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Funnels Video Marketing – Transforming business with Sean Stephenson

Funnels Video Marketing

Funnels Video Marketing: So, you have a great idea, but how do you get your message out? In this special feature Funnel Hacker TV feature film, we are diving into the world of marketing. We’ll give you a look at how we craft the stories of people and products you know (like Sean Stephenson) so you can better learn how to craft your message and reach your audience.

Funnels Video Marketing

– Russell, you were mentioning yesterday in your talk that oftentimes you’re mistaken for like, oh I look 11 years old. Oh, poor Russell, looks like he’s 11, awww. (audience laughing) You know Russell, have you considered my friend, maybe the fact that you made a product on how to build potato guns might have made people think you were 11? I dunno, I’m just, just a theory.

Just a theory. – My name is Russell Brunson and I’m part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that you’ve probably never even heard of before. We don’t rely on cash from venture capitalists to get started and we don’t even have goals to go public either.

In fact, our motivation is the exact opposite. You see, we have products and services and things that we know change people’s lives. Because we’re fighting against the big brands, people with literally unlimited budgets, we have to do things differently.

We have to do things smarter. We don’t have financial safety nets, because every test we take is with our own money. We have to be profitable from day number one. So how do we do that? How’s that even possible? If you ask the MBAs or look in your college text books they will tell you that what we are doing is impossible, yet it’s happening every single day. And it’s happening through an art and a science that we call Funnel Hacking. It’s not really something that I can explain to you, it’s something I have to show you.

Funnels Video Marketing

These stories are a glimpse of entrepreneurs just like you, who have a dream and vision and wanna change the world in their own little way. I use a Funnel Hacking process, and I’ll make their dreams become a reality.Yes, we are Funnel Hackers, and these are our stories. (energetic music) Every year people ask me, how do I pick the speaker for Funnel Hacking Live?

When I first met Sean Stephenson for the first time, I knew within half a second, it’s like I want Sean on our stage. Now, I had no idea that he was going to spend the first like 15 minutes of the presentation roasting me and making fun of me, but it was really really cool for a couple reasons. One, it was cool to see how it tied the audience and bonded it them to him. Which was really cool.

And second off, it was just always funny to hear what people really think about you. – You’re so clean and good. How many people, deep down inside have a little bit of the feeling that I have, you would just love to see Russell like in sweatpants with like Cheetos whipped on ’em and like, and you know, he’s like angry, and his hair’s all messed up, and he’s like cussing like a sailor.

How many people? Am I the only one that fantasizes about this? (audience laughing) (audience applauding) – Every Funnel Hacking Live we’re trying to build a storyline of like, of what are… the community as a whole, what are they struggling with? Where are they stuck?

Funnels Video Marketing

What are they trying to figure out? And so many people in our community are trying to get their message, trying to get their voice, trying to get things out. And they get frustrated and struggle by the fact that they’re trying to help all these people. And a lot of times, no matter how many people you try to help, a lot of times you just can’t help them.

A lot of times it’s family members or friends or people that you’re trying to figure out, how can I change that person’s life? But they won’t come and listen to your product or your service or the thing that you’re trying to sell. And one of my favorite parts of Sean’s presentation is when he talked about that.

Talked about how do you know who to save? How do you know who to help first? And so I actually wanna show you guys that clip from Funnel Hackering Live, ’cause it’s one of my favorite from clips from all the speakers ever inside of Funnel Hacking Live was this part of the presentation that Sean gave. –

How many people have ever made a video on YouTube or Facebook and it only had like 10 to 30 or 100 views, and you kinda were pissed? Oh! I wish I had more visibility. Well these 15 souls needed what you just sent. When the Coast Guard goes out on a stormy night to rescue a boat that has capsized. They bring their helicopter and they hover over top of the boat and they realize, there’s more people in the water than there’s space in the helicopter. Who do they save?

You know what their motto is? We can only save the people who swim toward us. I can only help those that swim toward me. You will go nuts if you try to help people that do not want your help, but claim that they do. The moment you try to help somebody and they push you back and push you back, you have to say look, you know what? I love you, I’m gonna be over there. Hopefully you’ll swim toward me at some point. If you don’t, this helicopter’s leaving.

Funnels Video Marketing

The quickest way for you to drown is to try to help somebody that’s flailing around in the water. Or that’s swimming away from you, when there’s all these people that are actually wanting to swim toward you. You know those 15 likes on that YouTube video of yours? They’re the ones swimming toward you. (water sloshing) – As you can tell from that clip, Sean’s entire presentation was amazing. But that was definitely the part that was most impactful for me. Understanding that we can’t help and save everybody, but we can start working towards helping those people who are swimming towards us.

And a lot of times inside of our community, people ask me, how do I get my message out? How do I find the people and get them to come to me? And I think at first it takes you learning your voice and finding it, practicing. Doing Facebook Lives, doing podcasts, doing things to kind of figure out what your message is. And as you start doing those things, people will start resonating with you which is magical.

But then the second piece is like, how do you capture that story in a way that’s really gonna be impactful for people? Because Sean gave us such an amazing gift at Funnel Hacking Live, we wanted to give him a gift as well, so we decided to jump in a plane, both Brandon Fisher and I, and fly to Arizona to help capture Sean’s story in a way that he could use to bring more people to him. – [Sean] (voice drowned out by music) bacon, try that. – (chuckles) Oh yeah.

What we got Sean? – [Sean] All right, let’s get going. – [Russell] All right Sean, what does Snoop Dogg wash his clothes with? – Bleaaach. (upbeat music) – Now when we first came to Arizona, we were planning on making one core video, but after spending time with Sean and the white board mapping a bunch of things out, we decided that it wasn’t just one video we needed.

Funnels Video Marketing

Funnels Video Marketing

We actually needed probably about three or four different indoctrination videos to take somebody on a journey, help them understand who Sean was and build a connection with him, build rapport and make them want to be working closer with him. And so that’s what we kinda decided. And so we went and actually went and filmed these videos capturing Sean’s story and I wanna show you just one of ’em right now. – People are always curious about like, have I always been this positive?

Have I always had a good outlook on life and I said, you know, it really all stems back to one moment. I was having challenges growing up with broken bones with my condition and people would stare at me. And I’ve dealt with a lot of challenges living in this container. And my favorite day of the year was Halloween. I loved Halloween. And most kids like Halloween ’cause the costumes and the party and the candy. But I loved it because it was the one day out of the year that everybody got dressed up, and I could finally blend in. And it was like a magical day where I didn’t have a disability in people’s eyes.

And my mom was in the kitchen and she was packing up our lunches and she was getting everything out to the minivan and I was laying on the floor and I was rolling around. And I catch my left leg on the corner of the door and I bent it back and I snapped it at the femur. And in that moment, there’s a bit of a time delay between hearing the sound of a snap and feeling the pain.

But it’s like an eternity because you know what’s coming. And I was just so angry, because I knew I was gonna miss the party and I knew I was gonna miss that one day where I got to feel normal. And my mom comes running in the room and she kneels down beside me.

Funnels Video Marketing

See, she could just calm me down, there’s nothing really she could do for me medically, because my bones couldn’t be set like somebody else’s, taken to the hospital. And so my mom just had to keep me immobilized for four to six weeks whenever I would break a bone.And she would play this game with me, as any parent who would wanna take their children away from pain, she said, what was your favorite part about our last vacation? But that day, I was so angry. And she could see that anger in my eyes. So she leaned back and she formulated another question. And then she

asked me, Sean, is this going to be a gift or a burden in your life? And I’m thinking is she crazy? A gift. And something magical happened though, before I could respond. It’s like I got clarity on my life. And I realized that she was basically saying, are you going to use this as an excuse the rest of your life as why you’re not happy and why you’re not gonna take a positive outlook? Or are you gonna use this as an example for yourself and others to love your life amidst your pain, ’cause we all fracture.

We all have fractures in our marriage or fractures in our business or fractures in raising our children. And when you find that there’s a purpose to your pain, it doesn’t make the pain go away. It just gives you the fuel to keep going through it and know that it’s not gonna be there forever. And it really just shifted my whole attitude about life. I realized that you have control over what you make things mean and how you interpret things. And was in that moment I really honestly started to see myself as on a mission here in this container.

Funnels Video Marketing

The purpose of this whole club is to bring together a group of people who wanna support each other and empower each other to win. You have to have a tribe. You cannot succeed alone in life. It’s hard to go through life by yourself and try to be the only person that is picking yourself back up. It’s good to be in a space where you have people that are not just your cheerleaders, but giving you good suggestions on how you can handle those challenges, so it’s something I’m really excited about because this is where people can go to get their mind and their heart on the same page. –

As you can tell, Sean’s got an amazing story. But people always ask me like Russell, how do I do videos like that? And they think that they need emotional videos, like they think that they need to be crying. And they record a video and they don’t cry and they’ll try again, be like, I didn’t cry. It’s not emotional. But you don’t understand, emotion’s not just crying. Like there’s a time and a place for that.

But emotion is excitement, it’s energy, it’s showing how you actually feel. If you watch any of my videos, watch this video, I’m excited right now as you can probably tell from my eyes and my voice and my, my voice fluctuations, and people are attracted to energy. So the more emotion you can show could be, it could be emotional crying, it could be sad, it could be happy, it could be joy, it could be just energy, it could be excitement. Like that’s the key to really making a video that people are gonna emotionally connect with, it’s actually showing your true emotion about how you feel.

I know that sometimes when you put a camera on, you get nervous and you get awkward. But the key is is really getting, coming back to a state and remembering what it was that got you so excited and then telling people that story from that state. If you do that, they’re gonna feel exactly what you felt when you were in that state the first time it actually happened to you. Want more marketing secrets? If so, then go get your copies of my two best selling books.

Funnels Video Marketing

Book number one is called Expert Secrets and you can get a free copy at expertsecrets.com and book number two is called Dotcom Secrets. And you can get your free copy at dotcomsecrets.com Inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest growing non VC backed SAAS startup company in the world.

One of my favorite things about with Sean is just like how he made fun of me on stage in front of everybody, pretty much made fun of me and Brandon the entire rest of the trip. All you other Slim Shadies. (people laughing) – [Brandon] Snoop Dogg take one. – Bleaach. I’m a unicorn ugh, gosh. Carry your own bag Russell. And double my salary, geez. I gotta funnel for you. (grunts) (man laughing) I mean I even crushed the tater tots for you. (people laughing) – All right, so Brandon has been working on this business called Video-enders, that basically, the end of a video, there’s the thing that points you to like click down here. Opt in over here, kinda tells you what to do. In fact, created a brand new tag line for him from his jokes.

– I’m helping him get rich. Video-enders, we tell you where to go, stupid. (people laughing) – Want more marketing secrets? If so, then go get your copies of my two best selling books. Book number one is called Expert Secrets and you can get a free copy at expertsecrets.com and book number two is called Dotcom Secrets and you can get your free copy at dotcomsecrets.com. Inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest growing non VC backed SAAS startup company in the world. All right, we’re back from Arizona and this week, we’re spending a lot of time working on videos ’cause videos are the connection point in almost every single funnel, every single ad.

And if you remember the episode a little while ago, the 24 episode where we built that three or four funnels in a 24 hour period of time. One of the funnels we built was for a product called WakeShake. And the WakeShake video, if I’m completely honest, when all was said and done, we weren’t very happy with it. And we wanted to redo it. We wanted to make something that was funnier, something that caused emotion and we got people to laugh. But also something that placed a seed of doubt.

Funnels Video Marketing

One of the most powerful selling mechanisms we have, one of the most powerful tools is to place a seed of doubt inside the mind of the customer for all the other alternatives besides your product and your service. Inside of WakeShake, the core, the type of protein is collagen protein, which has a whole bunch of really good benefits. Helps your skin, helps your nails, but it also doesn’t have whey in it. And so from this video, we wanted to place a seed of doubt showing that whey is the thing that causes the problems. It causes the gas and the bloating and a lot of the different problems inside of protein.

So that way next time somebody wanted to grab a protein shake, they’re gonna look if it’s whey, they’re not gonna wanna drink it. Instead they’re gonna want a WakeShake. And so we had a lot of fun re-filming this video with Jared and Nicole who have helped us on tons of different projects as you’ve probably seen in the past. And this is the new video we made for WakeShake. –

After drinking your protein shake, do you ever have bloating, constipation, cramps, increased bowel movements, problem moving, nausea, reduced appetite, a swelling of your limbs, brain fog, sore joints, upset stomach and worst of all, (man farting) is it giving you gas? (man farting) No! That is not a natural side effect of good protein, it’s your body freaking out because it’s allergic to the whey protein found inside your shake.

