10X Growth Con Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar Presentation

10X Growth Con  Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar Presentation

At Grant Cardones 10x Growth Con 2018 event Russel Brunson sold over 3 million dollars in 90 minutes. Here is the full livestream

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After the presentation make sure you watch this video were Russell Breaks down everything he did and how he prepared and executed his plan to close 3 million dollars in 90 minutes!


ten years this man has built a following of entrepreneurs in the millions he sold hundreds of thousands of his books popularized the concept sales funnels he’s co-founded the software company ClickFunnels™ that has gone to over a hundred and million and 55,000 customers in just three years he is the king of funnels the Internet’s favorite entrepreneur affiliate marketing genius container of experts secrets he is an American storyteller ladies and gentlemen bring to the stage with a thunderous 10x applause mr. Barratt so Brad says [Music] thank you very much this is amazing first off I want to thank grant and this entire team for allowing me to be here and share my message with all of you guys this is insanely cool how many guys were at TEDx last year all right after that event they called me on the phone that hey listen hey Russell we’re gonna do an event next year we’re talking 9,000 people in the arena do you want to come I was like I don’t think that’s possible and he’s like we’re gonna do it I’m like alright we’ll see and here we are today this is in the coolest thing in the world now I’m gonna talk about some really fun exciting things I’m going to show you guys how to instantly outspend your competitors and ethnically steel all potential customers in your market which is gonna be pretty exciting right but first I wanted something really fun can everybody grab your phone and pull outside of your pocket when y’all grab your phone and I want you to turn on the flashlight and hold up above your head as we do this we’re gonna dim the lights here in the room let’s dim the lights down all right you guys look out over the how cool is that now I want to do is I want you to look around see all these different lights out here every one of these lights to me represents an entrepreneur or salesperson and for me the only people in the world that are gonna change this world for the better or entrepreneurs and salespeople and so for me the reason why I’m here today the reason I wanted to do this because I know that for every single of those lights out there there’s somebody if I can help you to get your message your product your service out to more people that’s how the world’s gonna change and that’s we’re gonna be doing today and I’m so excited to be here all right with that said is how to instantly outspend your competitors and ethically still all potential customers in your market when I first run this headline someone said that’s kind of aggressive don’t you think I said not for the 10x crowd they’re gonna love this [Laughter] all right now may 6 1965 something amazing happened for decades and decades prior to that human beings believed that it was physically impossible to break the four-minute mile but on that day May 6 1965 Roger Bannister did it now what’s interesting is again decades centuries prior that nobody believed it was possible but as soon as Roger banner Bannister did it people thought it was possible in fact just 46 days later John Landy because he saw what Roger Bannister did he thought he can do it I can do it and just 46 days he did it and he broke the four-minute mile as well and since then dozens and dozens of people have done it but it wasn’t until one person did it that everyone else believed was possible August 17 2004 was the day the four-minute mile was broken for me at the time I was a young kid I just learned how this whole internet thing I was geeking out I was making about $1,000 a month and I thought I was the smartest guy in the world and on August 17th I was 24 years old the time this man John Riis yeah he set out to do something that nobody thought was possible he said I’m gonna make a million dollars in a day and he went out there and he put together the internet campaign and put it a really cool funnel together he launched it and in just 18 hours they passed the million dollar mark now me as the 24 year old kid is sitting there looking at this with my at goals and aspirations would make a thousand dollars a month online and I was like if John Reese if this guy who’s just like me just like you just like any of us can make a million dollars in a day I wonder if I can make a million dollars in a year first time it ever crossed my mind I don’t even know that’s possible but if John can do a million dollars in a day I think I could do a million dollars in the calendar year that was my goal and so I started on January 1st 2005 I said ok this is the year I’m gonna make it in a calendar year and I want all these different things and in 12 months I missed the goal I didn’t hit a million dollars in sales I got close but I didn’t hit it I was 2005-2006 I tried again the January 1st came in a million dollars next 12 months I launched bunch stuff again I didn’t make it again and then the next year it was a January 2007 I launched it and by October 16th I crossed the million dollar mark in a calendar year thank you because John did it I knew that I could do it now since then I’ve gone and had multiple minotaurs years and have million-dollar months and even million-dollar days but it wasn’t till I knew that John could do it that I could do it now for my community in fact how many photo hackers we have I hear in the audience right now my people I love it so my audience I was like when I believed when I start John Reese – and I had belief that I could do it it changed everything for me so I said I want to make something like this for my audience and so we created an award last year there’s about 10 years later after this we made a ward called the 2 comma Club award – comma means there’s two commas in your paycheck you made at least a million dollars inside of a funnel and we want we had the idea for this I thought maybe we have a dozen people inside of ClickFunnels™ say they’ve done I don’t know and I went and looked at a time we had 93 people 93 people a year ago came on my stage and got an award and said they’re into comma Club I mean they made over a million dollars in a funnel now since then at that event there was a whole room of other entrepreneurs and they were looking around they said that guy next to me made a million dollars this and all of a sudden became real for everybody and since then we’re making over there’s over one person every single day who’s become a millionaire inside of ClickFunnels™ she’s happening every single day boom boom it’s insane now the coolest thing is that that became the four-minute mile and I was like well what’s the next what’s the next four-minute mile for my audience and so this year a funnel hacking life those are going to be there we’re launching our – comma Club X which means you made at least ten million dollars inside of a funnel and the coolest thing is that right now we have 15 entrepreneurs who’ve won that award and what’s gonna happen and think you can clap for that’s pretty amazing my goal with this so everyone see that and say look a million dollars was a four mile I got it and I’m going for ten and number one for a hundred it’s pretty exciting now twelve months ago at this event there were a couple that were in the audience sitting back in the front area here and Alex and Leila hermos II know that the time when they were sitting here less than a year ago they were going through a horrible business time businesses were collapsing they’re shutting things down and wasn’t sure what to do after listen to my presentation they’re like we’re into a funnel we’re gonna go all-in and unfortunately we’re unable to make here today but I had Alex make me a quick like 30-second video of him in the airport today or yesterday for all of you guys to explain what happened since then what’s going on Groupon this is Alex last year same time I was sitting in the audience and right after that we launched our first funnel and it’s now been however many months since April and we crossed the figure marks so what Russell thing is for real it’s legit and you’re truly one funnel away that awesome give a round of applause [Applause] they didn’t hit a million dollar since April they hit ten million dollars they didn’t go and dabble they went all the way in now I want you guys understand this because the four-minute mile has been broke in for all of you guys the process of 10x your company next 12 months has been proven by hundreds and hundreds of hundreds preneur x’ just like you many of them are sitting right now in the audience next to you okay now the vehicle to do this my furnace belief the vehicle that you guys need to have to be able to 10x your companies in the next 12 months is the funnel and I’m gonna prove this to you over the next 90 minutes or so I honestly if there’s not a company in this room and I couldn’t take within one or two funnels 10 extra company next 12 months I don’t care if you’re a hundred thousand dollars a year or 100 million dollars here we could do it okay because of that I want to I want you guys all to leave that strongly as I do and after you believe that I want you guys make me commitment yes coold making a come in with me right now alright this is a commitment I’m gonna you guys to commit to me that as soon as you know that funnels are the key to 10x your company I want you guys all the way in okay yes okay with that okay because I don’t want any dabblers here and I know I gotta prove this to you but I’m gonna prove it to you beyond a shadow of doubt that funnels with the key to 10x your company X 12 months I know it I’ve done it I’ve seen over and over and over again we can do it every single one of you guys in here okay so what is going all-in mean okay these guys right here they did not go all-in they were dabbling okay these guys right here they went all-in okay that’s what I’m talking about okay this lady right here she’s not all-in she took off until the wedding these guys right here they’re all in this what I’m talking about okay this guy right here I kind of went all-in now he didn’t know this guy started going all-in this guy right here he’s all-in okay that is what we’re talking about so wants me to go all in Tony Roberts told me this he said if you want to take the island what was it 20 Robin said if you want to take the island alright that’s the plan you guys when you’re all in we’re gonna burn the boats we ran get you guys 10x in the next 12 months gonna be back here next year see I just got grants invite me next year and a bunch of you guys most of you guys if you follow this process I promise you will ten extra company X 12 months now at the very end of my presentation I’m gonna make you guys a very special offer and then this offer me give you guys everything you need to be able 10 X 4 company X 12 months okay now I’m also going something else I’m actually gonna ask you guys each to give me eleven thousand five hundred fifty-two dollars yeah I love sales people you guys like I’m in ok somebody’s looking 11 thick I’m gonna give Russell eleven thousand five hundred fifty two dollars and some you guys are freaking out and some of you guys like if we’re all 10x my company I’ll give him whatever he wants right okay and what is 10x for you each company’s different right Samia has 100 grand a year if I can’t end I should company us a million dollars next year which give me eleven thousand five hundred fifty dollars playing a few million bucks next year all right so you guys how many guys run a million out of million mark right now okay let me get four million I need a 10 million Alex Flinn that took us eight months to get him there okay it’s not worth eleven thousand five hundred fifty two bucks okay if you’re ten million I get you two hundred we just passed under million dollars my company earlier this year I know the process I know the path and we can do it through funnels okay so my question you guys would you give me 11550 dollars if I can guarantee that I’ll 10x your company X 12 months you guys good at that all right so here’s the commitment and he’s y’all default repeat with me Russell I commit that as soon as I know that funnels are the key to me 10x in my company I will go all in all right now I can show the good stuff with you guys now that you’re all in okay what do you understand you guys everyone you guys in this room you were literally one funnel away from 10x to your company okay the life you want the marriage you want the family want is gonna be fueled by the businesses we build okay the funnels are the key so those gentlemen know me my name is Russell Brunson I am a serial entrepreneur with an obsession of helping entrepreneurs around the world nothing gets me more excited than that I had a chance to work with some of the most amazing people the world I built funnels to people like Tony Robbins like Marcus lemonis from the profit how many you guys watch the TV show the Prophet yeah so uh last year they actually had me on the show and I had chance to build funnels for one of Marx’s companies and