cosmetology School the way, you know about school owners. Yeah license to get do. I don’t know. My dirty little so we got all of them programmed in here. You can just keep whacking the button my dirty little secret every mom who wants extra income needs. That’s not bad

Funnels Optimize Sales.

The Dirty Little Secret. Let’s see. Oh my dirty little secret for eyelash extensions success. I like that one in my dirty little secret Cosmetology School owners don’t want you to know you like that one. Well here let me click the copy button and then I’ll come right over here and I will just send that to you through the power of Mark Zuckerberg is portal of identity theft and you can use it is totally worth it. I love Zuckerberg.

So I know that you’re you know, you’re doing your thing over there. But but I mean, this is pretty cool man. I got it the Dirty Little Secret ones. I got my secret weapon the eyelash extension secret weapon. Nobody wants to talk about my secret weapon to make a little extra money and then I got down here. I got the eyelash extension checklist.

So, you know my eyelid here we go my eyelashes. Engine personal checklist and then I got all kinds of just grab step grab bag stuff down here that the Insiders guide to eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension hacks Cosmetology School owners. Don’t want you to know that’s not bad, right? There’s so many good ones here. I think like all these points. You know me, right.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

So an unspoken truth Cosmetology School owners don’t want you to know so and there’s tons of I mean, there’s there’s like there’s got to be close to a hundred and fifty of them and I took all of that from that one page where you just said. Hey, we did better when I whipped out the old dirty little secret thing and I just kicked out on this for like five days figuring out every single way you could do this.

So it’s kind of cool. It’s super cool. That’s what I do. Besides sit here and play with the Unicorn attire, which I do quite professionally. Thank you. You do a great job.

The only that another thing I was thinking is that As far as and we don’t have time to demo this, but if I were her I would test three things on this page as far as the video is concerned. I would I would use my existing video as the control I would also go into funnel scripts and I would use the five-minute perfect webinar script that’s based on the million-dollar script that Jamie cross came up with and then I would also use the vsl Wizard and I would come up with just a straight gangster old school video sales letter version and I would test those three to see which one had the better conversion rate forgetting these ladies to sign up because again, you’re trying to get somebody to spend 775 bucks.

Funnels Optimize Sales

You need to have a better value stack then I’m going to include lunch and snacks. I’m just I’m not saying that to be flippant. I’m just saying that and as kind of also being flippant to but I think she needs to work on her value stack our offer stack.

Magnum PI, would you choose just this whole section here is I would write like you’re writing a letter to a friend like yeah. I was like dear future eyelash professional. There you go. It’s like from the desk of what’s her name again Molly or from Millie, right? Millie Millie Millie. Sorry. Sorry milk. Well, what’s it in regarding? How you regarding your new career? Yeah your new career.

But here’s the coffee starts going through right? Like hey, if you ever Allah and he plug into the cells that are the generate here, correct? And and by the way, just as an aside the long-form sales letter script inside of funnel scripts walks you through doing exactly what Russell’s doing.

It’s called long form. Tell them. Yeah, long-form sales letter script. You got that and then yeah, then you’re like this space is the offer stack by having like the stack like version of the kid told value this and you get the mannequin that total value this you know, and just like we do a typical offer stack like right he’s in there.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

It’s amazing. They feel like it go to one from by the way, next challenge trying to make sure you sign up look at this and same thing for a restaurants and we’re Boise, Idaho and then I have a letter telling thing and then boom I have like an offer sacrifice are getting in there right there. Yeah, like show all the stuff inside of it against me. Awesome. See why you want it.

Yep. And you stack again. Same thing. I’m just copying my layout cocking this kind of thing because it’s funny. I’m afraid everyone who owns a couple gyms and I taught him the concept just just a sec slide, you know, he’s like my his conversion rate in signing up clients or email like 3x and only need two different steps. They like hey, I can get personal training started in his email having an actual legal status like this.

Where you going to get me? We train number one. You need a nail set worth two hundred forty seven dollars a month. Number two, you’re in this they still second. They actually email like yeah, that’s this quote right on people just by having that little thing there. So it’s like it it had it does a lot by having that people actually see like, oh wow, that’s the value what I’m getting right?