Funnels Video Marketing

Yep, USA Today said that 60% of adults can’t actually digest milk products. So what happens when you can’t digest something? You guessed it. (sighs) So that makes your protein drink about as slimming as this whey filled Ben & Jerry’s. Might as well polish that off. Chances are if you’re drinking any whey protein drink, that’s what’s making you fat. You need an alternative. Something that will give your body the proteins you need, but without all the gas.

You need WakeShake. (whistling through air) (bottle smacking hand) You can drink a caramel latte WakeShake, or dump your sugar-full Starbucks into your whey shake. And get fat. If this video is live now, then we have WakeShake in stock and you better get it before it’s gone again. In fact, I’d recommend stocking up. You’d hate for your kids to go hungry. Or have to go back to eating Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. Or worse yet, go back to whey (man farting) and start fumigating your house all on your own. So get some WakeShake now.

Everyone around you will be happy you did. – So the important lesson in what you learned from this is that every time you put a video out there, it’s not always gonna work the first time. Sometimes you have to do it over and over and over again. But have fun with the process, make it enjoyable. Like all of us are literally running our own little mini ad agencies which is so exciting to think about. And so have some fun with the creative and figure out how to capture the stories in a video that’s gonna get somebody to move and take action.

Now, next video I wanna share with you guys that we created was one for a friend named Tim Larkin. Now Tim runs a business teaching people self defense, but not normal self defense. This is basically, if somebody comes and attacks you, how do you, how do you put them out? How do you pop their eyeball out? How do you kill them by karate chopping them in the throat before they have a chance to attack you? And he’s told me that for a long time and he wanted some help with the funnel. I said, okay, this is the deal.

Funnels Video Marketing

I would love to help you with the video for your funnel, but first off, I want you to come to Boise and to actually train me and train my team so that way if somebody meets me in the street, I can pop their eye out or choke them out, whatever it is we needed to do. And so lucky for us, Tim and his entire team flew out and gave us a two day training in my wrestling room, showing us how to defend ourselves in case of an attack. (man grunting) – Strike.

First or second knuckle, we want all five of them to be wet. And I do this. (man grunting) There, if I’ve done that correctly, coming off the wall with my body weight. And the eyes available to me. Hit high sternum, it goes right up into the neck every time. It’s gonna resist for a second, and then break. And what we’re doing is we wanna compress and crush the bone. Find the target, strike the target.

When you’re throwing something with body weight… Finding targets. Without doing anything, I’d much rather be here. Everything I need right now is here and that’s back there. Come through. (man grunting) (man yelling) Want that eye. (energetic music) (man screaming) – All right, and after Tim spent two days with us training us, which we had so much fun, we started looking at his funnel to figure out why it wasn’t working as well as they wanted to.

One of the biggest problems was the ads they were using were all showing tons and tons of violence. Which worked good through emails and through banner ads, but when you started trying to go to Facebook and other platforms, they just don’t allow violence in their video ads and things like that. I said, you know, Tim your story’s amazing, let’s try to capture it in a way that’s not violent, showing people attacking each other, but it’s finding a way that’s emotional.

Funnels Video Marketing

Actually telling your story like why you do what you do, why you’re so passionate about it. And so we set up a camera and we had a chance to capture this story of Tim telling his story about why he does what he does. – One of the presentations I did, they took us all on a really nice cruise. And they had asked me at one point, that a lot of the girls were going off to college in the next year, and everybody’s concerned about their self protection. And would I do an extra class where the dads and the daughters could come and they could go through a training.

I had one girl that came in, and she truly, if you’ve seen the movie Legally Blonde, this was the Reese Witherspoon character in life. I mean totally had the L.A. talk down and she was not happy that Dad had her come and take away two days basically, of the cruise. She went through the course and she did, she did everything. And about two and a half years later, she came in unannounced to one of my New York seminars. And she knew right away, she looked at me, she goes, “Oh you haven’t heard what happened.” I don’t know, what happened?

She had gone to college that following year. She had a dorm room on the first floor of a dorm, they constantly left their door and their windows open. The the guy that attacked her had been casing the place for about two weeks. And he got their patterns down. And he understood that her roommate would spend at least two to three nights a week with her boyfriend in another part of the campus. And one night she woke up literally to a guy on top of her. You know, he was a 230 pound male. And the first thing that popped into her head was the training that she had with us. And she understood that bigger, faster, stronger threat, he’s on top of me, I can’t change this. But I also know, I only have that one chance.

Funnels Video Marketing

She was able to draw him in, he adjusted and when he did that, he brought his head closer. And that’s when she was able to reach around and attack his eye. And she knew to hold on to him, ’cause he’s much bigger, stronger, because she knew that people violently react away from that type of an injury. So much so, that he pulled her up off the bed and then went down, hit the hardwood floor. When they hit the hardwood floor, she kinda felt his body just kinda relax (inhales deeply) go like that, and that gave her her opportunity to run down the hall and start screaming for help. By the time they came back, the rapist had asphyxiated and died.

They later found out this guy had been going for the last six years to various campuses and doing this type of sexual assaults on women. When I hear from somebody like this girl, or I’ve had various doctors, people that are there just trying to help people who are just completely innocent, it makes it all worth while to do that. Because oftentimes you’re not sure. You know like with her, I didn’t think I reached her at all. I’m gonna literally show you how to injure the human body, break a structure or sensory system in the human body to save your life.

And you’re gonna know physiologically what happens to the body and why you need to be able to do that. And what the ramifications are. And the idea is if the brain has not gone there before, it won’t be there for you. And the perfect example is in sexual assaults. Oftentimes with women, the perpetrator, when they catch him, he’ll have scratches all down his face, all down his face. So you know that she had the ability to reach to there.

Funnels Video Marketing

All that did was put his skin underneath her fingernails. Now that helps solve her murder. Whereas if she just understood that if she just penetrated the plane into the eye, that would affected a real injury that would have given her a much better chance of surviving that situation. Unfortunately, to get people there and to have them train correctly, I have to give them physical training of how to actually protect themselves when they have no choice. And that involves using the tool of violence. –

Now the last video we’re gonna dive into today was a really fun project we had. It was a product we created called Funnel Graffiti, which was basically these little stickers, you could go and you could put it on a window or on a mirror and map out your funnels before you build them inside of click funnels. And so, we have the product, we’re trying to figure out what’s a fun, exciting way we can make a video for this?

So I called up Brandon, had him come over. I called Jared and Nicole, we sat down, we started brainstorming like, how can we make something fun and exciting to get people to wanna buy this product? And so we started brainstorming like, what are all the different ways people build funnels right now? And one of our, it was kinda funny was, maybe in the shower you’re mapping it out in the shower. And then we kinda took it to the next level, like what if you use the wife’s lipstick and actually mapped it out with lipstick in the shower?

What if the couple’s out to lunch or out to dinner and they’re making it inside their food? We talked about, there’s this place in downtown Boise called Freak Alley which is this big, huge graffiti street. And they rent out different spots, different local artists to come and do new graffiti. And we thought how cool would it be if we could actually like graffiti us doing a funnel there as well.

ClickFunnels™ Story Telling

And it’s kind of a funny story, ’cause we called them up and it just turned out, it happened to be that they, once a year they bring in new artists to go and do graffiti here in Freak Alley, and it was just during that time when they’re about to have new artists come in. They said, well, you can come in, but you got like a one day window. You have to get the whole thing done today, because day the new artist’s coming in with all the new graffiti. And so I called up my buddy Rob and if you haven’t met Rob yet, Rob did all the graffiti design painting in my wrestling room.

He’s done tons of logo design art for us. He’s one of the most amazing, talented designers I’ve ever met in my life. I call him, I said, Rob, I wanna fly you to Boise to come do Funnel Graffiti and literally spray paint funnels on the side of a wall. And obviously he was in. We flew him down and went to Freak Alley to go and create some of the footage for the Funnel Graffiti video. (electronic music) – Okay, I’m ready to hit start. – [Man] Okay. – [Camera Man] Ready to run with this if he’s ready. – [Brandon] All right, so we got the time lapse set up.

We got a bunch of Kessler gear goin’. And then we’ve got other time lapses going. We’re just time lapsing time lapses that are time lapsing those time lapses. It’s getting pretty crazy. (gentle music) (spray can hissing) (spray can hissing) – What my dad would think. Whatever. – That’d be dope. (Russell mumbling) (paint mixers rattling) (Nicole hissing) (Jared yelling) – One of the other things I really wanted to do is I wanted a cop car, thought that’d be really really funny. But apparently it’s harder to get a cop to come and just flip the sirens on than we thought. So, Brandon figured out a way to make that possible. And so we had these cop car lights. (siren wailing) Anyway, it’s amazing and so I’m gonna show you guys the video for the Funnel Graffiti right now. (Nicole yawning) (water splashing) – Jared! – Honey, this is my book funnel.

It’s an opt in right here with their name and their email address and a submit button and the video. Then they come over here to the confirmation page. If they don’t opt in, they can come– – Jared! Jared! Is that my lipstick? – I dunno, is yours the rouge de livre? – It’s my lipstick. Honey, there has to be a better way. Jared, are you using my noodles? – Yes, but I had this great idea. It’s an opt in funnel, with a video sales letter right here, confirmation, this is a down-sell if they don’t purchase this, with email– – Jared, there has got to be a better way. (paint mixer rattling) –

ClickFunnels™ Transforming business

You got the name and email address and then this is the confirmation page. And then up here, we’re gonna have some email confirmations and some follow up like this, and then we’re gonna have the webinar registration. – Okay, honey, this is great. But we have a reservation in five minutes. – Come on, you can’t tell me that this isn’t the best date ever. (siren whooping) Ummm, we gotta go. –

You told me anybody could paint here. – I may have over stated, let’s go, let’s go! – There has got to be a better way. (siren wailing) – Go! Go! – [TV Reporter] Capitol Hill, the work out– – [TV Reporter] Darren Haynes, SportCenter anchor ESPN. – Honey. – Hey. – I was right. – About what this time? – Well there is a better way. I got you a present. – What? What is this? Funnel Graffiti? Are these stickers? – Reusable stickers.

You can do it on a window, obviously you do it on whiteboard, you could do it, you could do it on the frigerator. As long as your daughters aren’t using the refrigerator magnets. You can do it on the TV even. As long as I’m not watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. – [Jared] Nice. – [Nicole] You know, you could even do this in the car. As long as I’m driving. – [Jared] (laughs) Okay. We could do affiliates on our webinar to promote the webinar. – No more lipstick, no more noodles, no more spray paint. – How much did this cost? – Free. – What? I could build funnels! Yes! I could build funnels! –

Funnels Video Marketing

All right, that project was a ton of fun, it was a lot of work, but it turned out really really cool and sold a ton of Funnel Graffiti for us. And so if you felt like even during this episode, watching these different videos, seeing what we did with Sean, seeing what we did with WakeShake, seeing what we did with Funnel Graffiti, any of these things, wanna understand that this is the type of artisticness that you gotta put into your funnels.

Funnels are very much like the science, like page one, page two, page three. But it’s the art that gets people to buy. It’s thinking like an ad agent, saying what are the videos that are gonna hook people? Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, get them to wanna move forward and move towards you. And that’s really the goal of this entire episode we wanted to share with you is have some fun while creating your videos and your messaging because that’s what gets people to come towards you.

Funnels Video Marketing: Just like Sean talked about at the very beginning from Funnel Hacking Live. I want you guys to remember that as you’re building your funnels. And remember, you’re just one funnel away. (energetic music) Next time on Funnel Hacker TV we’re gonna take you behind the scenes to meet my original mentor, the godfather of internet marketing himself, Mark Joyner. Watch as we take one of his best selling books, Mind Control Marketing, create a new video, create a new funnel, and launch it to a brand new audience. We are Funnel Hackers and these are our stories. Funnels Video Marketing


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There are only two to go. It is a bald eagle today. Can you hear me? I can hear you you look at through the nose holes of the other nose holes. It’s magic don’t question. It don’t question. How work you seem very chipper is this because you went on a cruise now, you’re all just hanging out and relax it is I was on a cruise over Thanksgiving and it was it was awesome.

Then I had to come home to reality and it wasn’t as awesome. Pretty great though yet admit. What’s that? Your reality is? Pretty great, though. You gotta admit. I reality is freaking amazing. I mean, I’m surrounded by these cool little characters that keep me company all day and we talked and you know, I’m just surrounded by this magical Wonderland of ideas and wonderful things. I mean, how could my life be anything but completely amazing and if I ever don’t feel amazing, I just hit myself with the money gun and you know, just pump myself up.

What’s that? What more could you need my money got? Yeah, somebody else filling up my money gun for me.I didn’t system money than filler. That’s all right, 12 kills it with their own money and not mine my wife coming in. Hey, give me a shot of that money gun, honey. I give me the one that’s got the hundreds in it, huh? You got one of like one five hundred thousands that you got the ones for the kids and then the hundreds are for me and I’m like, oh, this is amazing.