it was insanely cool so this is something that is kind of on the new side but man is starting to get more and more mainstream the more that I talk about this okay my entire goal is get everyone understand that sales funnels are the key to growing all of our companies okay so what is the sales funnel for those who don’t know let me start actually with what you probably do know most of us know what a traditional website is right okay I always call this the anti sells department we send people use traditional websites and what it’s like it’s kind of like having a sales person there and when somebody comes they hand them a brochure and then they step back and they hoping they pray that the cell gets hit the guy gets made now how many guys know if you had a salesperson who’s handing out brochures and then hiding you would fire them instantly yeah if for some reason we’re okay with our websites doing nothing right okay for all of us who are entrepreneurs who are spending our own money out of our own pockets to grow our companies we have to be smarter way to build something where we put a dollar in advertising in and instantly get $2 back out okay and that is what a sales funnel is a sales funnel is kind of like taking your very best sales person that you have cloning that person and making it so that every single person they come to your website they grab them they introduce themselves they find out what they’re interested in taking that to buy the actual product and service that they need to help grow and have more success okay that is what it sells funnel is a much better way to do it okay now after 10 years of doing this business you guys I’ve tried a whole bunch of crazy stuff I’m gonna break it all down very simple very easy and so you guys because we’re here today and you woke up this morning you get a sheet and get it the easy way how many does one of the easy way yeah all right so let me show you the hard way because funnel is used to be hard to find nobody ever did them for the first decade of my game because that was in this game because they were hard to do kid this was a sales but I’m not sure you guys been the scenes of this one this is one of my supplement companies that we sold last year okay now to build this funnel it doesn’t look that complicated right I took pictures and put them on my walk so I wanted to see what it all looks like it’s only what one two three four five six and eight eight pages yeah that’s probably pretty easy for it takes an hour to write no this is a way to go through to create this so step number one to create a funnel it’s really design the funnel like this strategy what’s it gonna be like what’s the upsells and the down cells and the price points two three that out right number two I’d write the copy the copies of the sales letter now our supplement was helping people diabetic neuropathy I didn’t know what that meant in fact I made a rule inside of my company I didn’t want anyone to explain to me with diabetic neuropathy was to have made at least a million dollars in the funnel so I know I do it we’re even selling Upton and we knew it worked and so I hired a copy writer to write the sales letter cost $20,000 for the sales letter then we had our designer to design the sales letter than a website designer put it online a programmer to hook the shopping carts and the autoresponders get it all working analytics person my upfront cost to build this woman funnel long was $29,000 okay now that’s come not too bad the worst thing you know is that I had already ordered the supplements they were sitting in a warehouse gathering dust for eight weeks that’s all it took us to build at two months for me builders funnel let me a chance to find launch it and it was it was awesome but that’s why most people have struggled in this business for so long my goal today is help free you as an entrepreneur and as a sales person to generate your own leads to make your own sales without being tied down by tech people okay and in fact I’m gonna build an entire funnel with you guys in under 10 minutes actually I did it this morning it takes about six so you can see how fast how easy this actually is can now people have figured this process out we call these people funnel hackers okay so that’s why all my move my funnel hackers against here alright so these are my funnel hackers now I want introduce all of you guys to become funnel hackers with me so last night my entire team spent two and a half hours here putting bags on your chairs with this thing right here the big thing it says warning don’t know Patel russell brunson presentation begins how many has already opened it come on now alright now is the time to open it oh he has open this up I’ve got some cool stuff in here to help induce induce you guys into our funnel hacker movement first thing there is a pape socket we’re gonna use these here in a minute pop socket you put on the back of your phone it pops it out and then you can hold your phone like this which is really good what we’re gonna do here in a few minutes there’s also there’s also stickers to put on your laptop and on your phone saying I build funnels you guys are all funnel builders now and what I want you to grab out there right now this is your note sheet I want you guys taking notes I get really excited I talked really really really fast everyone grab your note sheet you’re gonna pull it out and take notes on this as I go through my presentation today yep alright so with the note sheet imma dive right in here to secret number one this week take notes as I’m going through here okay so I’m gonna cover three secrets to funnel hacking secret number one do you guys understand this this will give you the ability to get unlimited leads for free for the rest of your life I’ll show you guys that whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer win this is the foundation of fundal – when you understand this everything else becomes really really really easy whoever could spend the most money to require customer wins number two or show you guys how to get these the best sales person on planet earth to close sales for your product 24 hours a day seven days a week and the best thing about the salesperson is they never complain they never ask for raise then never take a break now I am a salesperson it’s like most of you in this room and what I’ve noticed about most of us salespeople we’re kind of high maintenance we always want to get paid more we want better leads we want more stuff right okay the salesperson about to energy she has she doesn’t do any of that stuff and it works 24 hours a day seven days a week and the last thing I’ll show you is how to get all of the customers who are currently going to your competitors start coming to you instead and it’s me really fun so let’s dive right in so secret in one who ever could spend the most money to acquire a customer wins now this is the key to understand you guys I learned so when my first mentors Dan Kennedy said a business beats this competition by making the exact same prospect worth more to his business meant to that of his competitors whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins i’ma jump into the seasoned understand so I watched my company click funnels about three years ago when we did it it was me and a couple of dudes in an office that we were little tiny office and all we had was a vision of how to change the world that was it okay we had no money we had no venture back capital we had nothing like that we just had a dream and a vision okay now as we were developing this companies less literally whiteboarding ClickFunnels™ on the wall and these guys coding it while I was just getting excited cuz I don’t know how to code I’m just excited all the time and they were working on it at the time where Ike well who’s our competitors who were competing against and we found these are our two competitors first competitor got 38 million dollars in funding and second we got 127 million dollars in funding and I’m like alright well that’s what I’m going up against I literally have a visa with a thousand dollar limit on it and a dream and a vision how am I gonna win okay all these guys can completely out spend me yet we were able to take quick from zero to over a hundred million dollars in sales in just three years demolishing both of those two competitors without taking on a penny of outside capital thank you thank you now since we’ve started doing this we have a whole bunch of venture capitalists who keep coming like Russell can we give you money I’m like no why would I take your money like I don’t I want my customers to give me money that’s the way business should happen and they keep trying to give us money and finally one day I was just curious I’m like what do you make up talking about valuations Michael I’m gonna see what they think we’re actually worth I had no idea like this is a whole world that’s beyond me I just want to sell stuff and so we went to lunch one day zoo VCS and they start asking me all these questions and he said ok how do you like how much does it cost to acquire customer that’s like that’s question number one right if you guys watch Shark Tank I was asked like what’s the cost to acquire customer I was like well when we drive as we buy a bunch of ads and we drive them to ClickFunnels™ calm it cost us about $120 to get a free trial and the guy was like like licking his chops he’s like ok so if we gave you 50 million dollars and funding equals X amount of customers and to do all the the math in his head and I was like whoa slow down slow down I said we actually turned those ads off said what why would you turn those hats off like you’re crying customers $110 a person that’s awesome I was like because I have to pay for the like I have to pull my wallet out and pay for every one of those customers right I can’t fold 120 grand 120 hours for everything every free customer signs up he’s like so what do you do I said well I didn’t want to be broke so we had to do things different we had to think smarter about things so I said this is how we do it we run ads and I don’t sell ClickFunnels™ up front instead what I do is I sell I Drive people to a sales funnel now I’ve got a whole bunch of cells from about five or six sales funnels we use right now we drive people through and we sell different things how many guys have got have purchased one of my books all right he hasn’t been through the funnel then okay on average right now cost about $20 in ads to sell one copy of my book now he has no idea might wait give him a give away my book for free plus shipping but cool thing is that when someone come buys they go through this funnel so it means there’s an upsell there’s a down slap so the audiobook episode training program bunch things like that so right now on average they spend $20 on ads to sell a book and I make about $40 so what just happens is that I get $20 cash net profit into my pocket and I get a customer and then I tell the customer hey there’s really cool software called ClickFunnels™ you should try it and they try it for free and it doesn’t know he’s not costing me $120 get a customer I got paid $20 before I even told that customer about what I’m trying to sell them here’s getting this so the VC didn’t I explain it once I spent a second time he said wait wait I don’t understand so people pay you to become a lead and then they read your book and they’re completely indoctrinating in your belief system and then they signup and doesn’t cost you anything Mike yesterday awesome and he’s like yeah three or four times a finite member last time he said if what you’re saying is true this will change business as we know it forever said yeah that’s my mission that’s what I’m trying to tell people he’s understand this one funnel who’s worth more to me than 127 million dollars in funding we blew past both of these companies in less than three years that’s the Power Cells funnels all right thank you so this is it a secret you guys when you have a funnel that’s create the right way you can instantly outspend your competitors and ethically still all potential customers in your market even with these my competitors dumping as much cash as they can my ads are still burying them they’re everywhere how many hasn’t seen my ads every single time you turn on anything hey tonight when you go to your hotel room turn on TV we bought all the ads on TV as well everyone who’s in the room block here you will see my ads all over TV as well we can now spend everybody okay that’s the key so a question for all of you guys lots of different business types in there’s nine thousand people you all have differences the question we get from oh she hasn’t what kind of funnel should I use it depends on the kind of business you out so I kind of went through and we segmented before I came here you figure out all the different markets you guys are in we broke it down about ten okay first one are people that have either run an agency of their freelancer how many guys that fit your who you are there we go number two people selling information products number three see people selling ecommerce products number four people doing coaching or consulting number five people that are network marketing number six local businesses doing anything with chiropractic dental you know that a lot of be business-to-business people just looking for leads to generate we’ve got a