Funnels Optimize Sales

It’s only until because let’s face it. That’s what most people are going to do is go scan that yeah, there’s going to scan that make the gut level decision.

Yeah, and then once they sign up they’re going to go back and read that entire sales letter to justify the emotional click that they just made. Yeah and that we get some image like, you know, I’m a big fan of e covers and stuff we get images to make this look like boom.

There’s our thing here. How do we do that with? Like this is just so cool like more stuff. Like this is a number one. You can get the the mannequin face you can practice at home. So your giant cat doesn’t get mad at you. And here’s Gary your to scare your children.

Yeah, I would also if she could I would get as many more testimonials as she could get ya person, you know, if those are the only two you got than those the only two you got but then you could also add other proof like statistics about how it’s a growing industry statistics about how much money gets spent on lashes as compared to whatever you could talk about how you could go set up part-time shop as an independent contractor inside of a nail salon.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

You know, just all the other things that once you’re certified the sky is really the limit because if you think about it, what are the things that people are going to be says the guy it’s hard to be taken. Seriously when I’m doing this. It’s like, you know what I really must be confident in what the heck I’m talking about because it to do this and to talk about serious business stuff. When that takes cojones, you know what I’m saying?

So but if you think about the biggest obstacle that they probably face the elephant in the room is, you know, could I really do this? That’d be the number one thing then the second one would be is it how am I going to make my money back or is this going to be it was this a really expensive thing to get involved with and then the third biggest thing is, how am I going to get customers? How am I going to get people to? Let me put lashes on them once I’ve run through my friends.

How am I actually going to do this and make the income so I would want to have all three of those addressed in this and that’s why I’d suggested doing a test of the five-minute perfect webinar because those would be the three things I would hit if it were me I think about like get the classic the center city five bucks. I think it costs.

Funnels Optimize Sales

I think my wife pays like 50 bucks from per session, right? So it’s basically 10 like what’s that 20 to 12 people 12 or 15 people in your in man? Yes. What do you break break even so it’s like all usually 12 clients in your free but it was cool about it is I’m gonna show you the first of all clients, but they This is every two weeks those lashes you put in they fall back out who’s people come back. So based on this 35 bucks. I hope you get your first 12 clients, which now your Breakeven those 12 clients now pay 775 whatever 50 bucks two times a month and for the rest of Life Rupert perpetuity.

This is how I’m going to teach my wife. Will this how bad is like Bert she got out. She was allergic to the glue Sore Eyes would swell shut for like the first day after getting it and she still kept going back what?

Yeah and they finally switch to glue – she’s doesn’t have the allergic reaction But like after women have is the first time they look in the mirror and I’m like, oh my gosh, I look more beautiful. They could never not have it moving forward for the rest of their life. Like it’s it’s that big of a deal. It was like you hook them. Once I do free class do other eyelashes you 12 people. Boom two weeks later. You got your money for the re-ups boom breaking that that heyguys income stream of seven or seven five bucks twice a month which for most people like that that would radically shift their life. Sure.  Absolutely. That’s a that’s a car payment. It’s a lot of stuff. That’s your child’s future.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Yeah, I mean you owe it to yourself to sign up for this class right now. You’re cheating your children. If you don’t you hate kids communication under my class, if you love your kids should definitely try my certification.

So it really comes down to do you love children or do you hate children?

So the call to action button is I love kids.

I love my kids honest. I love my kids. I’m having to save their roles. That’s right. And that’s the selling stuff like we’re kind of riffing on this but like that’s the stuff inside of final scripts and you start learning copy that those are things looking for is just help me understand those things because like inversion i7 or 35 bucks learning like Lou things at people’s eyes.

He’s like a lot of money until you shift that around and also it’s like, oh my gosh, this is literally like it’s basically free my going to try selling things. Like, how do I make this free right free by like how you position it how you show and like all kind of things. This is I want to make free as soon as free people pay tons of money for free and the way you make it feel free is by having An effective offer stack speaking of offer Stacks if I can show you one other thing real quick.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Remember I should we haven’t showed anybody on one of these shows but we came out we’re working on building up the OFA scripts. So we have the hook story offer script which basically you sit down and fill that puppy out and it creates it creates amazing amazing amazing stuff for you. It creates different different vsl zittel it does I’ll just click the button. I’ll just shut my piehole and click the button.