Just kidding. I remember one time. I went to like Wells Fargo or something that was stacks of cash with who really cool video by tall ones because it’s like expensive you Stacks just said exactly and so it does videos and pictures and stuff and almost everyone who saw those like, let’s just ones as you know, I should have been like a hundred on the top of each one, but I think about it. It was super anti-climatic.

It was the opposite effect what I hope for yeah. Well, that’s cause you’re Russell. Listen, I want any of us have been on minutes like ones and fives. I’m ready. Did they ask you if the bank what it was for? It’s hardly cash later. They think you’re a guitarist or something. It’s in a okay. Here’s the warning right right. Now before I tell you what I tell them when they ask me when I go in to get cash what it’s for.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Okay, you ready? Everyone’s been warned. You know what? I tell him Russell you say it. What do I tell them? I don’t know beer and hookers what I tell him beard.  I don’t know. The second one is the first ones that was horrible. Anyway, I don’t drink beer and that you know, but it’s just it’s the look on their face is worth the aggravation.

But like for me, I want to draw attention to the fact that I have a brick wall behind me. Now. It’s a green screen. It’s baloney. It’s a green screen. This is this is real brick. There’s nobody anywhere. I got pictures of my amazing kids about to come on the walls. Well, it’s like legit studio. So I’m not just like Russell behind.  So we got a brick wall. So excited. It’s very cool. So you put a green screen up there to make it look like an office.

We have the entire crew feels like world’s dream box to hide in front of them. I tell him I’m in San Francisco right now. Tell mine do in Dubai anybody. That’s how it works. That’s as romantic as a real secret behind everything, you know, I had an idea for a thing that I’ve never done that I really should but I guess I’ll just throw it out there. So somebody else will do it. But I always thought it would be cool to have a thing that was like a window shade that you could are, you know, like the pulldown window shade not like blinds and it would hook on the back of your chair and you could pull it down behind you and have these different scenes that would be behind you on your chair. So it was like a portable green screen thing or have like a portable green thing that you pull down. That would be awesome.

And I know exactly what I mean. Most people don’t have a brick wall in their office, at least they’re trying to get away from having exposed brick because they’re like, you know, we need to get a real office instead of this garage. And I mean, I think it looks cool. Don’t get me wrong. But why do we have brick behind us?

All the Swanky that cool start understand just what I like this cool startups and they’re like glass everything or they like Old Brick like awesome. They divided the Old Brick Brewery for like eighteen hundreds and rip it all out. We build cool offices looks like super cool. So we have like glass walls on this side. I was Goin for broke everyone and you’ve got brick walls. It just feels like you’re right. I mean the subway teaching some cool and it’s cool. I didn’t say it wasn’t cool. I said I thought it was awesome. I just wondered why do you like me now?

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is wall behind. Me and Melanie. Okay, I can rotate you. That’s there’s brick wall. Oh, that’s cool. So, what does she think of it? And then it also sounds from classics. Like yell people know don’t disrupt the life. We think the brick wall. I’d love it. Like I’m not gonna put myself up because I don’t want to cover it. Just want to hide the break at school. It’s neat. All right. Well, that’s the pleasantries are over today.

Yay. All right. So we’re gonna funnel today. Do you wanna tell us what’s going down and we can start having some fun? Okay. So what we have is Jennifer who is a ClickFunnels™ customer as well as a funnel scripts customer way to go Jennifer that’s setting yourself up for success.

And so basically she is a distributor for a company that does beauty products and the way that their distribution agreement works is that she cannot take she can’t take payment through her website for the for the products that are sold by the company, but she can there’s she can’t do it on the front end on the back. Can she can do whatever she wants if she’s talking to him on the phone or talking to them in person and stuff.

So what she wants to do is create a two-part funnel where the first part is. She’s allowed to offer them a free sample a free product and she can collect shipping and handling. So she wants to set up a shipping and handling offer on the front end and then have it go into what sounds like an application funnel a simple application funnel where people can tell her what their issues are and stuff and set up an appointment with her.

So that’s and she’s not sure how to set it all up. And then she started using I mean in in my opinion my initial reaction was definitely she should do a who what why you know, the who what why script and she did start doing that and then it just kind of I think it got away from her a little bit and she lost confidence when what to do. And so that’s why we’re here to the rescue to the rescue.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Awesome, I decided okay. Well, let me do this. I’m going to cube our I’m going to slip over to the Y screen on the Queue up box. You should wipe. Okay, I’m gonna start a timer so that 20 minutes builds fun. Like you guys. I think we’re starting to Whitewater. I should show that show the model sure. Yeah, 20 minute timer has officially begun.

Okay, we got to wipe or sliding into the side. Oh, no. All right. Well, she’s woman enough to use that purplish-pinkish marker on whiteboard, right? I got bread and black ice. So, you know, we got to know her company she dinners this top-secret. I don’t know hide she didn’t say, okay so over here is some the never part with nobody, you know, yeah. It’s an MLM.

Okay. So here is where I am LM multi-level marketing so some company she is the distributor for us over here on the company website. We also like to call us at times the anti cells of Come in there, but we don’t do anything because they have the same and horrible order forms 8,000 feels as if you want to buy this part because of our social security number. Maybe I have your blood type O blood type.

So anyone who’s ever done that you drive traffic to the anti sales department and cells just fall out the back door, right? So G is why isnt understanding I want to have a funnel. So I made a customer’s I can cuddle them before I slam them into a brick wall. Right what happened?

So she’s doing very intelligently. She’s building a funnel. Okay. So what she’s taking those one of the network marketing products do you think is sampled right? I believe so. Yeah, it’s some sort of a sample or small item weapons when they were mortgages the like you can go to your corporate site and buy through your only to get discounted by a whole bunch of stuff in the head. You come sample pulls the sample over here and then we build out an amazing. free plus shipping funnel Probably with a V over talk about why the sample is a great things excite sliced bread.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Will you choose the order form and then you said afterwards then she wants them to like basically call on course, you must call my phone and then and then selling more stuff tell him into this right so this and then you shimmy for upsell we go straight like application form in this Feud Goin straight to the an application straight to trying to get them into I she says I’m selling products for my direct sales company and as such I’m not allowed to let clients enter credit card info directly into any funnel or fixed retail establishment.

So I’m having to come on the two-step tripwire fun on the application funnel is I’m offering a free plus shipping physical product free sample order bump travel-size retail kit OTL upsell full-size ultimate retail kit and free travel bag and bonuses Oto downsize full retail, but I think the biggest thing is she’s not gonna be able to make those one-time offers until she’s got him on the phone.

Is the is the gist of what I got? Yeah, it’s very confusing. I think I’d go find somebody in China that could make this stuff for me and I’ll sell it under my own brand but that’s just me Big Jim’s moisturizer. All right. So what the goal that is, we got to make enough money here to cover acquisition cost you guys. So the trials not going to like make any money, but they had a synthetic award from Buccaneer to last week’s episode of the hold on order four months.

Last week right week before yeah, maybe I’ll be the last episode that’s left is a gallivanting around the Caribbean while we all right well over $30 something hopefully information. So it will cost to her that in theory could cover all that cost. They said she could free customers coming in and then boom the applications are just like the gravy and it should bring introduces them into her program.

Yep. That sound good like what we should build. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, so she’s got some stuff already started. So we’re gonna skip swear like you use foam strips right here right to be a headline here. Yep you for Masters for this video here.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yep, you can use photo shoots for the order form bump copy here. Yep, probably photo shoots for the video right here as well. Right? Yep. So there’s one two three four spots. You can punish. It’s just on a two page. Final which is insanely cool. That’s right, but I probably can’t do it in the next 16 minutes 40 seconds, but who’s counting? All right. No, I agree. It’s not aware of those a lot.

One thing. I like she has it all seemed to click on dashboard is kind of cool, but couple things the a very fun like a t-shirt you click here you watch like a 12 minute demo video your free t-shirt, but Secrets first four modules of this course in there for free for all Cliff House members great. I think that any of these funnels go watch the course first more modular mm our course and for free for you guys, and it’s tons of depth and complexity so and complexity in terms of my stuff like all the questions are in there. So my point that case what else is in there Russell on the dashboard page your argument. Sorry, I was bad weed is good.

Cool. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna start building out a funnel. Now you got the link I sent you for her. That’s what she already has. Oh, let me I think so. You post on Facebook, right? Yes. Faces any login, I’ve not had a log into Facebook for years. What is happening two-factor authentication? I don’t even know seriously. We’re gonna try your Zuckerberg.

Okay, apparently getting are texting me how to get into my account. There you go. I didn’t even Facebook winning love me. All right, let me check. Hold on. Hold on. Oh man joining Google Chat. Yeah, he drop it Google cheddar Google Chat. How do you know that is? All right. I don’t either I’m typing it out of here.

Can I chat? Oh. There’s a little chat thing here. Let me know if you see this if you that one or two seconds of Boom. Alright, we’re back in business, but I’m going to copy and paste from From Facebook. So I said so you are in Facebook now or no know if you oh I just you know feel do that the easiest for today.

Okay? Okay. This is resisting funnel. Is it live? It’s up there. But I mean she you can see she got started at the top and then she’s used the who what why how script and then she started working on the stuff and subheading then just kind of stopped. Well, that’s why I thought because I understand that if you don’t have a real clear picture of what you’re trying to get done like what Russell Drew there behind him.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

I can see how you can get stalled. I mean that’s that’s what happens. So that’s I thought this was a good one to show people how to get unstuck. Yeah. I’m going to I’m going to clone this funnel into my account. So I don’t jack up anything. She is doing exactly super not cool with me. to my other screen you guys can’t see I’m just getting getting a higher share from a link.

Bam, all right, so I’m adding this into my account. Mass copy slowly this is like anyone goes down to the buzzer. I think we’re gonna get this far as we as we can.  Okay. It’s now my account. So exciting. All right, I’m ready for some coffee Jim. Okay, so I’ve got a few I guess I should show you my screen. So I’ll see how she found out you see the script right there.

Exactly. Yeah, that’s all that’s cool. So right here I’m using the I’m using the million dollar sales headline scripts and I filled it out for her. So I wouldn’t I mean I honestly I don’t know that much about beauty secrets as you can tell since I have a face made for radio, but I do what I can but I just filled it in knowing what I know. I mean this is you know, beauty secrets ladies younger looking skin rejuvenate your skin look younger in age is the enemy. So let’s see what we can see here real quick as far as some cool stuff breakthrough rejuvenate your skin and look younger. I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s not bad.

Um, I’ll grab that one of the world’s best Beauty secret advice. Let’s see Shocking Beauty secret Discovery look younger with this. I like that as good a dad. Um Russell sounds to IP look the reason why they call height is because it works because it works. It’s not called. It’s called hi P not sleepy do a picture of a product anywhere.

I do not that is gonna throw a fake skincare thing because we need to see some images for free plus shipping. You want to see like, what is that thing? I’m going to get my hands on a bit about a fake picture. Okay. how to rejuvenate your skin for Less Yeah, how do you find the ones that are that are you can use was a trick? Yeah. Yeah go up there under Tools and then usage rights and then labeled for reuse.

So that we use we use with just the dirty to use these right the Google says you can but they’re getting sued over in Europe. So who knows whether their stuff is whether or not her stockings by the images, but for today’s Today isn’t fun. We’re just going to tell Mike.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Try this instant younger looking skin test now.  That’s kind of cool this backdrop school. Yeah, I think those bricks are awesome, dude. No, no, we’re due back drop the word to use. Ooh. How about here’s our super smart plan to rejuvenate your skin. And look younger. Okay, so I just might I click on the thing and I mean I was adware spyware freaking out so I’m not ignoring you Jim. I just don’t know what to do right now. My computer’s getting hijacked by the people that do that thing where they yeah.

Hijack your stuff.  I’m just gonna go back to googly but it did sound amazing. How about special beauty secrets trick helps you rejuvenate your skin for Less. Not bad. Yeah, I mean this coming from the guy who does a facial cleanse with Comet cleanser. I mean this isn’t really, you know, I’m not your best, you know actually bought some stuff from Jamie cross. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail try the man the man soap yet.

I it hasn’t come yet. You are going to love it. It will change your life forever because you can wash your mat your body with it. And then you wash your hair with it once to play so you have to like have shampoo and I’ll leave knowing stuff. You just rub it in your hair boo.

Here’s one how to rejuvenate your skin for free. That’s the thing because she’s doing it free plus free pill shipping, right? Whoo. Yeah, dude. That’s the one that’s the hook. Am I emailing you this? Yeah, you know gossip me take it off of my please. Don’t take it out. Hey, are you there? Like Russell it? I saw your email. And can I contact you I will not email you back because that is creepy all use sanebox.