whole bunch of people who are bloggers or affiliate marketers we got nonprofits and then we got bunch of people are just getting started that’s custom for all you guys that cover everybody hopefully there’s no one I missed right so I want you to stand that yours number the commercial from back in the 90s when the iPhone first came out and there right there’s an app for that oh you need this there’s net for that okay just like there’s an app for that I promise you there’s a funnel for that whatever business you’re and there’s a funnel for that okay so the question that is how do you know what type of funnel to bill okay and we do that we figure out what that is through a fun simple process that we call funnel hacking that’s where you guys I’ll get your new nickname okay let me explain how funnel hacking works I learned the first parts I learned from Tony Robbins 20 Robbins told me said if you want to achieve success you know all you need to do is find a way to model those who’ve already succeeded right now I started thinking back in my career things I’ve been good at and I was a wrestler growing up how many wrestlers would have in the room yeah anyone on a wrestle I would much rather do that right now up here all right let’s go okay Todd’s wrestler and my first custard I was not only not good I was bad my first year I got beat almost every single time remember the end of season my dad took me to the state tournament and the state tournament when the guys on my high school team won the state title he was a three-time state champ my dad videotaped what he did and we watched it and that whole summer we would watch the video of this guy and my dad or teach me the moves that he was doing so all summer long I practiced and practiced and I practiced I found someone was good I modeled them in a very short period time I went from being a really bad wrestler to being a state champ to going to high school nationals taking second place in the country becoming an all-american eventually going to college being with top 10 wrestlers in the country okay not because thank you now because I was amazing wrestler because I found people were super successful I modeled what worked when I started business was the same thing I went to college I went to college to wrestle people asked my degree and I was like mic degrees in wrestling I didn’t even know the classes were there I barely graduated and towards the end of it I started learning how this internet thing I think business class then take entrepreneur class I think any I just knew that I want to make some money I jumped online I started seeing people are successful I mean man these people are geniuses I don’t know how to do what they do but I can see what they’re doing I’m just gonna model them I started modeling what they were doing and within a year of graduating from college I made over a million dollars online okay the same thing is true in sales phones you guys don’t have to be sales funnel geniuses you don’t take geek out like I do every single day or you just look around and find someone in your industry or in a similar industries having success and then we model them okay every time I share this like it’s somebody’s like well that’s cool Russell but I got a better way to do it I got a different thing I can do instead and I would smile as people I say you can always tell who the pioneers are because they’ve got arrows in their back and they’re lying down face face down in the dirt ken in this industry you don’t want to be a pioneer you don’t want to go try things first time I ever got this I was actually an event and there’s a guy on stage names Porter Stansberry important worked for a company called Agora publishing em you guys know about Agora they do over one point five billion dollars a year selling financial newsletters biggest financial newsletter company the world okay he says and porters up there on stage she ran a division called Stansbury research which was the biggest division of the time and he’s going through all his numbers and metrics he’s showing his sales funnels I’m like a little kid in the back like I can’t believe he’s telling me this stuff I was freaking out right taking notes and everything he’s talking two million miles a minute and all sudden he stopped he said you know what’s interesting he said every single year there’s people who see what we’re doing here to go or publishing and they want to cut they want to compete against us he said the first thing didn’t come out and they tried to beat us on pricing so they come and they sell the product for cheaper it’s like we know from decades of doing this that you cannot make those numbers work the metric system work he says so then they figure that out of inch and then try something different try three or four things eventually they go bankrupt they lose their business okay the biggest thing that killed entrepreneurs is it not that they don’t have vision they do have vision but usually either run in our time or money before they have that ability to execute on the vision okay and Porter said at this time said if you want to compete with the Gore publishing you can’t try to compete with us you said you got to copy us and that’s when the light bulb went off my head I thought man it Gore’s got hundreds of full time copier eyes writing copy to split testing things if I want to go and try all those things I don’t have the money out of the budget to do that but I can go and look at like all the the pioneers that had all the arrows in the back and move me like it were they today oh they’re right here oh that’s what’s working today I should just model that that’s what we do okay that’s the way of success is so quickly is by finding people who’ve already succeeded and we model again all right so step number one this funnel hacking process is to find somebody to funnel hack so we don’t watch our supplement company against my first supplement company and we were selling to people had diabetic neuropathy and I was doing some research like well who else out there is having success it’s gotta be somebody we found this little website right here and we’re going to and looking at I was like this is probably the ugliest website I think I’ve ever seen in my life it’s all purple and black and weird but I did some research and some some Intel and I found out about at the time that they were making about a hundred thousand dollars a month selling this supplement I was like okay cool they know what they’re doing but I’m a marketing guy so I’m gonna do it better because I know a better way to do it and then I was like wait a minute maybe they have some arrows on their back like I don’t know what people with diabetic neuropathy like maybe they know something I don’t know so instead of trying to be creative and do my own thing I said look I’m gonna model his works so I went out my very first version of our sales page it looks very similar like and one thing one stress is that notice that I said model we didn’t copy okay I modeled the look the field the layout the price point eight a big boom left-hand-side Idol logo did a phone number a hands on iphone red cells Leonard the pictures of all I had modeled to look the feel the layers closest I couldn’t copy anything but I’m all the structure and we launched this in a very short period time this little website started making us about $20,000 a month okay which is cool and I was like oh there’s gotta be something else they’re doing that I missing it what is it how are they having some success and so I did what every good entrepreneur has to become good at doing I pulled my wallet out of my pocket pull my credit card out and I bought their product like what I do behind the scenes that I’m missing now unfortunately for me and also for them they didn’t have much on the back end it just kind of ended I was like ah there’s gotta be somebody who knows what they’re doing in this industry so when outside I started looking for other companies eventually I found a supplement company and I met the owner and they were doing about thirty million dollars a month selling their supplement I’m like okay this guy knows what he’s doing when to the website look different it looked like this there was this video and add the Cart button I’m like it’s kind of weird I clicked on the button it took me to an order form like this on the order form remember they offered one three or four bottles I was like that’s weird I’ve never seen something like that and then I was like okay I gotta see what else they’re doing behind the scenes so I did what every good entrepreneur has to become good of doing pull my credit card out of my wallet and I bought the product now it’s crazy I went to the next page the next page he ups told me six more bottles of the exact same thing I just purchased and we’re looking at thinking just can’t think I’m a drug addict just ten bottles of this stuff like I don’t know how to do that and it first I was like this guy’s crazy I’m a marketing guy know better how did a better way to do this then and then luckily for me I took my pride hung up on the shelf I said maybe they’ve got some arrows on her back maybe they know something I don’t know so I’m just gonna just go through the process and is herb observe so I went through and this was their funnel those five pages you guys making them five give me three million dollars a month so then I looked at that I said okay now I know what I need a crepe now I have my business model my business plan and so I took I’m going in front of a white board I’m a big white boarding guy like most of us and I whiteboard out okay this run you crate gonna be successful in this market it’s funny people always company with like their business plans in like 85 pages I’m like can you just doodle it on a napkin like this because that’s the business model for me that’s the business plan so there’s my business plan then logins click funnels we build all the pages so I modeled the look in the film layout I didn’t copy anything you’ll notice but I’ve modeled the look that will fill the layout the price points the structure so this is the first page of mine then I’m an order form with one three and four bottles just like they had and I had enough with six more bottles the exact same thing and that to other products and so the process looked very very similar okay now what’s cool is after we finish this page built this funnel out then we launched it and this little funnel making $20,000 a month to almost twenty thousand dollars a day you guys getting this I get is insane how easy it is people like me people like there’s there’s people out that are already doing this you’ll have to reinvent the will so if I was working and then we model it okay and the coolest thing about this for me is my total investment to get over a million dollars with the funnel axe from all these people seeing exactly what they’re doing was under a hundred bucks I said to be willing to pull my wallet alright I credit card on my wallet and buy the product see what happen okay I want sure do you really quick video this is where my friends drew canole and his partner Jamel they own a company called organifi and after I launch myself but they were about to launch a new one like what do we do how do we do and I was like you should just copy me and so this isn’t really quick like 30-second video of him explaining what they did to watch organifi checkouts video so real quick backstory I had a chance to go out and spend a little while with these guys in their company and they were about to launch a new supplement and and then I Hey look at our funnel which we do and I was like just copy mine works really good I love for you kind of talk about what happened when you guys did your funnel and then some of the results have happened since then yeah I’d like to reimpose his point about just cloning and copying and modeling what works so we are a digital product company we have information products coaching products and when we were doing about a million a year and I managed all the sales funnels in sales optimization and we were gonna come out with a physical product line and we were like you know who’s done this before who’s been really successful we reached out to Russell he helped us model exactly nurse’ll actually it’s funny because I’m looking at well you might a little bit and I had the exact same reaction the first upsell that we have in place is more of the same thing that they just bought and we were like that doesn’t make any sense so we sold them a bottle of our new product called organifi our first one-time offer was three more bottles after they already bought that and the take rate was like twenty or thirty percent then we thought you know a Russell actually mentioned you know we should implement subscription on everything so we had three options we modeled exactly Russell’s first sales page one bottle three bottles for bottles model dis pricing 47 129 149 exactly the same sorry for stealing everything but you know it works yeah and then once we implemented all the pieces we in actually like a week which is crazy we matched his results we’re doing am I allowed to say the numbers right yeah here yeah who wants yours numbers yeah oh here’s numbers is here for the first day that we opened up the gates we did 12,000 in sales the second day we did 34,000 the third day we did 36,000 and and that was just you know