It takes about an hour to fill it out. But dig this man mean it creates your entire sales letter for you, including your offer stack and your offer summary.

And so what I’m doing is I’m splitting out just this part that does the offer stack in the offer summary and I’m going to make that a standalone script inside of final scripts as well because people are like I’m in I need that part.

How can I do just that without filling out the other partner so I can Turn that into one but it’s so important that we’re making a script to make it easy for you and it should be within their within the next two weeks.

So anyway, that’s cool. Right super cool. I love it. We did it. Our time is up timer beeps. We made a mad. I just looks awesome.

Funnels Optimize Sales

Yeah, I think it if she just follows what what you were saying in there and maybe again having a little bit of problem agitate solve in there and that sales letter, you know, here’s the problem. You’ve got kids. You don’t have a lot of extra time you need something highly profitable instead of making three bucks an hour. How’d you like to make 50 bucks an hour?

I mean just problem agitates all boom knock that bad boy out.

What was that for? I think is cool business and it’s already killed it with where she’s at like somebody could get really big things are Universal classes and then like it keep it can become really big deal for so absolutely cool.

Nice job Russell you did an amazing. Thank you for all your work making to making potions better every single day Adam e scripts and new features and Makes me watch TV we evolving all the time. So thanks.

I appreciate you made my ears wiggle. It was like wiggle my ears. feel the same way about you. Awesome. Thanks, man. Brain doesn’t function area. Where should they go?

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business

Well, you need to go to phone You can watch an amazing webinar presentation by Russell myself or explain all the three secrets. You need to know about sales copy and then we give a demonstration of a funnel scripts in the opportunity to sign up little scripts makes it easy for you to create all the sales copy you need for your funnels no matter what type of funnel you’re doing including the new hook story offer hook story offer script which literally creates everything you need to launch a specific product with the copy you need as well as creating your video sales letter and if you’ve been thinking about funnel scripts, but have been on the fence and don’t want to watch the hour-long webinar go to final /go and sign up today.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business: Awesome. They say I appreciate you taking me out this on YouTube or Facebook on Instagram. Love you guys, and I will see you guys all that you next week for Friday’s. Do you want to see any past episodes we’ve done like how me absolutely the now 53 or 54 55 lunch archived if you go back and watch them and see if we go to leave you guys to share photos. There’s tons of share phone links the cool stuff and have a lot of training like this over from’s absolutely awesome. Thank you everybody. Bye everybody.
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The reason for the festival’s obvious, it’s to revolutionize the way we build funnels and the way we look doing it. Nobody wants to be the nerd sitting behind a computer, just glasses on and Cheetos fingers. They wanna be on a beach with models. We’re changing the way this industry’s ran through the ClickFunnel’s Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. (upbeat music) We rented a couple of yachts, two of ’em, and we’re actually filming our promo video right now. (upbeat music) Oh, the keynotes, the keynotes are gonna be unreal. I mean, we got Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Elon Musk, Tom from MySpace, we’re actually friends now. We’re gonna have a great lineup.

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(upbeat music) If you don’t have followers on Instagram, you’re not gonna make money. Funnels are great but social media success is the future. I’m not really worried about costs. I have literally put this whole festival together on the company card. Nothing’s come out of my pocket, and nothing will. I’m doing this for them.

They might not see it now; I haven’t told them yet, but when I do, they’ll see it. Our saying is when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your eyes, you’ll get more likes. (exciting dance music) Am I doing this to make more friends? Uh, yes. If it doesn’t happen, I mean, it’s gonna happen, it has to happen. But if it doesn’t happen, funneling live, it’s a good runner-up.

Funnels Hacking Live 2020: We should have a beach. Still working through the details, but yeah, it’s probably gonna be at least 40 feet long. Gonna be plenty of photo opportunities to go out there and to show the world what you’re doing. No beach? Like none? Well, hey man, just give me two… How’s that gonna work? It’s not? Okay, how is it not gonna work? Seriously, okay. We’re gonna have a beach.

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