By the way, that was like one of the best things you ever told me about ever same box. Yeah change my life. All right, so we got a cool thing. Now, let’s talk about this thing about Jennifer white Beauty be your best self. Dude that’s eating up like a whole bunch of the above the fold.

I don’t know if I’d have that in there. Yeah, you know what, you know what I mean? Okay, so she has that thing underneath there that says get the proven customized skin care system that quickly helps you have youthful radiant skin guaranteed? um those that actually isn’t bad.

The the something out here, but I would say instead of that quickly helps you have I would just say that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed.

Listen here to see her subhead down there get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. Some of this love to hear their say no. I was just saying that that sub-headline where it is is pretty good. It just just that one change was all I was saying but you know what that at last discovered how to get younger looking skin without and get I would replace that sub-headline.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

That’s up there now with the sub headline that’s underneath the video with that one change that I said was changing. It was get the proven customized skin care system that gives you youthful radiant skin guaranteed. I was talking to Graham you guys are out.

You like that? Yeah. And that thing that she had in there that was partially written wasn’t bad. We could just rewrite that. I do like that question ready for your beauty Revolution. cool flat hair that could actually be the subhead for underneath the the video.

Yeah. Old and I’m going to move this up a little bit and it sort of image in there. So once you have is fine, if they Gammage that that looks awesome find a big pill or something you can take this do that was good, but I find a lot of sneaky my skin at business.

It’s like every night every device because I was like 12 – was on I am I just making sense, but I think they put it on thick to brother. They run through it. I probably eat thousand self inside body days. Like I can’t like teaser because she’d be like, you know, you probably saw the inside it on the outside of my God. You’re right.

Do what you need to do. She just tell you she does it so she stays beautiful for you Russell and don’t you appreciate all she does to raise the family keep herself in shape and to maintain the household and you know, I hope you do appreciate that. I do appreciate that. I’m super good soups grateful as the kids would say the teenager to say nowadays soups soups grateful.

Right. Yeah, you didn’t know that one. Did you I did not we call it a little kids. You actually think you’re the coolest as you send them gifts and stuff. There you go. um Now this is the part the part that I didn’t understand what exactly.

They were getting and that was the part. It would have been better. If I could have known who the company was. But the thing down below that the skin cream thing and I don’t know if it’s cream or not.

But with this one-of-a-kind system, you can have your own personal image consultant in your pocket. It’s the world’s Innovative try before you buy technology and now it’s available to you. If you’re ready this reading this congratulations, you can be one of the first to access. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

This is where I got a little confused as to whether this was some kind of a thing that you would like take a picture of yourself and then you could see what the stuff was going to look like that that’s where I kind of lost it but I got to tell you just what we did right here.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

If she were to take the the who what why how script that she already filled out and Actually record it but the video right there and put it in the video right there. She would be 95 yards down the field as far as this page is concerned.

I would just delete all the stuff at the bottom. If you don’t unless you have testimonials that the company will let you use all that other stuff would just you know through the power of ClickFunnels™ can be deleted quickly and easily never to be recovered. So be careful, um, but If you had testimonials then I’d have some down there.

You know, what are your thoughts about how else you would finish this off?

You know bullets or demo for you like cells most of it this little like if you go to expert secrets to say right?

It’s a little Fancy Pants things we do that look seem stupid and obviously but actually matter a lot like the shipping speed above. The thing is a big deal text like shipping worship at you upgrade a pronounce a like those little copy things have he like shockingly important like consequences, right? It’s like I look at those things and model that so I’d be Driving us in Atlanta and I say to get free sample like extra stitches get your free copy, excuse ship in less than seven days. Get your free sample.

Get your free product. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it a sample get your free product. Do you in seven days? And I look at it. So I hear you’re chipping work samples info about you. So hopefully we have an order for bump. I would talk about their maybe don’t come up with one. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Yeah, you just like an info product. Like here’s 36 cool ways also soften your skin without if you actually read expert secrets and follow what Russell says about creating a master class, then you could create your upsell product by doing an Ask campaign and creating a Master Class by the way, everything all the scripts you need to do expert secrets are part of funnel scripts along with not only doing the as campaign, but we have a complete downloadable wizard will help you to create a master class people use it all the time doing today.

I mean, that’s how you come up with an order bump. Dude. Just do a master class. Yourself in your bathroom with the camera and talk about it and how it’s okay. They were cutting you off on with soon as you got to the video of yourself in the bathroom. It was like the spirit said it’s time to stop it was kind of product. Yeah, but it’s good. It’s simple it’s not super distracting just like boom.

Here’s the offer. Here’s the thing. Yeah, try to make this white the Russell Newton wants to fight two days just like playing font sizes and like colors and well looks sharp, but it needs to be up a little bit. So it’s even with the top of the get your free product.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Um, look at you kerning and whatever it’s called. Um, Yeah, I mean that’s that’s pretty sharp. Actually. I mean that that it that’s cool. I mean that would be a great a great page to start with. Yeah. Yeah, throw it in there and then have your tests on Facebook over Facebook ad with the we have a final script Facebook ads to we really do it’s like hey guys, it’s amazing photography using the last three years of my life is so awesome who here wants a free copy of it. We got it. We’re here what the three-step I got 12 experience the same Beauty Revolution and I am experiencing and then they click you but that’s a that’s kind of it super easy.

But you know something you just said there and I just want to get across everybody and I’ve been looking a lot of funnels lately and I know you look at him all the time and just really, you know going through and An attention-getting headline or opening statement combined with an amazing story and an offer that is just totally making sense on every level every intellectual level. It doesn’t need to be complicated and your enthusiasm level and it just it looks good, and it works. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Get that done. If you can get that done you’re going to get so much further down the field than if you just get all caught up in all this technical stuff and the overanalyzing and everything else. It’s like make the grab the attention and make the offer the way you would respond to as a member of the audience do your best from that standpoint and then get it out there and see what works and then and get on the field, you know, instead of a lot of people just stay on the sidelines and they can tell you 99 things that don’t work on a funnel and you know, I don’t I didn’t learn to write copy that way and you know, all this other stuff is like, okay, show me what you got what’s work? Well, I’m still working on it.

Okay, let’s say I was selling so this is never parking parking right? So I’m like, okay. Here’s the arrest of eight. Hey guys, this is Russell who I have right? Who am i – Russell Brunson and I was crazy or and we’re at I have this really cool thing. It’s called keto OS Max sweetheart. It tastes like literal. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

Literally you went to Valentine’s Day. Your kids got all the hard candies dick hard candies and you smash them up in the thing and he dumped it in some water and stirred it up and you don’t Worship in you drink it. That’s what this crap taste like it is insanely good. In fact kids. I’m open up an app. It’s right here. I’m drinking this one right in this video is that I’m so excited. But after take this one check it out.

This box has got like I don’t 1314 more Hayes will try with me. It’s so insanely good. You should try to all you have to do on the form of side. Let me know where to ship it. It cost me is a couple bucks to buy Lacey’s like I should so if you cover shipping handling all this shit, but you do with close to me come on over. I’ll give you free copy or free a free sample. You can try to drink it but it’s like making candy which is amazing in and of itself but the second thing is actually helps you lose weight, which is even cooler and get energy is like a drink Kool-Aid ethically crash Mike gruhin way.

2-Step Funnels Marketing Makeover

They’re my kids are jumping all over me. I drink it gives me energy and lose weight. I feel good is amazing. So if you want one fill in the form on the right and I will send you one of the ones that left over the box. I don’t have that many when they’re gone. They’re gone. It’s gonna be amazing. All right, because it’s so fun. So easy you see proactive commercials with like Cindy Crawford and like fancy models everything’s like perfectly shot.

But that’s not what works on the internet. No one’s on their phone pooping scroll through the thing and seem like Cindy Crawford make their seem like you’d like doing this and like why is that person so excited about smashed handy drink and they watch it and I’m like, okay.

Okay pause it. Hopefully they flush wash your hands. They find their wall they come back and they buy it. That’s how it works that were if they when they flushed at least they muted while they were on FaceTime with somebody. This is my own head. Yeah.

Sighs no promoters your customers to shop and poop at the same time. This is my phone in nice. You know, you totally made me forget what I was saying. Oh, I know what I was going to say what you just showed there though, and people will say well, but I need to put some graphics in that video and I need to have some overlays and I need to have some you know, I need to have a voiceover and it needs to be perfect and you know, they throw all these obstacles up but yet and I have to relearn this sometimes too, but it’s like the videos where it’s just me on my phone and I’m You know doing basically what you did with a script but what you just did there is a script but it’s an internalized script but that is what converts the best on social media.

It’s not. Okay. Well, let me let me do this as a split screen and put the PowerPoint over here and let’s let’s worry about the formatting and all this other stuff. No, it’s getting on grabbing people’s attention having a great story making a great offer and having an enthusiastic call to action. Gee that sounds kinda like 10x secrets.

Anyway, that that was awesome. Super cool – yeah, thank you and hopefully for all you guys who never marketing you see kind of like a model if you like. So that’s a remark if I like there’s a lot of there’s a million different use cases for Farmers using multiple ways. But this is one it’s really simple. It’s really easy all we have done. We had more than 20 minutes the next page psych this video right here tonight.

Awesome. I’m going to send this out to you. You’re awesome that one thing when you drink this you make money when you share with your friends. Yes, I will make money if you drink this stuff and you get addicted to it anyway.

ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products: People free samples of Candy Crush up drinks make you lose weight. And then they’re like, I’m in you so you make money lose weight. You can see I totally did enjoy your program and now you can girls and the whole thing is repeated over and over over you and by the way, since you’re already paying shipping and handling for just a little bit more I can throw in a whole box better. Anyway, great job hanging out. 65043 5353 pre-built final sitting there. Therefore you can come grab you have some free time today episodes by showing you as I do all sorts of funnels, and it’s awesome. So I’m going to drop I gotta go. Thank you Jen. Thank you for hanging out and job everybody. Bye. ClickFunnels™ Beauty Products

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I don’t care what business you’re in, business is business is all the same, the difference between network marketing, really is like your competing, you’re selling the exact same product as 1,000 other people, right? So the first step, is like Expert Secrets 101, how you create an offer right? ‘Cause if I’m competing with 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or a million other distributors, I need to create an offer that’s sexy, that’s unique right? Business is all about making better offers.

So how do I create an offer that’s actually gonna sell my product better than everybody else’s? And some network marketing companies have problems with this so this is one that if you’re able to crank up the sexiness of your offer do it. Some companies don’t allow it, so you gotta be kind of careful with that. But if everybody else is offering this, how do I offer something different?

Those who don’t know my background, I spend a couple years, dabbling in the network marketing industry, and there’s a time when one company was giving away a Ferrari, and I was like, “That’d be really cool to win an Ferrari.” So I decided to win a Ferrari. So how do I do that? Step number one, I looked at me and 100,000 other distributors all selling the exact same products, I said okay, “I have to make a better offer.” So I took what everybody was selling, I said, “Okay everyone is selling this, “how do I make this better?” I was like, “Cool.”

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

“Well if you join me, “I’m gonna give you what everybody else is gonna give you, “I’m also gonna give you this and I’m gonna give you this “and I’m gonna give you this, I’m gonna give you this.” I created a package that’s special just for people who signed up with me, to push them over the edge. There’s a lot of people who’re like, “Ah these people on the fence, “they’re not gonna sign up with anybody.” I got them to join me, because I made a better offer. So that’s number one.

And then I won a Ferrari, so that was awesome. That’s step number one. Number two, Is a lot of new marketing companies aren’t going to allow you to just directly sell online. It’s a thing a lot of them have. So what we do, is we go back to the fundamentals, to the basics. And it comes back really to Expert Secrets okay? And we see this all the time to recently a very well known company, I was friends, I am friends with the owners, just went under. And it was interesting that a lot of people lost their businesses over night right?

But the people who didn’t were the people who followed this process. ‘Cause they realize that like if you just send all your people to the company, the company owns all these people. The most valuable asset in any business, is the people. So you gotta be in the business of you first. So all I do is I create a very simple linning page, and it’s gonna be like, in fact, depending on what I’m doing, usually I make two different lining pages.

The big thing about market networkers, that’s different that tradition businesses, there’s two target markets, Two target markets. So first target market is the who person who actually wants to consume the product. So a lot of networking, products are for health? So there’s like the product consumers, and then there’s the business opportunity seekers.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

What’s interesting is that a lot of times, people join a company because they’re obsessed with product. Other times people join the opportunity cause they’re obsessed with the actual opportunity. And it’s rare that people love both initially. Usually one or the other drives them right? So for me, I build a different lining page and a different funnelfor each one. So I’d have something here like Hey if you want to discover houseable equipment “part time job and win this sweet pink, what is it? What is the pink Cadillac.