opening the gates in every single day after that we’ve done around 15 to 20,000 because of the way that the funnels are structured so it’s uh it’s really exciting and I we owe a lot to Russell I mean he came out he helped us with our funnels he he broke down everything we’re doing wrong everything and right and showed exactly what they did and we just copied it and it works South awesome game around to applaud alright now it was cool is this happened a while ago so fast forward so year he said that before they launched this funnel their million dollars a year it was crazy year number one after he launched his funnel unfortunately we didn’t 10x their business we 20x today 20 million dollars not funnel year one and it’s grown since then so you guys are one funnel away from the next year company I promise you that every single one you guys like it’s just deer that close so who do funnels work for again they work for all of the different business we talked about agencies freelancers info products ecommerce coaching consulting network marketing local business with b2b lead generation blogging and Philly’s nonprofits if you’re skinny started this is the way to start okay let me go through some of you guys are like I don’t see how this works for me somebody has an example so if you run an agency or your freelancer this is an example of something one of our friends they live in the Philippines and I have a lot of Filipinos work to be doing different projects and the average Filipino they’re like what they make per month is a couple hundred dollars okay the lady that runs the site she is a almost the point where she’s about to pass a hundred thousand dollars in sales getting people for her agency through this thing she’s one of the richest people there now right okay all by using a very simple thing we were generating leads then the video sells them and they can assign for her agency okay if you’re selling it for me how many has higher selling information products of any sort okay if you’re selling formation products this is remain full product funnels okay this is where I sell my books we have sell our audio books courses things like that okay this funnel um in the last like eight months it’s sold over a hundred thousand copies of my book and drove thousands of thousands of thousands of people into click funnels okay so if you’re selling information products you should funnel hack this funnel this is the process having yet to sell physical products ecommerce related stuff okay this is a one of a tray Llewellyn’s one of our members he had a couple Shopify store selling bunch stuff and one of his Shopify stores was selling flashlights and it was one of his duds it wasn’t working and he was moving offices they had a whole bunch like a whole closet full of these flashlights he told him those guys like just throwing up on click like build a funnel just launch it see what happens he took this through DuPont click funnels shifted from like an e-commerce store sent storefront like by the flashlight upsell battery packs upsell warranties things like that this funnel did twenty million dollars in the first six weeks after it launched that crazy right now he’s got the record for the fastest biggest funnel inside of click funnels and was all selling flashlights okay how many guys are selling coaching or consulting of any matter life coach business coach finance coach things like that okay this is my coaching funnel this coaching funnel it cost me on average dinner he lead about thirty to forty dollars to generate a lead and I and then on the back end and make about fifteen hundred hours for everyone’s leads that happen okay this little funnel is a side business I have on the side I’ve got one sales person who calls those application leads okay and does over two and a half million dollars a year just on the side through a coaching funnel so if you have if you’re a coach or a consultant or attorney or any kind of leads that are gonna become pre-qualified you should funnel hack and model this style of funnel that’s how it works okay I mean as their network marketing all right my network marketers back this is I didn’t tell him the Steven Lars is actually out in the audience here somewhere there he is right there so Steven is network marketer okay he doesn’t talk to friends and family okay he still has friends and family now it’s pretty awesome because he drives people through network marketing funnel he gets people to come this page he pre-sales him why he’s amazing then they found an application before even tells him what is what is he selling he build a relationship with them and then on the third page he tells me oh by the way this is what we sell and people just sign up because they have a relationship with him he takes him through a funnel to build a relationship before he signs people up case powerful how many guys run local type businesses you can have gyms car dealerships dentist chiropractic okay yeah a lot of you guys this is one of the easiest ones in the world we’ve got I could show you man probably forty or fifty chiropractors probably four or five hundred gym owners who are building simple funnels like this that are blowing up gyms like crazy blowing up the chiropractor place like it’s very very simple and very easy to do in local markets so you almost easier there than anywhere else okay how many I was looking just for more leisure in the b2b you just want more leads coming into the door this is really powerful a b2b lead funnel that’s really awesome as well if you’re blogging this one my friend she’s a blogger and she’s like well I’m a blogger I make money doing that kinda stuff how would funnels work I’m like well build a funnel selling something else so now she guys all deal from the blog into her funnels she launched his first funnel during Christmastime to like twenty or thirty thousand dollars in the first weekend again and then anyone who’s doing non profit this is our first non profit who hit the two comma Club he’s got like eight different funnels he’s driving people in and he is he runs he’s Christian nonprofit camps for kids and he is crushing he’s out for five diesel nonprofit funnels he’s driving people through again and if you any of you guys does anyone here in the audience run trips we take people to go hunt for Bigfoot nobody this dude literally does that he’s got a click funnels page he’s right and I thought this was a joke I thought it was told like like a spoof thing but because I’m include I can like look down and see what people are actually doing he did eighteen thousand dollars in last few months selling trips to go hump Bigfoot with him I don’t care what you guys are selling I promise you there’s a funnel for you that we can take implement your business and blow it up okay all right so where do you find a good funnel and how do you know the funnels are actually making money you don’t want to funnel hack someone who’s broke right run a funnel hack the winner so this is right be number one I go to a website called Clickbank calm Clickbank is amazing because they have over a hundred thousand successful sales funnels okay everything from fitness to finance to business to everything in fact there’s even this one right here this is a funnel of teach people how to build chicken coops which I thought this again was a joke and I contacted the dude and he showed me his numbers they are killing at TCBY both chicken coops so I don’t care if you’re selling anything from cars to business to weight loss to chicken coops there’s a funnel and Clickbank you can you can model and you got to click playing the very top there’s button says marketplace you click on the marketplace and then it takes you to page right here the cool thing about marketplaces that categorizes things based on industry so over here on left hand side you say look I’m an investing business finance gardening like whatever you want you click on the category and then it when it does an archive or then it shows you on the page all the funnels that are in there but it categorized the based on which funnels making the most today okay so if you like I’m in finance what’s this boom boom that fast I’m like these are the funnels are making the most money right now okay it’s right now this when I did health and fitness and I went to the top of health and fitness and number one there is a website called Venus factor okay so then I go to Venus factor comm whatever the number one is for you and this is where I have to do it all good entrepreneurs half become good at doing I put my wallet out of my pocket and I buy their product case my photo fat I funnel hack to Venus factor and it’s these four pages actually one step back for one second when I found Venus factor Clickbank is actually in Boise as well Clickbank and click funnels are both in Boise I don’t know why it’s kind of fun though find a chance to go out to dinner or to lunch with the owner and the CEO of Clickbank and I’m always curious and I asked him at lunch I was like hey I have a question for you venous factors number one right now in the marketplace and like what like how much money are they making he tell me he was like I can’t tell you that you know that I’m like I know but let’s just say you were to tell me and like if I just guessed you give me like not and there’s somebody that he’s like I can’t tell you man like that so I can’t do it I’m like okay well um I had a friend that was number one and weight in weight loss in the space about a year and half earlier ice okay so and so was there and when he was done one spot there in about fifty thousand dollars a day which I thought was insane and I asked my said I said they close to that is the more than that less than I just give me a ballpark he smile he said they’re doing more than double that what hundred thousand dollars a day these factors making Ken so then I come over here again I final hack the product and that’s it one two three four those four pages are making them a hundred thousand dollars a day was that worth my thirty seven dollar investment to buy their product if I’m the weight loss industry heck yeah but even if I’m not let’s say I’m selling any other kind of information products in the world it’s like this is valuable information right I can find out what they’re selling how their son what the price points are working right now I can see everything okay so step three is I buy their product I funnel Hackett said number four now I go in from the whiteboard I sketch it out page number one’s looking like this this will the price point is nice page two page 3 page 4 now I know what I need to create now I got a business my now I can go and actually do something I’m not just guessing and hoping and hoping it’s gonna be good right so that’s funnel hacking you guys that’s how we f eclis still over a million dollars with the final act smart competitors for under $100 all right now move on to seek number two I wanna show you guys how to get the best salesperson on planet earth to close sales for your product 24 hours a day 7 days a week without ever complaining asking for raise or taking a break before I get into this I’m curious I’m in a group a group room right now 9,000 salespeople how many just think you’re the best salesperson in this room right now raise your hand all you think you’re the best all right let’s see it one more time how do you guys think you are the best salesperson its entire right now that’s good he’s got big egos congratulations no it’s important again so I told you before a set having a cell phone it’s kinda like cloning the top salesperson in your organization and letting close sells for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week Ken why you understand that the best salesperson inside of your company is probably you right I’m the best salesperson on planet Earth to sell ClickFunnels™ there’s nobody that believes in more than AI there’s nobody who can sell it better than I do so guess what I’m the one who goes I sell it all day long every single makes I’m obsessed with that I love it ok we’re meeting with Tai Lopez actually zoom here tonight we’re meeting his house in today and one of his partners are their entire and his partner said so how many salespeople do you have it ClickFunnels™ I smiled and I can’t wait do you think he’s like well I know all these other companies that you’re competing against you must have sells floors 100-plus people or more I spy on it’s like we got one they give one salesperson hundred million dollars in sales I’m pretty good right I think I’m the best anyway that’s the key you guys okay I went from having a 60 full time sales people in an office replacing them with one sales funnel and then I you do my pitch I make sure my pitch is perfect I can test it I can tweak it and then after I have it perfect and it works I don’t touch it again the nice thing about is when my funnel works when the sales process in place if I wake on the day in the bad mood doesn’t matter I still close the exact same percentage rate if I’m tired that day if I’m sick I’m going to vacation if I don’t take a year off it doesn’t matter I keeps on closing every single day okay and now I’m to kind of illustrate this when I launch my very first book the dot-com secrets book after launch I had was really successful and then a little like a we can see later Tony Robbins called me up on the phone which is like