Then often here and I’ll tell you how alright? So now I’m going to get people who’re like, “They quit your job and got a pink Cadillac? “That’s awesome.” So they’re gonna opt in because they wanna find out more about the business opportunity right? Or I could be like for people who don’t want to buy the product, They think, “What’s this product? “This product helps people with whatever.” So you could be like, “Hey discover, “the rare salts, “that instantly within 30 minutes of taking them “will put your body into ketosis, “so you can loose weight faster” They’re like, “What are these weird salts?” And they’d opt in here, and now they’re about the product right? So they opt in here about the product. So then they’re joining my email list.

So both these things are joining my list. Now I build a list of people, who they like me, I’m gonna take them here I’m going to show them videos while I tell them stories, I’m going to build relationships, about the product or about the thing. And then basically somewhere along the line, I invite them to take my special offer. So back here again, if it’s like, “Hey here’s how I won my Cadillac and lost bunch of weight.” They opt in, next page like, “Cool I did it by joining this company, “it’s awesome. “This is how it works if you want to be part of it.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing

“You can join my team and I’m going to make you “a special offer if you join today. “You’re gonna get, “you’re gonna join but I’m also going to let you be “part of my private Facebook group. “I’ll be willing to coach you, “I’ll do three way calls with you, “I’ll do blah blah blah” Whatever it is your offer is and they sign up. And they come over to Facebook, and I drive Facebook ads, to my opt in page I’d be like, “But Facebook doesn’t let you drive people “into your in to your business opportunity right?” Well let me drive people to my company website, yeah of course they don’t you drive into your funnel. ‘Kay Facebook’s not going to let you shut you down because you’re showing a free video about how you won a pink Cadillac.

That’s what Facebook wants stuff like that. Facebook’s not gonna shut you down when you say like, “Here’s rare ancient salt that helps you put your body “into ketosis.” ‘Cause Facebook wants this stuff, they opt in and manage the video, and then the email sequence you email them over here. So a lot of this stuff that Facebook and other platforms allow you to do happen off the platform. But the key to this, and all business in case you were actually wondering, is the funnel. So that’s it just going back, setting up a funnel, building a relationship with the list as it comes to you. So Dotcom Secrets is the book about how you create the funnels.

Funnel structure funnel strategy right? So you build the funnels, and then it’s like how do I build a relationship with all these people coming through the funnel So that when I tell them they should buy this thing, they actually buy it. That’s what Expert Secrets is about is, building relationships, telling stories, positioning yourself in the right way, so when you do all make him a special offer, they go crazy and they give you money. We’ve got tons of network marketers in Click Funnels, who are killing it. And we’re basically building really simple funnels, to build, to build lists on one or two things.

ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing: Number one is they’re building a list of people who potentially are gonna buy the product, building a list of the people who are just in the business opportunity. They’re speaking these two different lists differently, but they’re making pretty much the same offer in the back. That is how I would do it again, if I was to go and try and win another Ferrari. Setup a network marketing company. There you go. Thank you so much for watching, every single week we publish new secrets just like this one. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them, and I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing


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My Best Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Achieve Overwhelming Success

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Advice to achieve overwhelming success

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Being a new entrepreneur can be overwhelming. It seems like there is so much to do but not enough time to do it. That’s exactly why I want to share a few pieces of advice for you. In this video, I have life-changing advice for seeing the strategy achieving success.  Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

– For those of you just tuning in, my name is Russell Brunson and I’m excited to have you guys here. I’m answering a whole bunch of amazing questions from entrepreneurs like you about how to grow and scale your companies and do your funnels and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff.  So, the question for right now for today is, the best advice, it says, “Can you pull the curtains back and tell me your best advice and how I should go about getting started as an entrepreneur?”

Okay, so this is one of the problems that a lot of entrepreneurs have, right? Is at first, if you want to be an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of things, right? There’s a lot of pieces that go involved in doing this, right? And for some reason when we become entrepreneurs we think we have to become amazing at all of those things. I’m not sure why we do, but that’s pretty universal for most of us, right?

So what happens is, we get in this thing where we’re, and it’s probably ’cause we went to school, and most of us didn’t like school, we struggled through school but we get down and like ‘kay, I want to be an entrepreneur, this is the platform I’m gonna be. So I’m gonna be an entrepreneur. You’re standing on this thing.

You’re like hey, to be an entrepreneur what I gotta do? And your like ‘kay, first off, I gotta have like vision, and second off I gotta build a team, and then third off I gotta learn programming, and I gotta learn graphic design, and I gotta learn. And you have all this list of all this stuff you gotta do, right? So you’re standing there like ‘kay gotta become an entrepreneur, I gotta learn all these things and all of a sudden, super overwhelming, right? It’s a lot of things that actually goes into that.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

And so I recommend for entrepreneurs, if you really want to have success it’s not so much trying to figure out all those different things, ‘kay? The goal of the entrepreneur is not to learn how to do every single piece in this puzzle, ‘kay? The goal of the entrepreneur is number one, is to understand the strategy of what you’re doing, ‘kay? Then number two is to figure out the system. And number three is to build the team, ‘kay? So that’s the three step process. Now I wanna liken this to something that most of us are aware of and makes common sense.

So let’s just say you went to school and instead of getting on a platform of I’m gonna be an entrepreneur, you said I’m gonna become a contractor, I’m gonna build houses. And so let’s say you do that, right? And so you get over here and you stand on this platform of like I am a contractor and I’m gonna be building houses all day, right? Now for some reason the rest of the world understands.

But us entrepreneurs don’t, we think we have to understand and learn how to do everything. But a contractor does not go and try to figure out, I gotta learn plumbing and I gotta learn electrical work, and I gotta learn how to drywall and I gotta learn how to lay cement, no right? What does the contractor do? The contractor understands the strategy, how do you actually build a house? What are the things you need? Who are the people you need?

Like what’s the raw materials? What’s the order it has to go? What goes first, goes second? And that’s the goal of this contractor right? To understand the strategy, ‘kay? Then the contractor put together a system, he’s gotta get blueprints of like okay this is what we’re gonna do and then he’s gotta get the team assembled.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Okay, you’re the dude who’s gonna lay the foundation, you’re the dude who’s doing the pipes, you’re the guy doing the electricity, you’re the person doing the roofs and he builds the people and then the contractor gets paid the biggest bucks, right? So we have to stop thinking of ourselves as entrepreneurs have to learn everything and look at ourselves the same way a contractor would.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is not to learn everything, it’s to understand the strategy, ‘kay? That’s why I tell people to read my books, read The Expert Secrets book, read the Dotcom Secrets books, ’cause these books teach you the strategy.  It’s what you have to learn to understand. But after you learn the strategy, then it’s like ‘kay what’s the system we’re gonna do? We need a funnel to make this whole thing happen. We have The Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

For those who haven’t had this, this has got like 20 different funnel structures, ‘kay? It’s the systems behind how to build a funnel, cool. I know to execute our vision we need this funnel right here on page whatever, right? Now you’ve got the system, now he’s gotta build the team. Who are the team of people who are gonna help us execute on this, ‘kay? I know I need a designer. I need a funnel builder. I need a copywriter, I need a.

And you kinda figure out who the team is. You assemble those things together and you go and you do it. And some of you guys are wondering, Russell that’s gonna be hard, I don’t have the money for this, I don’t have those kind of things. But I want you to understand that it’s the same way that I started, the most successful entrepreneurs started, right? I didn’t build ClickFunnels™ just off of me being a genius ’cause I’m not, ask my team.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There’s very few things I’m good at, right? But what am I good at? I understand the strategy, ‘kay? I put together a systems make it happen and we built a team of amazing people. ‘kay just sitting in this room right now, I’ve got people here who drive traffic, to do our Instagram, who do our video, who do our like copy, like all the people I’ve assembled I don’t know how to do any of the pieces. I don’t know how to go and lay the piping or the electricity of any of those things, right? I just understand the overarching strategy.

So if you as the entrepreneur that’s you’re number one focus, ‘kay? If you’re looking like, want me pull back the curtains it’s like hey guess what Russell’s not actually Superman, he’s not actually good at many things. The one thing he is good at is understanding the strategy of where we’re trying to go with our vision, ‘kay. And when you understand that, that’s the key, that’s your job as an entrepreneur, understand the strategy, ‘kay?

Think about Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our lifetime, right? Was Steve Jobs a programmer? No. Was Steve designer? No. He couldn’t do any of those things, right? But he had the vision, this is what I want, this is the strategy, ‘kay? Start putting together a team, he got Wozniak, he got his other people, build out the team. And boom out came Apple, ‘kay? Same thing’s gonna be true for you guys. Understand that that’s your job as an entrepreneur is to understand the strategy, create the systems, and build the team and that’s how you start scaling and growing an actual company. So hopefully it gives you guys some relief, you’re not having to learn every single piece in the process.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs: We have a really cool system coming out in the near future called Funnel Rolodex, that actually has a whole marketplace of people that you can use to build your team, like here’s the designer, here’s the programmer, here’s all the different people to make your vision become a reality. It’s not live yet, but it will be soon, hopefully by the time you’re watching this video it will be.  But that’s your job and your role as an entrepreneur. Hope that makes things a lot more simple and you actually see behind the curtains of what we’re doing here, inside of ClickFunnels™. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this one so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video.


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ClickFunnels™ Optimize Business – How to build a Sales Funnel

Crush Selling Any Product Online Using This Webinar Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling – Sell product online using Webinar Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling: Russell Brunson walks you through webinar funnels and the secrets that allow you to run amazing webinars and sell your product to tons of people. Russell provides best practices for this easy-to-use marketing technique and even gives you his top converting webinar funnels for FREE! ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

– [Russell Brunson] Hey, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Webinar Funnel Secrets. Now, I wanna quickly show you how to use webinar funnels to run online events and to sell your products to the masses. And then, at the end of this video, I’m actually gonna give you my top converting webinar funnels for free. But before we do that, I wanna explain where webinar funnels came from, how they work, and how you can use them in your specific business. So, to show you initially, I wanna kinda walk you through the layout of what a webinar funnel looks like. Now, it’s a very simple process.

There’s a webinar registration page where you get somebody to register for the webinar, then there’s a confirmation page, where you thank them for being registered to the webinar. And with the webinar funnel, typically you’re integrating with some third part webinar software, like GoToWebinar or Zoom are the two most popular within the Click Funnels community.

So then, the webinar actually happens over there on the other platform, but what’s nice is, because you can control the registration process and the confirmation process, you’re able to get higher conversions and a lot of times, sell other products and services before people even come to the webinar, as I’ll show you here in a minute.

And as somebody registers for the webinar, and before the webinar starts, what we do is we send them emails and take them to what we call indoctrination pages, where each of these pages gives them a video or some kind of training to get them more excited about what’s gonna be happening on the web class. And we’ll have anywhere from one to three confirmation pages, typically, in a normal webinar funnel. And then after the webinar’s over, then we usually set up a webinar replay page where we post the webinar replay and then we send emails to the people who registered for the webinar to go watch the replay before we take it down. And so, that’s kinda what a basic webinar funnel looks like.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

Now, if we were to take this and plug in some actual pages, this is kinda what it would look like. First page, they register, then the confirmation page, here’s the indoctrination page as we send them videos, getting them excited about what’s happening, and then the replay page happens at the end. Okay, so the first question I wanna answer is where do webinars actually come from?

A lot of people have never even heard that word before they get into Click Funnels. And so, a webinar is basically like a web class. It’s like a seminar that’s happening on the internet. Now, in the past, the way that I used to sell a lot of products and services is that I would go to live events like this, I’d stand in front of 1000 or 10000 people and I would teach them something, and then at the end, I would sell my products or my services, and that’s how I made my living for almost a decade.

But then, fast forward to technology started catching up and making things easier, and now I do most of my business, I do it through webinars where I’m actually at my home or sitting here in my office, and there might be 1000, or 2000, 5000 people registered who are watching from all around the world, I do my same webinar presentation, I teach and I train them, and at the end of it, then I can sell them a product or a service. And so, that’s kinda what a webinar is is a live event, but it’s happening on the internet.

And what’s cool about it is that you can do these and make as much money as you would normally from the comfort of your home, as opposed to having to travel, and get hotels, and all sorts of things that go into a traditional live event, okay? Now, some examples of some webinar funnels. These are just some layouts of some of the ones we’ve done in the past, this one where Kaelin, the Lady Boss, talked about Click Funnels.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

This is another one of our webinar registration pages, and here’s another one selling, these are all selling software, or trainings, or other things. Webinars have been used to sell pretty much everything on planet Earth, from supplements, training courses, to consulting, to coaching, webinars work good to sell almost any type of product you can think of. So here is how it works.

Okay, the first page, the first step here is to get them to register for the web class, okay? So that’s what the first page in the funnel does. Then the second page after they’ve registered for the web class, then you basically thank them for registering. Sometimes you may make them a special offer, and I’ll talk about that here in a minute. But basically you’re thanking them, and then the last page here inside this funnel is where you post the actual replay, so that’s kinda how a webinar funnel works. It’s very simple and very easy. Okay, so again, here’s the layout, and then there’s one more piece here to talk about, the indoctrination pages.

So, indoctrination pages, these are pages we create that, usually for me, they have videos, or I’m getting people excited about what’s happening in the training, and indoctrinating them, getting them excited. Some people call these presuasion pages, where you’re getting them excited before they actually show up to the web class. So, this is an example of what an indoctrination page may look like.

Now, a lot of people do webinars without these, it just helps to kinda increase show up rate, and it actually increases the people buying something at the end of the webinar because they’ve been indoctrinated from you through these videos here in the sequence, okay? So, what are the products and services that work for webinar funnels? Like I said, all sorts of things. You can use it to sell courses, to sell products, to sell software, I’ve seen people use it to sell supplements, high-end coaching, business practices, services.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

Pretty much everything you can dream of can be sold on an actual webinar, okay? So, here’s some of the best practices on how webinar funnel works. So, the first page here, some of the core, most important things. First step, I like to call out, like, who is this webinar actually for? So, you notice in this one it says, “Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, “Online Marketers, and Marketing Agencies,” so they know, like, this is who it’s for. The second step is like having a curiosity-based headline.

The more curiosity you have, the more like someone is to register, the more likely they are to actually show up. In fact, when I have a webinar page that’s not converting very well, the biggest thing I do is I come back and try to increase the curiosity to get people excited. Okay, so curiosity is the key on a registration page. The second page is where we thank them. Now, on the thank you page, we’re not using curiosity nearly as much as a couple other things. The first thing is, we’re thanking them for registering.

The second thing is, whereas the first page is all curiosity, the thank you page is all about excitement, getting them excited for what they’re about to experience. If you get them excited here, they’re more likely to make sure they show up, to put it on their calendar, to make sure they don’t sleep in or forget about it. The more excited you get them here, the more likely they are to show up and participate in the event that you’re putting on. And then the last thing, this isn’t necessary, but a lot of times, what I do on this page is I give them, I make them an offer. We call this a self-liquidating offer.

This is where we tell them, like, hey, in this example here I say, go get a free trial of Click Funnel. Sometimes I might sell a book, or I push ’em into one of my other funnels where I’m selling a lower ticket product. Now, a lot of times, this self-liquidating offer here will actually cover the entire cost of my advertising cost to get people to register for the web class.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

Now, that’s kind of a more advanced thing and it’s not necessary, but I wanted to kinda put it out there for those of you guys who may wanna do something like that on your thank you pages. Now, the next page, obviously at this point, like we said before, is that that webinar now is gonna happen in some third party service like GoToWebinar or Zoom, and then after you get the recording of that presentation back, then you can create a replay page, and usually we’ll post that replay page up for 24 to 48 hours, we’ll send emails to everybody who registered and tell them now go watch this video before it disappears, and that gets people to actually go and watch and consume your presentation.

Okay, now, in the past, if you wanted to create a webinar funnel like that, it was complicated, right? You had to get designers, and then webmasters, and programmers, and analytics people, and a whole bunch more. But the good news is that now, because you’re here today here on Click Funnels, you no longer have to do that. We have a better way, we have a faster way. So, instead of doing all that, instead, what you can do is you can just use our share funnels. In fact, we’ve had some of the top designers in our community design these amazing webinar funnels for you. We’re actually gonna give them to you for free. If you look down below this video.

You’ll notice there’s a whole bunch of pre-done webinar funnels that are already created for you. And we call these Share Funnels because we’re gonna share them with you for free. So, all you need to do is look down below, find out which one of these webinar funnels you like that looks the most like what you would want, click on the Select a Funnel button, and then one of two things are gonna happen. First off, if you already have a Click Funnels account, it’s gonna take that entire webinar funnel and it’ll plug it into your account.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

If you don’t have a Click Funnels account yet, what it’ll do instead, it’ll take you to the Share Funnel page right here, where you can create a free trial account. After you create your free account, then it’s gonna plug that funnel into your Click Funnels account, and then you can go and you can edit it, design it, and customize it for yourself. Okay, so that’s the first step. So, step number one is pick one of your favorite templates from down below. There’s a ton of them that are amazing, and I’m gonna show you here in a second how simple they are to customize, so pick the one that looks the closest to what you like, and then you can actually customize it.

In fact, that’s step number two now, is to customize your template. So, I’m gonna log into Click Funnels real quick right now and show you how easy it is to actually customize any of these webinar pages. All right, now I’m on the exact same page you’re on, so I come right here, I can scroll around, I can look at all the different templates till I find the one that I like the best. So I’m gonna click on this one right now, I click on Select This Funnel button. Now it’s gonna take that entire funnel, it’s gonna copy it into my Click Funnels account, build all the pages, and have ’em all set up there so I can start working on it immediately.

Then I click right here on the View Funnel button. And that fast, you guys, this funnel’s ready for me to start building. On the left hand side here, you’ll see here’s all the different pages we talked about earlier, and so we can go through and edit all these pages and make ’em match my brand. For right now, I’m gonna edit just one to show you how simple and easy it is. I click on edit page. This is gonna take me inside the Click Funnels editor, and this is where the fun begins. I click right here, I pick a word, I can start typing things and editing that fast. Hey, how are you doing? I can go right here and let’s say I don’t like this image.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

I can click on the settings, I can change the image for one of my own, I can upload it really quickly or just grab one from here, and boom, that fast, the page is changed. If I don’t like something, I can grab something, I can move it around, I can drag and drop things really easily, if I wanna change the colors, I can. But this is how easy Click Funnels is, you guys. You don’t have to be technical. If you can drag and drop, you can build a funnel here inside of Click Funnels. That’s how simple and how easy it is. When I’m done with that, I can click on the save button, and then I can preview it, and that fast, my funnel is live.

Do you see how simple and how easy this really is? Now, if for some reason I don’t like something, I can come back in here and same thing, I can come back, I can drag things around, I can move ’em around to my heart’s content until the funnel looks exactly the way I want it to, and when I’m done, I click exit and I am done. Okay, so that was step number two, how to customize it. Now, one thing you’ll notice is that each of these pages right here, all three of these three pages that I’m showing you, this is all based on the same template.

All it is is I changed the image, I changed the headline, I changed the color, and that quick, I can make each of these look and match the look and the feel of whatever your brand is. Okay, so the better you get at Click Funnels, the easier it is to customize these things and really make them amazing. Okay, and then the third step is you go out there and you actually launch your webinar funnel, which is the most exciting thing. Now, before we go on, I actually wanna show you a really quick video from my friend right here.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

This is Garrett J. White, and he’s one of our Click Funnels members. And I want you to hear, in his own words, why he stopped using all the other solutions and focused everything inside his company here on this one tool that we call Click Funnels. – Hello, my name’s Garrett J. White, the Master Coach Mentor and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy, and I will tell you this right now, we have tested, with platforms, we have tested everything.

I have attempted, for the past six years, to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message, and it started with WordPress, and then it went plug-ins, and OptimizePress, and then we went to Kajabi, and then we went to Leadpages. And these are all wonderful, I know the owners of these guys, they’re fantastic, the software tools are amazing. When Click Funnels came out, I was like, dude, I cannot handle another software tool.

I don’t give a shit, we’re just gonna manage our stuff between Leadpages and Kajabi. And then my friends said, just test it, just try it out. And I went to Click Funnels, and no bullshit, like, every software increment over the last five years has been not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace. They’ve been incremental. So like, there’s been a move from Kajabi to Leadpages, or from OptimizePress to Kajabi, and they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. Click Funnels, though, came out of nowhere.

They took the marketplace by storm, just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone. It was not a linear move anymore, it was a quantum move in improvement that opened up a gap to allow people just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the Matrix, and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads, we’re not engineers or computer science majors, and we don’t understand that stuff inherently.  Click Funnels gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress, and anxiety, and suffering behind a keyboard, trust me, the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window because you can’t figure shit out.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling

Click Funnels have brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap in opportunity, which allows you, just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter, and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product, and your program, and your service out to the marketplace. How many of you guys think that Click Funnels is the most amazing platform? (cheering) Quit spending all the time on suicide watch, and having to check yourself into a hospital, than honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So, I not only fully endorse Click Funnels, it’s the only software tool that we use.

When it comes to our funnels online across all four of my business, we’re not going anywhere else. I love Russell, I love this event.  This event is married up to that software tool. You are a dumbass if you don’t come, and that’s okay, there are plenty of dumbasses on the planet. Just don’t let it be you. – [Russell] All right, now, once again, if you already have a Click Funnels account, all you gotta do is look down below, find out which one of these webinar funnels looks the coolest to you, pick the template, then customize it, and then go out there and launch it. Now, if you don’t have a Click Funnels account yet, do not worry, the steps are still the same.

ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling: Find out which one of these funnels looks the best, the most exciting, select that funnel, it’ll take you to the Share Funnel page where you can go get your free 14 day trial, and then it’ll copy that funnel into your Click Funnels account, you can have the next 14 days to edit it, you know, add your logo, change your text, do a webinar, try the whole thing out, have some fun with it, and you can do that all during your free trial. So click down below right now, pick out which webinar funnel you want, sign up for the free trial, and I hope that you love Click Funnels, and I cannot wait to see your very first webinar event go live. I hope this changes your business and changes your life. Thanks so much for using Click Funnels, and now you just gotta pick which funnel template you wanna use down below. ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling


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ClickFunnels™ in Kenya – Surreal Experience In The Masai Mara! | FHTV Ep 114

How To Get Any Sales Funnel To Convert – No Matter How Bad It Is

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales – Get Sales No Matter How Bad It Is

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales: It can be tough when you spend all this time creating a sales funnel, and then it doesn’t convert! In today’s video, I’m sharing some common problems that prevent your funnel from converting and then how to create a sales funnel that converts. ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

– Hey everyone, it’s Russell. Welcome back to the show. Today I’m gonna be answering a bunch of questions related to marketing and business, and growing your funnels and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, and the question I got right now from you guys is a conversion problem. The question is Russell, my sales funnel won’t convert, what are the common problems that prevent funnels you see from converting. Okay, I’m glad you asked this, ’cause this is like so much fun.

Alright so if you look at any funnel, right, there’s different pieces of it. So part of it’s figuring out which piece it is, right. So over here you have like the ad. So let’s say this is Facebook and you have the news feed and here’s your friend, there’s your mom, and then all of a sudden there’s the ad in the middle. And then there’s other stuff here, and the stuff here.

Then over here you’ve got a landing page. I’ll put L.P. And over here you have a sales page, S.P. And this is your funnel, which is like the most important work in marketing is sales funnel, okay. Alright, so then the question is, my sales funnel’s not converting, what are the common problems that prevent funnels you see from converting? It always comes down to one of three things.

Number one, it’s a problem with your hook, okay. So what’s the hook? The hook is the thing, like someone’s on your phone right here, and they’re scrolling through like crazy, right, looking at stories from their friends, and their mom, and their grandma, and al of a sudden they see your ad and they keep…

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

The hook is anything that gets them to stop they what was that. It stops them from scrolling, grabs them and like says I need your attention. Okay, so your hook. If your hook is horrible here, if nobody’s clicking your ad. Or the hook is horrible here if nobody’s giving you their email address. Or the hook is horrible here if nobody’s giving you money. So first problem’s always the hook problem.

Number two is a story problem, okay. After you grab somebody you have their attention for five seconds, then you tell them the story about why they should click on your ad, why they should give you their email address, why you should… It’s always the second step is the story, right. After you have their attention, you tell them story about why. Why are they clicking on this ad? Why are they giving you email? Why are they giving you money? Okay, that’s your story.

Now if you’ve read the Expert’s Secrets book, in Expert Secrets I show you guys through story structure. I talk about epiphany bridge stories and a whole bunch of other things like that. If you haven’t read this yet, go find the sections here on story, how to tell your story the right way. Okay, and then the third is your offer. If your funnel’s not converting, the third reason why not is ’cause your offer just sucks. That’s why people aren’t giving you money. That’s it, it’s pretty simple.

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

So if your offer sucks, make a better offer. If nobody’s clicking your ad, it means you’re not giving them enough reason. Like, what’s the offer? Why am I clicking on your ad? I gotta keep scrolling through looking at cat pictures and weird stuff like that. Why should I stop and click on your button? What’s the offer? Well if you click on this button I’m gonna show you a case study about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh cool, that’s a good offer I’m gonna click on that.