the coolest thing in the world right it’s only have like three times in my life and it’s insane so this is actually a picture they took of me when Tony called me on the phone because I’m like like freaking out trying back yeah what’s up Tony that’s my man you know I totally geek it out and he’s like you know Tony watch Russell so I saw your book launched it’s doing really good in alright yeah that’s pretty cool isaw man he’s like I’m about to launch my book you have any pointers for me I’m like oh yeah tons and so this is my book I launched this was the money master book he was coming out with so I hadn’t come out yet he was about to and I was like yes I was told about my sells funnel you sell the books I walked in the whole process he’s like this is awesome Russell is I can you build one for me and I was like yeah he’s like okay what like okay go build me a funnel and be awesome Michael this is the thing Tony I need one thing from you this is how you gonna hang out Tony for a day I was like I need one thing that’s really important I’m like who do you think the best salesperson is on planet earth to sell your book Tony he’s like well me of course I’m like of course you are I was like I just need to capture you on video selling your book if I can do that I can build the funnel out and that’s all I need and and I said I need a day with your time and he said no okay I need six hours times like no I’m he’s like how much time do I have is like I’ll give you an hour I’m like okay so we actually he was in Vegas to an event and we went to this is actually pictures of attacks happening so we rented a hotel room he got it all set up and he’s like yeah an hour so he came in here we grabbed Tony we took him back to the back room he set the lights on the camera everything I said okay Tony here’s your book you’re the best salesperson on planard selves book sell me the book quick record Allisyn Tony did what he does best and he explained why his book is the greatest book in the world why he should buy it now okay that’s the first step in final next thing we’re gonna have sell something else I’m like make if you like sell me tell me why this is the best thing the rule and ten Tony’s soul bat and went through the entire funnel so we did it with here we had page number one was Tony selling the book page number two then was Tony up selling his ultimate edge program and the number three was turning up some lovely relations program okay so recorded those three videos and I said okay Tony you’re out of here he took off and left and I was like okay now I’ve got the video of the best salesperson I’m planning on selling his product Matt’s got plugged in the funnel and now for it from now for the rest of time that’ll sell his book for him over and over and over and over and over again and however salmon so it took okay for you guys are amazing sales people it’s like an hour like an hour away and having something it’ll replace you so you can just sell all day all along without yourself there again and once you get something important this people has asked me Russell what do I say on the video I know how to sell face to face like icon selling some on the phone is easy but when I’m standing from camera like what do i what do I say how do I say it right so it’s really easy this is the script it’s called – who what why how script this is why I gave you guys this um these pop sockets when you put the pop sock on your phone you pull it out okay most of my videos today are all done on my phone I pop out POC sock I can hold it like this okay this is how it works and I turn on the camera and now I can sell everything by answering those four questions number one who are you number two what do you have for your person who’s watching this video number three why do they need it and number four how can they get it easy to script in the world and it’s magic it works so good so I take my phone out I clicked record said hey my name’s Russell Brunson I’m here today at the 10x Event I’m surely very excited what do I have I’ve got a really cool book I want you guys all the by it’s called expert secrets why didn’t it you need this book cause if you got a message you got a voice you want to share your message more people you need this book how do you get it fill up the form on the side let me know where to ship your book put your credit card in will ship one out to you boom that’s it that’s the video okay now I can do this in every one of you guys business can’t let’s pretend let’s pretend you guys are running a car dealership and yourself how many card the car sells through the living room if you all right imagine this check out this video again hey my name’s Russell Brunson now the car lot right now check out this car is it amazing or what okay I’ve got this cars for sale normally it’s whatever buy got huge discount happening for the next 48 hours on this thing why do you want this car this car is amazing Scott the fastest this is the best system it’s like awesome again we got some dudes coming in for now he wants to buy it but if he gets told before then it could be yours how do you guys come out and on so bought right now how do you get it fill out the form down below I will give you a call tell you why this is the best car on planet Earth boom so you’re done that easy have you guys looking for leads for your company but most of these they buy leads they start cold calling leads all day long that’s kind of cool and like you get the badge of honor of like I did that which doesn’t have leads the people who I think you’re amazing and then they beg you to come and like take your their money can we call us a takeaway sell all my funnels our base off take away selling so I do this on my this hey Russell Brunson over the last three years I built a company from 0 to 100 million dollars it’s awesome if you’re looking to grow one of your company software copy whatever it is what I have I’ve got something really special for you we’ve got a really cool coaching program where actually take people like you through this product process now unfortunately for you I can’t take everybody I would love to thank everybody but I can’t and so what we do is we actually an application process if you fill out the application down below I will go through the application on some my team go through it and we’ll see if you’re good fit for us and second half of that will call you on the phone and see if if if we’re good fit for you because I don’t wanna work at you if you’re about and not want you to work with me for about so thought-form down below so my team uh give a call and that’s we got you right now boom that’s it that’s how we do our videos you guys hundred million dollars in the last three years with an iPhone me using who what why how I don’t care what you are selling this is the script you can use over and over and over again on your funnels okay when Tony did it was the same thing my name is Tony Robbins this is my decide this new book for you why do you need if you want to learn how to invest ba-ba-ba-ba-ba how do you get it click on the forum on below put your information in the upsell videos is exactly the same and Tony Robbins thanks for buying my book I hope you love it but Moomins same time thing ok who what why how hope you guys wrote that down this script will make you insane amounts of money and it’s fast as simple doesn’t be highly preusse literally yeah pop sock it out cuz your fingers in you’re on the phone that’s all you got to do yep alright now after I got the videos to sell the sing in my phone or whatever business you’re in now I’ve got to plug them in to a funnel ok so back in the day what we would do is we take these assets and then I have a meeting with my team and we have designers and programmers and webmasters and analytics people all sorts of stuff and it was a huge payment but I tell them all the stuff in the videos they’d go miss to the next two or three months building on a sales funnel ok and that’s how business was for me for the first 10 years of my career and took forever ok but I’m here today to talk to you is about a new way a better way through a tool that we’ve created called click funnels now obviously I’m kind of obsessed with click funnels and I don’t want you guys think I’m biased so I got a really quick video my show from one of my friends Garrett jy who actually transitioned all four of his companies over to click funnels and why hear his own words what he said and why he made the transition hello my name’s gear J white the master coach mentor and founder of wake up warrior Academy and I will tell you this right now we have tested with platforms we have tested everything I have attempted for the past six years to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message and it started with WordPress and then it went plugins and then optimized press and then we went to kajabi and then we went to leadpages and these are all wonderful know the owners of these guys fantastic the software tools were amazing when ClickFunnels™ came out I was like dude I cannot handle another software tool I don’t give a we’re just gonna manage our stuff between leadpages and kajabi and then my friends have just test it just try it out and I went to cook for most and no like every software increment over the last five years has been a not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace they’ve been incremental so like there’s been a move from kajabi to leadpages or from optimized press to kajabi and they were these segmented steps that had some light improvements that made it easier click funnels though came out of nowhere they took the marketplace by storm just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone it was it was not a linear move anymore it was a quantum move and improvement that’ll open up a gap to allow people just like you watching this people just like you and me who are not technically savvy we weren’t burning the matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads we are not engineers or computer science majors and we don’t understand that stuff inherently ClickFunnels™ gave you you might friend an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard trust me the days you want to just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window because you can’t figure out ClickFunnels™ has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap an opportunity which allows you just like the iPhone to not only look smarter but to feel smarter and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters which is getting your message about your product and your program service out to the marketplace spend all the time in suicide watch and haven’t checked yourself into a hospital and honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it so I’m not only fully endorsed ClickFunnels™ it’s the only software tool that we use when it comes to our funnels online across all four of my businesses we’re not going anywhere else love Russell love this event this event married up to that software tool you are a dumbass if you don’t come and that’s okay there’s plenty of dumbasses on the planet just don’t let it be you [Music] alright so wondered out with yes I want to build an entire funnel with you guys in about seven minutes she has game for that awesome I was a little worried the internet inside here was a little choppy so I did this in the hotel room today so I’m actually gonna build that you guys Tony Robbins funnel you let me build his funnel again live alright so check this out you doesn’t see how simple and easy click funnels is to use for everybody people like me who aren’t technical invite or most of guys in this room I’m guessing you’re very similar so this is how we built Tony Robbins funnel ok so here I am inside click funnels I’m so excited to show you guys exactly how it works how simple and easy it is for people like me and you to actually build our own sales funnels here inside of click funnels now for this example I’m actually gonna build out Tony Robbins sales funnel for his book money master the game now here on the left hand side I actually have YouTube open up so you can see basically I recorded these videos of Tony we upload them to YouTube so it’s nothing fancy we just took him up on YouTube and all four videos to upsell his book build him an edge love and relationship program and also his coaching program are now here inside of YouTube now over here on the right hand side this is actually inside of click funnels if you look here on left hand side these are each of the pages inside of Tony’s funnel this is the first page which is gonna be selling money match to the game this set is the upsell page selling the ultimate edge this is the second upsell page so the ultimate relationship and then this is the last page where we’re actually selling his high-end coaching program now if we have these out of order the nice thing about click phones you can grab it you can literally drag and drop and just move things around that fast and that fast and tire funnels update and all the internal linking will instantly work so you don’t have any tech people there’s no complication you just grab drag-and-drop move things around and that quick everything’s updated now for this example I’m just gonna come up here to the money the master of the game Paige we come down here to edit page I click on the button and it can take me