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales

Then you come over here and I’m gonna give you my email address, I’m gonna give you this report, and if nobody gives you anything, it means nobody wants a report, the offer’s no good. So change it, maybe instead of a report, you have a video. You know give ’em these two or three things. Maybe I’ve gotta find something that’s sexier, right. You’re figuring out something, you gotta make a better offer. Or if they’re not giving you money, same reason.

The offer’s no good. Make better offer. If you make a better offer, people are more likely to actually give you money. It’s always one of those three things, either hook, story, offer. Now what’s important to understand is that every page in this process there’s a hook, a story, and a offer. There’s a hook on your ad.

There’s a story in your ad. There’s an offer on your ad. On the landing page, hook, story, offer. On your sales page, hook, story, offer. Everything that’s happening inside your funnel, and outside your funnel. Every piece, every email you get, there’s a hook, a story, an offer. In fact, you wanna see what works, go back to your email, go back to gmail whatever, scroll through, look at what emails you actually clicked on, and you’ll realize that there was a hook.

The subject line was a hook. Like, what was it that made you click on that subject line? And then open the email and look, did you click on the link? ‘Cause there’s some story in the email, and if you clicked on it then that hook and that story in the email got you there, and then look at the page, did you give ’em money? Did you give ’em your email address? If so, what was the hook, the story, offer on that page?

ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales: THat’s so you can start learning what’s working is by watching what things you’re actually responding to as well. So that’s my number one feedback for people who have problems with conversion is going back to each step in the process, and look at your hook, your story, and your offer. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of ’em, and I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Convert Sales


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ClickFunnels™ Network Marketing – How To Succeed with MLM sales funnel

Russell shares embarrassing footage of first time on stage and how far he’s come 1

Russell shares embarrassing footage of first time on stage and how far he’s come


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How To Close High-End Clients With My High Ticket Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales – How to close high-end clients with Ticket Funnel

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales: Russell Brunson takes you through high ticket funnels and the secrets that allow you to drastically increase the number of pre-qualified applications you are generating on a daily basis. Russell highlights the importance of this funnel in reducing your staffing needs and diminishing your stress. He provides proven techniques for this easy-to-use marketing tactic and even gives you his top converting high ticket funnels for FREE!  ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

– Hey, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to, High Ticket Funnel Secrets. Now, during this training I’m going to show you how to use high ticket application funnels to generate pre-qualified application leads. And then at the end of this video, I’m actually going to give you my top converting application funnels for free. But, before I do that I want to show you exactly what an application funnel is, how it works, and how it can work for your specific business. So, with that said lets jump right in. So, the first thing I want to show you is kinda the diagram of what a High Ticket Funnel looks like. It looks like this. It’s very simple, its just three core pages plus a pop-up.

So, page number one is what we call a reverse squeeze page. This is where you give them some kinda case study, or some kinda information about what it’s like to actually work with you. And they click on the button, and then the next page here on the pop-up then asks, um, they give you their email address. Then, the page after that, your taking they uh, you take them to a spot, where they can actually go apply to work directly with you. And the last page, you thank them for the application, and tell them what’s going to be happening next. It’s a very simple funnel, its super easy to create, and very powerful. Now, this is what it might look like if you were to create one here inside of Click Funnels. Page number 1, you got a case study, and there is a pop-up, for the email address.

Number three, is the application page, where they apply to work with you. And, then number four is the thank you page, where you explain what’s going to be happening next. Okay, so where did application funnels come from? And, these work really good if your in any kind of coaching, or consulting, or selling high ticketed, and expensive things, where typically you get somebody on the phone. Now, in a earlier business that I use to have, we made all of our money, by actually calling all of our leads. And in fact, we built the entire call center, we had 60 full-time sales people who were calling every single lead that came in. Talking to them, qualifying them, trying to figure out who’s a good fit.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

Then we would sell them our high ticket products and services, and coaching and consulting. And, it worked well, but it was a lot of overhead, it was a lot of stress, and if anyone has ever worked with 60 full time sales people, you know that, um, that can be kinda stressful. And, so what we did eventually, I ended up shutting down that company down, but I missed selling the really expensive high ticket consulting and coaching, and things like that, that we were doing. And, I tried to figure out how do we change this around and make it easier.

And, so what we did, instead of going in outbound calling every single lead that ever came in, we built these applications funnels, to qualify all of the people, all of the leads, to find out who was the cream of the crop, and then we would only talk to them. And, so we shifted around, these 60 full time sales people, to where we shifted it to using an application funnel. Went down to having just one salesperson. Yes, just one salesperson doing the same amount, of net revenue as 60 full time salespeople where doing before. And, so I’m going to walk you through exactly how this process works, because it will give you so much less stress, so much less anxiety, and the same amount of money as having a huge team of salespeople working for you. Okay, so here is how it actually works.

Step number one, is the very first page in your funnel, you create a case study. Now, a case study about what its like to actually work with you. A success story, um what you do with the results you get for somebody, and you share this success story on the very first page After someone watches that, they think, “Hey man, I want that same case study in my business or my life,” or whatever it is you are selling. And, then the second step in the process then is to have them apply, to actually work directly with you.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

Now, what this does is it takes it from you outbound calling and trying to sell every single person, every single leads you have, to which flips it on it’s side, were we do now, it’s a takeaway sell. They’re now presenting and trying to explain to you, through this application, why you should choose them as a client. And, then on the third page, then you tell them what to expect next. Now, for me it was hey, in the next 24 hours, someone is going to call you from my office, we are going to review the application to see if you are a good fit, and that way they know what’s going to happen.

You are going to call them on the phone. And, then you can sell them the product, the service, the coaching, the consulting, whatever it is you’re going to be selling on the phone anyway. Now, like I said, is what this does is it qualifies, it pre-schedules, it gets everybody ready to be able to work with you directly, and it makes your life so much easier. So, next question is like, well, how would you use an application funnel inside of your specific business? Now, every business is different, but there are so many different applications, for ways you can use it. Now, if you are selling coaching or consulting, this model, this funnel has been proven, it’s processed hundreds of millions of dollars, for me and other clients as well.

So this works really well if you’re doing coaching or high end consulting. We’re sure give any kind of high ticket services. Um, if your selling something that is ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, one hundred thousand dollars or more? Um, it works, really well there as well. And, any kind of professional services, mortgages, finances, anything where there typically needs to be a phone call involved in selling the product, or the service, usually because it’s either very specialized, or very expensive, the high ticketed application funnel will work for you.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

In fact, almost any business who comes to me saying, “Russell, funnels don’t work for me because you know, I’m selling some of this fifty thousand dollars, nobody’s gonna be able to buy that through a funnel.” I tell them, yes they will. Use a high ticket application funnel, qualify them, and figure out who is the best leads. Have them, have them apply, and tell them why they should be using your product, your services, and then you call and just sign up those people, it makes your job so much easier, and so much better. So, here’s some of the best practices inside of a high ticket application funnel.

Number one, um on the home page, you wanna have some kinda free case study, showing what’s possible if somebody wants to actually work with you, or buy your product, or buy your service. Number two, the goal of this again is to share the case studies so they can see what it’s like to actually work with you. Like, that’s the magic of this, it gives them a glimpse of what it would be like if they had a chance to be, um, to have you as an actually client. And it shows them proof, proof proof. How much proof that you have, um about why, what it is you do, will work for them. Okay, number two, then looks at that, they click on the button and then we have a pop-up that comes up. This pop-up is where we start the application process, where you try to get their email address.

Now, I like having more proof, because as you can see here, one of mine, I have more proof of what it’s like to work with me. Then, at the call to action, give me your email address, to start the application right now. And this way, if they don’t finish the application later, I can send emails and follow up with them, until they actually finish the application, okay. Now, move on to page number three. Now, on this page, guess what I do? I provide more proof. Yes, I want them to understand that working with me, is the greatest decision ever made in their life. So I give them more proof, I have another video here, more success stories, more testimonials, more proof.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

Then in that application where I ask them to fill out this form, to tell me why I should, um, why I should work with you. Notice the shift in um, in perspective, here. Instead of, me outbound calling leads, trying to convince them to buy my product, my service. These people were filling out an application. They seen all the proof. They seen these case studies. They seen all these things, now they are trying to tell me, why they should work with me. It changes the entire sales process for you. And then, the last page after they fill out the application. Again, then you tell them, what to expect next. Thank you so much for applying, someone on my team is going to give you a call or feel free to call me on this number, if you want to get started earlier.

You know, whatever it is, tell them what to expect, and that’s the last step here inside of an high application funnel. Now, in the past if you want to create a funnel like this, you would have to do a whole bunch of stuff. You would have to hire a designer, and webmasters, and programmers, and analytics people, and it’d cost you a ton of money to create one of these funnels. Um, but the good news is there is actually a simpler way, there is an easier way. It’s by using an tool that we um, developed, called Click Funnels! In fact, right now below this video, you will see there’s a whole bunch of amazing high ticket application funnels that are already pre-done, pre-created for you.

All you have to do is scroll down, click on the button that you want, whichever funnel you like, and it will take you to a share funnel page that looks like this on the right hand side. Now, the cool thing about the share funnel page is that if you already have a click funnels account, you just click on the button. It’ll push this funnel into your account, and you can start editing it right away. If you don’t have a click funnels account yet, it’ll take you to the Share Funnel page. And what you can do is you is you can go, you can create your free 14 day trial right here, and that way you can get started, and then we’ll put that funnel into your account, and you can start editing it today.

Okay, now step number one is you gotta pick which template you want down below. You see a whole bunch of different examples of really cool, high tech application funnels. Look which one down below you like, you select that template, and then step number two is that you just customize it. Now let me actually log on Click Funnels really quick and show you how simple and how easy it is to customize any of the funnels you pick down below. Okay, now I’m on the exact same page you’re on.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

So if you look at this, I can scroll around and I can see all these different templates that are amazing. And I just pick one, I pick whichever one I like the most, click on that, and instantly an entire funnel will be built into my Click Funnels account. All the pages, all the everything, is gonna be copied over and built here so I can start editing it immediately. And then, click right here on view funnel, and that fast, the entire funnel is here now inside of my Click Funnels account. If you look on the left hand side, you’ll notice these are the exact same page structure that I just showed you. So I can go and edit all these pages to match my brand. But right now, I’m just gonna do it with one. I click right here, on edit page, which will take me inside the Click Funnel’s editor. And if I’m here, I can just come right here, and I can start changing the headline.

This is so much fun! If you want, you come here, you can change the video out, plug in your own video. I can come down here, if I want, I can drag things, I can move things around. It’s really simple and really easy to do. Um, let’s say I don’t want this picture here, but I want my own picture. I can click on this, change the image out, grab a new picture and plug it in, and that fast, you guys, I can update this funnel. When I’m done with that, I click on the save button.

Then I click on preview, to find out exactly what it looks like. And boom, that fast, you guys, I edited all of the pages here inside of my funnel. Now, if I don’t like something for some reason, I can go back into the editor, I can grab something, I can move it around if I want, and just keep moving it and editing it to my heart’s content until it looks exactly the way I want, and it matches my brand, and I exit, and I’m done. So, literally all you need right now, is scroll down and go find which template you like, click on it, go into Click Funnels and actually customize it. And you notice, just look at this template right here. This is the exact same template, and all I did was change the images, change the video, and even though it’s the same template, they look dramatically different.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

This one’s for, on the left hand side, it could be for a doctor, it could be for weight loss, it could be for business, it doesn’t matter what kind of high ticket funnel you’re trying to build, you can customize any of these things to make it work for you and your business. And then the last step, is you just go out there and you launch it. Now, I wanna show you a really quick video from my friend, Garrett J. White, who started using Click Funnels a couple years ago. I want you to hear, in his own words, how much this process simplified his business for him. – [Garrett] Hello, my name is Garrett J. White, the master coach mentor, and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy. And I will tell you this right now.

We have tested with platforms. We have tested everything. I have attempted, for the past six years, to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message. And it started with WordPress, and then it went plugins, and then OptimizePress, and then we went to Kajabi, and then we went to Leadpages, and these are all wonderful. Know the owners of these guys, they’re fantastic.

The software tools were amazing. When Click Funnels came out, I was like, “Dude, I cannot handle another software tool. I don’t give a shit, we’re just gonna manage our stuff between Leadpages and Kajabi.” And then my friend said, “Just test it. Just try it out.” And I went to Click Funnels, and no bullshit, like, every software increment over the last five years has been a, not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool, to get your message out to the marketplace.

They’ve been incremental. So, like there’s been a move from Kajabi to Leadpages, or from OptimizePress to Kajabi, and they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. Click Funnels, though, came outta nowhere. They took the marketplace by storm just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone. It was not a linear move anymore. It was a quantum move in improvement that’ll open up a gap to allow people, just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the Matrix, and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads. We’re not engineers or computer science majors, and we don’t understand that stuff inherently.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales

Click Funnels gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard. Trust me, the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window, because you can’t figure shit out, Click Funnels has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap, an opportunity which allows you, just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter, and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product and your program and service out to the marketplace. –

How many of you think Click Funnels is the most amazing custom program that there is? (audience cheering) – It beats spending all of your time in suicide watch, and having to check yourself into a hospital, and honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So, I not only fully endorse Click Funnels, it’s the only software tool that we use. When it comes to our funnels online, across all four of my businesses, we’re not going anywhere else. Love Russell, love this event.