inside the ClickFunnels™ editor this is the part I’m most excited to show you about because this is what makes ClickFunnels™ so powerful the fact that I don’t have to have a program or technical person to do this I can literally do this now I come up here in the first news I can edit the title so this is very simple free copy now what makes ClickFunnels™ differ than any other page editor in the world is that literally if I want to move something I can click on it I can drag and I can drop it and that fast it moves isn’t that awesome and not only can I move things around the second thing I do is every time I click us on there’s a little plus button if I click on that click photos opens a whole bunch of different elements I can put any I put in credit card forms I can put in Apple or Android pay I can put in new headlines images all sorts of different things right here I can put an audio players sign up forms countdown clocks icons dividers pricing tables social share like all these different elements you can literally add just by clicking on a button so right here for example I’m gonna add a progress bar I click on progress bar and that fast adds a progress bar here inside click funnels now if I want it if I don’t like it here I can go and I can drag and I can drop it I can move it over here if I want to edit I click right here on the little gear icon it gives me a bunch of cool things I can do to edit like for example I can change the color if I want I can move it I can change different themes I can make animated stripes if I want you can also come here and I can change the width let’s say I want to be at 30% or no I actually want to be 90% but just simple like anybody can do this you literally just pushing some buttons dragging and dropping moving things around next I’m gonna show you I can click right here I can add a countdown clock by one I scroll down to all the different elements find one that says countdown clock and that quick I can throw a countdown clock I just add this countdown clock but as you can see it’s kind of dark is blocks gonna click right here and click on themes there’s a whole bunch of different designs I can make for my countdown clocks I’m scroll down to one that I like to click a button and boom that fast we now have a countdown clock and again if I don’t like it here I can go and I can drag it I can move it over here if I want or if I decide I don’t like countdown clock I can delete that as well and that’s how simple it is to build anything you want here sighted click funnels now for this example I’m gonna come back here this is the video that we made with Tony be able to sell this product so imma come up here to the to the URL I’m gonna copy it click on the video I come over here I delete the video that’s already in I’m gonna just paste that video link right here and then the click on the Save button then when I do that check this out I’m gonna preview the page and when I do you were gonna see Tony Robbins selling Tony’s price Tony Robbins listen I’m here today to offer you a unique opportunity a matter isn’t that awesome that quick I have amazing page of Tony Robbins selling his actual product now if I come back here again if I want I can add a picture of the book if I click on the plus button right here I click on image which adds a little image here that I can click on the gear then I can upload an image and then go right here and I found a picture of Tony Robbins book cover I click on that right here it uploads the image almost instantly click on it here there you go now I got picture Tony’s book right there on the page and if I come down here let’s say in the temple I don’t like something I can move things around I can grab Carl Icahn I can move above Ray Dalio or if I said now I want Carl on the bottom I can drag-and-drop move things around but that’s simply yes and there’s no way to mess these pages up that’s the best part you don’t have a program or designer to move things are asking to do things you can come in here and just very quickly very easily make pages that are proven to convert then I can save the button right here if I want I can check out see what’s gonna look like when somebody’s on their phone and I can see this is what its gonna look like Mobley and if I want I can hide certain things let’s say on mobile I don’t want to show this picture right here I click on settings and click on desktop only and it disappears now on mobile and it only shows up on the stuff so it’s really simple to make this look exactly how you want to look on your phone as well as on the desktop ok now I’m going to exit this page here now the very first page here inside the funnel is done now how I wanna take me three or four minutes of literally dragging and dropping and copying and pasting that’s all it takes to make amazing pages here inside of ClickFunnels™ now the first page is done I’m gonna move on to the second page second page is the ultimate edge now this page what’s amazing is I’m gonna actually do what we call a one-click upsell so I’m an edit this page right here and the product people are buying are the ultimate edge I’m gonna come right here I’m actually click over here I’m gonna grab this second video this is a video of Tony upselling the ultimate edge I click right here I delete the old video I’m going to paste the new video in if I want I can go and click right here I can add an image of the actual product to make it look really really cool so I click on the image upload image upload the picture of the ultimate edge in a few seconds that’ll be uploaded to ClickFunnels™ and that quickly got the picture of the product now I want to actually have the video of Tony up top because he is such a good salesperson we’ll make sure it’s the first thing they see so I can literally just grab this I can drag and drop it wherever I want it to be the headlines kind of Bix if I want I can just shrink it down as well now I save the page I click on preview okay thanks a lot for taking the time fill this out and this book is on its way and there you go now there’s Tony talking to his book and pitching the ultimate edge upsell and it cools things and somebody comes they order this they said click on this upgrade my order now and because they put in their credit card back here on page number one they don’t have to put their credit card in again this what we call it one click up so I click on that button and instantly their credit card is charged and that is one of the secrets behind why funnels are so amazing now I’m not gonna go through and edit every single these pages with you you can see how simple how easy it is I just go click on this page I changed the text I move things around I copy and paste I just add my videos add my images and that fast these pages become your pages pages that are customized and designed to actually sell your products and your services and that’s how simple and how easy it is to use click funnels alright so my question for you guys how many guys here think that click funnels is amazing yeah we have simplified this process literally to unhandcuff entrepreneurs and sales people you can get your phone out record the video upload it to youtube pick the template drag it in copy and paste it within minutes your entire sales funnel is done ready to generate leads to sell your products and make a bunch more monies that sound good alright so the question I get a lot people is like well Russell is this gonna this gonna work for my business I don’t know click for my bit my business is different I get that every single time that we smile and I say well this only works for businesses that are trying to either generate leads or sells sell products so long straight generate leads or sell products flip phones and work for your business ken I’m gonna drop the mic on that question for forever all right mr. bone seat number three so last step is and how do we get the traffic in the leads and the people now to come to you and go through your funnels right secrets i’ma show you guys how to get the exact same customers who are currently going your competitor’s funnels start coming into your funnels instead okay and this is where it all becomes really really fun all right so I took it earlier about Venus factor right so I’m gonna go back to clickbank com this is Venus factor there’s number one spot right now now can you imagine how cool would be if I could just call it Venus factor make hey guys I know you’re incredibly rich hundred round today I’m doing the math like you probably your own planes everything my guess is you’re rich enough at this point would you mind telling me where you get all your traffic from cuz I kind of made something similar and I would love to get all of your leads to come to me instead what do you think the guy would say on the phone hang up right now unfortunately he’s not gonna tell you all the information but the good thing about the Internet is those websites that will they’ll tell you every single thing about what everybody’s doing there’s no way to hide it online okay so when my favorite sites the website called similar web Kampf yes I’ll write that down similar web com it’s a really cool website that will actually show you where people are getting their traffic from so I go to similar web comm I type in the website URL the the people aren’t funnel hacking so I type in Venus factor com I click on a search button and then boom it shows me all the data about what’s happening on that website okay so for Venus factor like star shows they’re getting between one and three million visitors a month right now Cain’s another funnel so people ask me how do they make 100 grand a day Russell Mike forgetting like three million people month on the website I sent that Harvey that many people and then what’s cool if you scroll down a little bit they have a section that says the top referring websites who’s referring them all the traffic and looking I’m like this is so interesting I look at the number one is live guru comm number two is natural news.com where throughs Newsmax calm they kind of go down from there and I’m looking at Mike I don’t know what life guru thumb is I’ve never seen that before and from that little green bar looks like I don’t like a third of their traffic’s coming from theirs to me a million people a month are coming from my Fuhrer calm I didn’t know what it was so I went to life grew calm and I came in as just blog and I’m so confused to blog about like finding love and being happy and losing weight and all the stuff I’m like that’s weird and looking around all sudden I see this banner out of the bottom it said five foods not to eat in the picture of a banana I was like huh so I clicked on it and guess where it took me Venus factor calm really cool then you go back to similar web and people scroll down a little further it’s talks about all this flavor ties there’s a big button that says show the ads I call us – show me the money button you click on that button and guess what it shows you all the ads that they have ever ran from the beginning of time till now now this is the free version of the site if you upgrading you pay for the paid version not only to show you all the ads that ran and say this Saturn fight two weeks I me never saw it again but this bad has been running for 728 days and it’s still alive right now and what do you know about NAB has been running for 728 days it’s still alive yeah you know one of two things either their venture back then there’s burning money they hate money and be number two or number three it’s actually working right so that’s kind of how it happens so if this happens I know right I know one of two things number one I know exactly where they’re advertising and I more – I know exactly what they’re saying to get people to click on the ad to come into the funnel okay now you’ve been paying attention so I’ve talked about so far if we have all this information where they’re advertisements saying what do you think we should do it was just coffee yet no we shouldn’t coffee shimano it works you’re close okay we’re gonna model the ads model where they’re how works K so for me the next step is going in my banner ads design so when I do that I’m gonna model the message I’m gonna model the design them in tomorrow the sizes the place I go to get my banner as designs website called $20 banners calm and it’s gonna show there’s always some insight here oh so how much the banner that’s cost there are you serious like it’s called twenty or better speak I don’t know what else to do for you people anyway so your $20 banner calm you show them the banner ads the people you’re trying to final hack say I need something similar I don’t want to copy but something similar so I went there 20-hour banners are showed on this and then boom for twenty bucks they made me an ad that looks very very similar and once again notes I didn’t copy anything right they had a pretty girl I have a pretty girl eight a purple headlight I had a purple headline that’s my own purple headline I instill it iced modeled the look and the feel in the layout because they proven for whatever reason on that website the people that are clicking they click on that so I’m not gonna try to reinvent the wheel I’m going to model it okay and then after had the banner I’d done then I go back to the exact same website that they’re buying ads on and I buy ads on as well how many I just had a little ha moment right there okay now there’s there’s a lot of ways to drive traffic into funnels and you should be doing all of them right now for me like most of the ways drive traffic they were complicated and hard and they take technical people right when I first got started with Google ads and I started I tried to do Google as it was so confusing I was trying stuff and I just it was weird okay and luckily Google him and slapped everyone like all thank heavens on to learn it the next thing was señor h1 tags and title tags and linking all sorts of stuff and Google came and slapped it like five or six times and caked everything out I was like oh thank heavens then face that came around face looks easier but it still like above my head John on my team who’s actually right down here he actually runs the Facebook cats cuz he’s smart to figure I can’t figure it out this strategy right here you guys this is something I can do all I do is like where are my competitors getting all their traffic from oh this website I call the Doodlebug hey man my competitors are all my ads on your site he’s like I know I’m like can I buy an ad as well he’s like yeah they don’t care they just want the money but how much does the cost she tells me that how much it cost I sent him some money I’ve emailed a picture of my banner ad and within 30 seconds my ad is being displayed on the very same website okay all of a sudden percentage of all that traffic was going to my competitor site starts coming into Maya now instead and if I’m gonna pay more guess what they’ll do they’ll kick him out okay that is the key you guys alright I have a question for you guys let’s say you follow this funnel hacking process right you found a funnel that works you add you model then you made your own version you didn’t copy be modeling made your own version then you found out where these guys are getting all their traffic from and then all you do is you go the exact same website they’re getting traffic um you model it do you think that they’re having success you can have success as well yeah okay and some of you guys are looking at this you’re looking like the stager and Venus factor right like they’re making $100,000 a day how many a scene you’re like I just don’t know if I could do that okay that’s scary right hundred grand a day I keep me I’m like I don’t know if I could do this that’s a lot but here say if you do this process right when we model works right and let’s say you totally screw it up and you only make ten percent of what Venus factor makes you only make an extra ten grand a day how many has an extra 10 grand a day be pretty awesome yeah so yeah it’s looking like 10 grand a rose last like what three and a half four million bucks a year like that’s still like I can get there but not yeah I’m gonna 10x but I know it makes a little nervous so my question let’s say you try this process and you totally totally screw it up you only get 10% of the 10% you only make an extra thousand bucks a day thirty thousand dollars a month and me as next to thirty thousand dollars month to radically transform your life right now it’s awesome huh how many you guys look in the same man I still know I’m not a techy guy Russell what if I totally totally totally screw it up Nili a 10% other 10% of the 10% you only make an extra hundred bucks a day three thousand dollars a month what would you use through the next two three grand a month that cover a car payment some student loans or to buy you a new car the car you really want okay I want you to understand you don’t have to get this perfect to be successful okay even if you mess it up you still have a funnel it’s gonna work for you Pam let me ask you has a question we’ve been going now for a little bit over an hour and it’s been so much fun but how many guys are feeling a little bit like this right now I’ve been told by a couple people I talk really fast no I remember the first time I spoke in the event I was so excited and I was nervous I was like like I normally do and some guy came out afterwards like roughly I was amazing I feel like I had a fire hose when I’m out for the last hour and I was like oh man sorry and then someone on my team sent me this picture I was like that’s what they feel like after they hear me speak and so I don’t want you guys to feel overwhelmed obviously covered a lot of stuff because I have an hour to share with you this entire process they can literally can and will 10x your business next 12 months okay but as we were putting this whole thing together I asked her and as I look I I don’t want to leave people here like there’s stuff you need you need to click funnels can you need stuff I’m like I create a really special offer where people get click funnels for free we give all the train everything they need together and he said you can do it on two you can offer based on two things that number one I need to ask their permission so he actually goes okay if I spent out 15 minutes sharing he has a special offer I create just specifically for this audience all right cool I was number one who’s number two thing you said Russ you spoke last year’s TEDx event you got a ten extra offers gonna be least ten times as good all right man I’ll do my best so here we go so we created a really special package insanity as everything you need to be successful because I know that a funnel is the key for guys 10x to your business next 12 months I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times I know for you guys it is the key okay so what we did we created a course called funnel hacks the way you can get when you guys invest in this final hacks train today a bunch of cool things the first thing to get your click funnels for free for the next 12 months I mean it’s not click phones for free for next 12 months yeah that means no monthly payments for next 12 months you can use it you can build a funnel build 100 little thousand funnels yes have it Kevin now what that means the inside of ClickFunnels™ look out you’re able to build all types of photos you can build opt-in funnels to build lists you have sales funnels you’ve got webinar funnels your auto webinar funnels product launch funnels membership find funds you have funnels generate leads the funnels to sell your products like as many funnels as you want okay that’s the exciting part the second part is it’s exciting is that when you get your click phones can’t you also can be ale to get rid of a lot of things fact our average click funnels member right now saves over $1,000 a month the second they start using it because all it does they can get rid of okay here’s some of the things you get rid of the second you start using click funnels you get rid of your landing page software your split testing software you get rid of your shopping cart you have your email autoresponders you can read your text message autoresponders you can automate a webinar software you get rear affiliate software you can cancel your member says I thought software you can get rid of Photoshop you can delete WordPress you can get rid your web site hosting you can fire your programmers fire your designers fire your webmasters and a whole bunch more yeah those programmers they just want to handcuff you you break it free I was saying out dream gracio see two hundred million dollars so in real estate training hangouts in two days ago he said went from having a tech team of eight people to zero programmers now because the ClickFunnels™ saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year okay I guess that quick phone should never cost you guys money you guys this should always be something that’s free okay I guess that the average person stays over a thousand dollars a month the second they start using it and somebody I sit here and say that quill Russell what if I don’t even click photos account I’ve already final hack Chris was awesome or you’re like I bought this last year Russell what do I do again it’s a couple things first off don’t stress that if you bought a last year it means to spend twelve months of your free thing is almost up okay normally in the past we do not let people have this offer again with another free year for today for you guys only we give that opportunity okay so if you get started again today will bump out your building for in another year so it means you guys have basically two years for free because you’re 10x member is that awesome cool a second levy already have a click phones account don’t stress out what we’re gonna do is means we’re gonna upgrade your account to the highest level and you get click funnels for free for the next 12 months okay so here’s where you get so far you’re gonna get a 12 month account click funnels toda value three thousand five hundred sixty four dollars second thinking we give you guys access to not just one training course but to those who bought last year got final hacks I’m gonna give you funnel axis shows you how to go deep and how to get inside people’s funnels figure out all this if I showed you how to find out what funnels are working how much money they’re making where you find these people I help you reverse engineer so you know exactly what to build and the second course would we’ve never offered this before it’s called funnel builder secrets this is what you give the person on your team is gonna be building funnels if you’re like I’m not techy I don’t know what to do give them this this gives them all the technical information all the training everything you to be able to build a funnel okay inside the 6-week funnel hacks masterclass we’re gonna go over a bunch of different things if I go opt-in funnel sales funnels webinar funnels all the way off Arliss product launch funnels membership sites and a whole bunch more but cool thing of this training is that the first part of it is for you guys as the entrepreneur as the salesperson I’m gonna talk about the strategy on what you’re doing while you’re doing it and the second half is a techie part so if you don’t wanna watch it you can bring your tech guy your tech gal they can watch it and they can go and build the funnels for you some guys Russell that’s cool but I don’t have a tech guy or tech out what should I do we don’t take our tech gal send one of your kids and I promise you I’ll make him the most profitable employee on your team I said that joking but Forbes Riley was here two nights ago I met for the first time right there and she came to me said Russell Brunson and she gave me a hug and she says you have changed my life I was like are you kidding me like you’re like real famous I’m like internet-famous you’re like a legit like famous person you said this is my daughter right here so she’s I think 15 or 16 years old she says she’s build funnels for me for Joe Theismann for a bunch of people it works I met twins that are 12 years old both of them have a click funnels count ball from go funnels okay it’s just so simple your kids could do it so if you don’t want to do it bring them have them be your funnel hackers have them though the funnels for you it works yep now I have some success stories people have gone through this we got tons I’m gonna share a couple really quick first one says Liz Benny Liz was just like you should sitting in a room kind of instance she had heard this me talking about all this crazy final things that she jumped all in she said with our new and she built the first funnel she said with our new funnel which is a webinar funnel this month we have 35 new clients and 900 I send dollars each now then from a perfects run tried to get 100 new clients this month alone it’s not awesome I’m not gonna math but 100 people 997 like that’s a lot of money right now um this to me I was looking at saying like 100 grand a month like I don’t know if I’m if I can do that but I promise you if you – Liz that four months ago before she her four months before she launched this she wouldn’t believed you either I had those conversations with her and she’s like I don’t as possible and then she did it now what’s exciting if she did hit that she had a thousand dollars a month and since then she’s hit our two comma Club screens because she did what hundred thousand times 10 million – comma Club she 10x it this is the process you guys how to do it yeah two people got it alright number two this is Mike Stan’s like no Mike was the greenest green newbie I think I’ve ever met ever I’m talking about these things he’s like I don’t know what I was talking about he’s like cocky really fast I don’t finals are I don’t think I knew what a website was he’s like I’m all and I don’t even care I’m in so jumped in and he went through the training said I’d never had an actual funnel before click funnels I fall in Russells instructions ton of my cell phone but my first ad and on my very first try sold eight people my front end and two people bought my $197 upsell that’s awesome right so you guys are like looking like he made 400 bucks Russell that’s a big of a deal right what kind of success stories that I want you to see what he said he said on my first try honey it’s been trying to get this internet thing figured out for a while Haines’s net more than a month or six months or a year or more would have been worth to you to be successful on your first try it’s worth a lot okay next assignment crier slide moves down Australia Simon he said I found if I follow the funnel system I found