This event married up to that software tool, you are a dumbass if you don’t come. And that’s okay, there’s plenty of dumbasses on the planet. Just don’t let it be you. – Alright, now, if you already have a Click Funnels account, all you gotta do is scroll down below, pick which one of the application funnels you want, click on the button, go in there, customize the page, and then you launch it. It’s so simple and so easy. If you don’t have a Click Funnels account yet, don’t worry.

ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales: All you gotta do is same thing, scroll down below, pick which template you want, click on the funnel, then you go to the share funnel page, where you can go and create your free 14 day trial right now. After you have that trial, you can start editing this funnel, and start using it here inside your company. That, you guys, is how you use high ticket funnel applications inside of your business. So what I want you to do right now, figure out which one of these funnels you want for free, scroll down, click on the button, and start editing your high ticket funnel today. ClickFunnels™ Ticket Sales


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ClickFunnels™ Crush Selling – Sell product online using Webinar Funnel

10x Growth Con Secrets: My Never Before Revealed System

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets – My Never Before Revealed System

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets: At Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con this year, Russell Brunson did something pretty special, he made 3 million dollars in 90 minutes! And now, Russell wants to share with you the secret of how he did it and train you to do it yourself. Are you ready to change your life? ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets: Massive Sales in an hour

– If you have the perfect pitch once, and you do it once, you get paid once. Now there’s a dude running around this planet right now, he did three million dollars in one and a half hours, three million dollars in sales in one and a half hours. Half the stuff he’s talking about, I don’t understand it, but I think I gotta get it. I bought his program.

Think I gotta get it again, okay? I wanna bring out Russell Brunson. Come here, man. (loud applause and cheering) This dude right here. (cheering) – Well I’m just gonna spend a few minutes, uh, he asked if I would come and just come back down and tell you guys a little about what we did. First off, who here invested real quick? (cheering) Thank you out there, yes. (clapping) Awesome, so the question that kept coming over and over was like, how did you do that? How did you do that?

We’re at a sales conference and we just saw the greatest sales thing that we’ve ever seen, how did you do that? As I sat with my team and we were processing orders, I was like, you know what would be really cool to do for this group? How many of you guys would like to learn how to sell the way that I did yesterday? (cheering and whistling) Alright, about half you guys.

The other half don’t want to make three million bucks in an hour and a half. How many of you want to sell the way I did yesterday? (cheering) Okay, so the way that I sold yesterday, the way that I sell when I do it, it’s not something that I just made up overnight. About 12 years ago, I went to an event kinda like this and I was a shy, awkward, nerdy kid, who sat in the back of the room, awkwardly taking notes, listening to all these amazing speakers. I remember the very first time I saw a table rush. I saw a bunch of people jump up and run to the back of the room. I was doing math, two, four, six, eight, 10, 20, and I was like, that dude just made $80,000 in an hour. I saw the next guy get up and he sold a $5,000 package. I’m doing the math and that guy made like $150,000 an hour.

And I was like, I’m a very shy, introverted person, I didn’t necessarily want to get on stages, but I was like, I have to learn that skill set. If somebody can make $150,0000 an hour, if someone can make three million dollars an hour, whatever it costs, whatever it takes, I have to learn that skillset. (intense music) (cheering) So, I spent the next 12 years of my life, mastering that. I spent three years on the road every single weekend, going to event, after event, after event. Speaking, selling, practicing, learning, networking with the speakers, have ’em crafting my presentation. I spent over a million dollars having coaches take me and tweak my presentation, tweak it, tweak it, tweak it, until I got really good. And then after I did my three years on the road, I started doing it online ’cause I didn’t want to leave my wife or my kids.

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets: Magic of webinars

We’ve done webinars and webinars and tele centers and a whole bunch of things. What you guys saw yesterday, is kind of the culmination of that. What if I do a special one day training and I’ll walk you through like, what I did on this slide, why did I do that?

ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets

Walk you second by second, minute by minute, through the entire 90 minute presentation. Then after that’s done, actually give you guys my PowerPoint slides, the framework that I use, and then show you guys how to take whatever it is you’re selling, whatever product, whatever service, and weave it into those slides.How many you guys would like to attend something like that? (cheering and whistling) Alright, cool. Is it okay if we over deliver?

Just make sure you guys are okay with that. (cheering) It’s gonna be a virtual training, we do it online It’s gonna be a full day event. First off, we run through yesterdays presentation, second off, I’m gonna give you the actual slide decks that I use to create all my presentations. Now just to kind of put this in perspective, this is a presentation that works in pretty much every market we’ve tried it in so far. I’ve got a friend who’s a chiropractor, he used to do hotel meetings to try to get business. I gave him this presentation structure, did some tweaks, and now he’s filling his practice, month in and month out with this.

It works for selling information products. One of our friends, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, she Voxxed me last night, and she said, “Tell all those masculine men out there, “that a 23-year-old girl took this presentation “and we did $10,000,000 last year with it.” This works in almost any market you can dream up. Uh, this is a one time thing that I want to do for you guys, just to show, because so many of you guys ask me, how in the world I did that? I thought it would be fun to give you guys that gift. And with that, so thanks you guys so much for hanging out, we appreciate your time in my life. Thank you so much and I’ll see you guys soon. (cheering) Bye everybody.


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Sneak Peak into the Two Comma Club Event | FHTV Ep 106

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club – Sneak peak into the two event

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club: Alex Charfen visits the office to lead a 2CCX event about entrepreneurship, team building, and the billionaire code. While at the event, the gang becomes enamored with the Solus from Outstrip Equipment. Everyone gets involved trying out the Solus, but the real competition is between Russell and Dave. ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

– We figured out a way at Grant Cardone 10X Event to do $30 million dollars in an hour. What? (upbeat music) – I am freaking out right now. Can’t even tell you what happened. – Ah, it’s a machine. (theme music) – [Dave] Who’s in the office? – Hey! – [Dave] What? Julie’s in the office! – I’m here. – [Dave] How was the flight? – As good as it can be with four children. I’ve been up since 3:30 with my three year old. (Dave laughs) (upbeat music) – I am freaking out right now. Freaking out. Can’t even tell you what’s happened so I’m gonna have Miles tell you cuz I can’t even talk. – So, I open up my email.

It was a 2 Comma Club application, you probably get like five to 20 a day. This one is different because it’s not someone who built a funnel and made a million dollars in it which there’s 340+ who have done that now but Spencer Mecham made a million dollars as a Click Funnels affiliate.

That means Spencer has made Click Funnels over two millions dollars. We’ve paid him 40% of that. So a million freaking dollars. Spencer, when you see this on Funnel Hacker TV, congratu-freaking-lations, man. That’s insane. – Backstory here: Spencer did not even start promoting for us until last year in April. So this has been done in 16 months. – You guys, all you Click Funnels affiliates out there, keep crushing it and keep building on that momentum. If you follow what we’re putting out there, if you screw this up, you’re still going to succeed. We’ll see you on the next episode of Funnel Hacker TV. Mic drop. (Dave laughs) (explosion) (upbeat music) – [Russell] Dude, check out who is in the office. – What’s up guys? – [Dave] What’s up, bud, how are you, man?

The one and only Alex Charfen, we’re always excited. – The party is about to officially start. – [Dave] Finally, what’s this event about? – It’s about team building. So many people think that team building is about how fast can you hire the right person and it really isn’t. Team building is about understanding what the strategy for your organization is so you can anticipate what’s coming next and fill the gaps before they happen because, until you have a forward looking strategy, you’re always solving the problem that just happened, you’re always putting out fires and, when you have a forward looking strategy, you can anticipate what’s coming, build that infrastructure ahead of time and that’s how you build teams. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club - Sneak peak into the two event 2

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

We’re gonna fire everyone after this next meeting. (laughs) – [Russell] Sorry, guys, sorry about all that. (upbeat music) – Alright, I’m racing down to downtown Boise right now because we actually have our 2 Comma Club X special presentation today from Alex Charfen so super excited. I’m looking forward to seeing him talking about the billionaire code. (upbeat music) – [Dave] How are you guys? (inaudible) (upbeat music) – What just happened in the last few minutes here? – Russell says, “We’re gonna have a meeting.

My brain doesn’t really work.” (Russell laughs) One hour later, one rhino rush in, and he has a 30 million dollar idea and it’s all over the whiteboard. – We figured out a way at Grant Cardone 10X event to do 30 million dollars in an hour. What? (explosion) I think, well, here we are. We’re calling our shot. This is Babe Ruth. Now, we just gotta make it happen. –

Alright, a little backstory: I was sitting there, enjoying my lunch and I was like, “Can I check this thing out? You gotta go for a work out right now.” I’m like, I didn’t work out this morning so really walking the streets of Boise because she drove from Indiana with this machine. Look at this thing: No excuses. So this is the Solus? – This is the Solus. With this, you get to maximumly use your muscles so max effort all the way through your entire repetition both sides, concentrically, eccentrically and we track the whole process. – Alright, we’ll try to try this thing out here I think. – That was so hard. I said, “That absolutely sucked.” She actually was so kind. She actually said I did… – 1600 lbs of work in a minute and eight seconds. – I have no idea what that means. I moved 1600 lbs in a minute. I’m so strong. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

How was it? – Dude, it was crazy, I went for like 53 seconds and resistance in both ways like insane like you’re trying to hold a robot back. It was really cool. I can still feel I’m super engaged, my abs were crunching, yeah, wild. – We want to make sure we get his face because I have a feeling that he’s a screamer. I want his face. – Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. – This is a backwards hat moment everybody. (crowd encourages Steven) – Can you get my hat off? (everyone laughs) Thank you, I can put my head back. – [Audience Member] Steve, breathe. –

You called it a normal rep, this is not normal. I took nitric oxide before this. (everyone laughs) – Look at those pecks, baby, come on. – [Dave] What did you think? – That was good. I need a nap. (everyone laughs) Holy crap. – [Audience Member] Keep going. – [Audience Member] Come on, go for five! – [Audience Member] Come on! – You care if I take my shirt off? So I can show it? (crowd offers encouragement) – Ah, it’s a machine. – My chest is on fire still. – [Dave] It must be really hot in here because your face is super red. – I don’t want to lose to you. (everyone laughs) – How many pounds did you move? – [Dave] I thought it was 1,600. – Okay, he did, he beat you. –

He started lying, he’s totally lying. (everyone laughs) Oh, no, camera, what’s the truth? What actually happened? – We are today having a Click Funnels Boise office party and so Clesman started getting everything ready and Melanie and everybody… How many people are coming to the party today? – About 120. – [Russell] 120 people. So you guys excited for this or you guys stressed out, how’s it all feeling? – Fine (both women speak at once) – [Russell] It could be worse. It’s only 120 people, not 6,500. Excited, buddy? What’s up, buddy, how ya doing? – Good. (upbeat music) –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club

When you have a luau, you have to have a pig and it’s the most exciting part of the entire night because you got a pig on a spit! (upbeat music) We want to say a massive thank you to our whole Click Funnels family here in Boise area and all of everyone who traveled in, we are so appreciative for each one of you guys who help us in our company but most of all for your families who support you guys and support us. Huge applause for your families. We appreciate that so much. – [Russell] Thank you everyone. (upbeat music) (crowd cheers) – Today is Aiden’s birthday. We’re so excited.

His favorite TV show is the Flash so we’ve got Flash balloons, a Flash cake, pinatas. We’re starting this morning with breakfast in bed for little man. – Add a little bit of yellow for Flash feel. – Oh yeah, sticking to the theme at all costs. Here we go, time to say happy birthday.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club: Alright, you ready? – Yeah, gonna sing happy birthday to dude, get up dude. – Surprise party. (singing Happy Birthday) Look at this, you got breakfast in bed for Aiden. – Happy birthday! – [Russell] First present of all the many presents today. What is that Flash color? Look at the red bag and yellow… – Yay, you got me the shirt. Two Flash shirts and Kit Kats. – [Russell] You like Kit Kats? – Yeah. – [Russell] Are they your favorite? – Yeah, also Twix, but Kit Kats are my first. – [Russell] How old are you today, buddy? – Eight. – [Russell] Eight years old? – [Mrs. Brunson] It’s great to be eight. (upbeat music) ClickFunnels™ Comma Club


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Bold, Loud, and Disruptive! ClickFunnels™ 2018 Year in Review | FHTV Ep 116

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