a phone I like that Marlin and I’m a very first test we doubled over on our Aspen put $1 in and two hours back out now share this one because people always ask me Russell my funnels and what’s my advertising budget it’s like a million dollars a month on ads Chris my leg let me ask you a question okay let’s say you follow the funnel Hawks process away it shows you you found a funnel worked you modelled it you start driving ads and you put a dollar in advertising it on Monday and you get $2 back out on Tuesday what do you think your budget should be you go well if I put $1 in on Monday I get $2 back out on Tuesday I want to put in two million dollars a day I said exactly I can you have a funnel that worked you don’t have an advertising budget okay people asked me how are your ads everywhere Russell I don’t have an advertising budget I can spend as much money as I want all day long every single day except when my leads could pay me before I do some click funnels that’s the key you guys that’s why this is so powerful if you want a 10x your company do you want to destroy your competition this is the key this is how it works okay I got a really quick one last video I wanna show this is from drew Canole he’s the owner of Orianna fied he’s the one who went on I told you that we 20x his company here number one through the funnel this is a quick video from him and I want to share with you because you understand business isn’t just about like money that’s awesome but it’s about the vibes we affect I want you to hear from him how many lives were affected because of his funnel now you want to give you kind of your experience about the funnel stuff that I went through with that with you guys absolutely so what was it about four months ago I bought the book 108 split tests and I was looking through this book and I’m like this book is just loaded with goodness I’m like in the back of my mind being a visionary you know you have all these ideas as entrepreneurs right everybody in the room has a thousand ideas in my mind at the time I was like what if Russell could come here and help the FitLife TV team build our supplement funnel and the different things that we’re creating because at the time we were doing well like Jamel said over a million dollars every year but we wanted a 10 exit and take it to the next level so Brunson came out he spent the entire day with us he just blew our minds of the content that he was delivering and we were in our conference room we didn’t even have a whiteboard in the conference room he was poor guy was drawing on the windows in this place and he mapped out the entire strategy the entire funnel for the product launch that we just put into play and literally within two weeks I mean it sweet end next we 10x our business or more and we have pre-orders coming in now that’s essentially going to pay for all of our product for like the next year and a half it’s ridiculous so I believe in it I think it’s absolutely amazing what he teaches what he’s telling you guys to do it completely can radically transform your business if you just listen and follow with it instead of trying to be creative and you know putting your touch into it you know follow the pros that have been doing it for over a decade and that’s exactly what we did and now we’re not only making more money but our mission and purpose here is to transform 10 million people this year and we’re well on our way to do that with physical products outside of just digital so you’re touching those lives through us my man I don’t appreciate you for that so thanks very cool all right notice it takes like three times that was even planned but there you go 10x alright some guys out there saying there’s Russell says cool about kind of this startup phase right now I’m a product yet you ever probably get don’t stress out at all in fact in the Train the very first thing we go through is like how to get started without a product cab there’s two specific trains the first one is talking about opt-in forms how we build lists and build leads kantha tons of friends who make over a million dollars a year who don’t even have their own product okay you don’t have to have your own product you can do this by generating leads selling your fry selling other people’s probably sell grass products so my products like you don’t have to have a product so the very first one shows you how to build huge email lists you can sell other people’s products so if you don’t have probably go through that training first if you want a great prop you have no idea how to do it we also have a fast procreation training I’ll show you exactly how your product entire product line built out in a weekend okay so if you’re on a product that can no longer be an excuse for you is forever gone because now we solve that problem for you as well yeah here’s recap what you get first thing you get is the ClickFunnels™ 12-month enterprise account for free then you get a six-week funnel X masterclass the funnel builder seekers total value six thousand five hundred sixty one dollars so well she has a be successful I want to make sure that there are zero excuses I want every one of you guys attend extra company next twelve months I want zero excuses what else he has need oh what about more traffic okay now I told you guys before about one of my ways I get traffic which works really good but there’s a lot of ways to get traffic I’ll stirred you two guys the story about John Reese and his million-dollar day so when he made his million dollar day he was selling a course called traffic secrets and traffic ‘obviously changed stuff here so a couple months ago Dharma back through and rebuilt the entire training program and actually bought a copy from him and it was like insanely good he didn’t go through it one or two or ten traffic tourists I went to a hundred and twenty five different ways to get traffic which I don’t know that was even possible and I went through trade I was like dude this is insanely good and I called him up I’m like John I’m gonna be speaking at the 10 X event can I give everybody in the audience of free copy of traffic secrets and guess what he told me you said no huh what dude everyone needs this this is free on the Middle East for the rest of their lives he’s like I know but I I this is my course I sell it I was like okay what would it take for me to be able to buy the company from you so I could give this to free free to everybody here he’s like dude you can’t I don’t just sell Mike and we went back and forth and recently actually paid John just shy of a million dollars check this out these are actually the wires took me seven wires apparently banks haven’t really can’t wire a million dollars in the one so these are all the wires centralizers into John and I bought the traffic seekers company from him so I own it so any thank you very much grant oh man 10x my offer so I wrote a million dollar checks there you go anybody who gets started today you all see a lifetime access to traffic secrets for free I recommend don’t try to do all 125 traffic sources at once pick one implement it driving your phone and when it’s working then do the second one and keep doing that until you got so many leads that all your competitors are dead or gone alright ever that works Kevin so what you’re gonna get it means you’re gonna get quick photos a 12-month enterprise having clicked on the six-week forelocks master class the funnel builder secrets also get traffic secrets total value of eight thousand five hundred fifty eight dollars well she hasn’t be successful again I want zero excuses I want ending I want everyone he has a 10 X next 12 months what else she hasn’t be successful what about the copy this is the part lighting is mine I know about yet but the copy is the most expensive part okay for this front layer it cost me $20,000 and what is copy copy are the words that go everywhere right so there’s the headlines on your page that’s what you say in the videos it’s the sales letter for the upsells it’s the headline there it’s the videos it’s like all the copy or all the words okay on the funnel pages but also you have in your ads right like every single ad you have to copy after copy you have a copy copy all the words in the ads the headlines and things like that right then you have sent out emails like what are you saying the emails like I don’t know we send emails somewhere did buyer didn’t buy take what do you do those the emails as well all that stuff is copy okay no copy is probably the most expensive thing that you can get this out there inside of funnel say it’s crazy expense in fact here’s some sells ours I paid for recently I paid $20,000 for this sales letter 20,000 for this one oh by the way that one didn’t convert so I got zero dollars back from it 15 grand for this one 15 for this one 15 for that one and 15 that one typical sells anywhere from 15 to 25 thousand dollars or more plus royalties okay it’s expensive so I got really annoyed by that because most people don’t have that kind of money and I like they I need everyone having successful funnel so how do we how do we hack this so we developed a new software program but I did not offer 10x Laster that is here today and it’s called funnel scripts okay now funnel scripts are literally it’ll write all the sales letters the ads the emails the webinar slides and under 10 minutes and it’s as good as most the professional copywriters that I’ve ever hired in them in the past which seems hard to believe I’m gonna show you why it’s true so the first thing after you guys sign up today you’re gonna log in to funnel scripts and on the left hand side inside here you see here’s all different scripts that are in their ads Facebook ads emails like you see there’s tons and tons and tons on so you pick one of them okay so first example I pick headline and this is my partner with this in this project names Jim ed where pictured him Jim literally went through over 10,000 of the most successful ads in the history of all time all the way back from like the beginning of our founding fathers of direct response marketing up to today and he went through he built software he says okay here’s the top 500 highest converting headlines of all time he said like if I took these two things out and asked a bunch of questions I could create this headline for them I create a whole bunch of them I did it for the headlines for emails for webinars for athlete for everything right then you log on to funnel scripts and you can scroll down here it’s gonna ask you some questions about your business this is the headline one so you ask your audience your main topic your main keywords you fill out this form takes you five or ten minutes you click on the build button boom and it pops out three 150 and 500 headlines for you the highest converting headlines in the world with your product your services weaved into them then all you got to do is just copy and paste it pasted in your click from space and instant you have the best headlines on planet earth to selling your products for you is that amazing yeah and that’s right there that’s just look at those headlines all those headlines that popped out that fast for me okay that’s just headlines but same thing for Facebook ads for your emails like all the coffee and all your pages please take care of I’m gonna give you guys 12-month access to funnel scripts for free as well that’s how good all right some you guys like well Russell what if I do you have funnel scripts this isn’t fair to me so this we’re gonna do I’m gonna continue to over deliver if you already have funnel scripts I will take wherever you are now it will bump out your billing for an entire another year see another your funnel scripts are free that okay people deliver alright okay here’s a recap oh yeah you’ll get the 12-month enterprise gotta click phone six week funnel Hawks masterclass photo booth his secrets traffic secrets funnel scripts of total value eleven thousand five hundred fifty two dollars how many I remember that number we began this presentation we talked about it talked about a she has all for eleven thousand five hundred fifty two dollars and if you have that I may give you guys the Billy 10 extra company next twelve months I know it without a shadow my dad I can attend X every one of your company’s next twelve months if you have this process you have this package I know it now obviously I’m not gonna charge you has eleven thousand five hundred fifty dollars even though you all committed to it earlier today but I have a question let’s say I did charge you has eleven thousand five hundred fifty two dollars and if all that this did was finally give you a funnel that was profitable where he couldn’t dollar advertising in to get two hours back out would it be worth it yes I don’t think as a person this room won’t give me eleven gratified Bill in funnel for him okay now if all that this did was help you to share your message your product your service up two more people would be worth eleven thousand five hundred to two dollars yeah guess they’re more than that a day on Facebook astronaut just hanging by message out to more people okay if all the students give you the ability to cancel all the monthly tools you’re currently using glue together your funnels fire your webmaster your program your design get rid of all of them would have worth the eleven thousand five hundred fifty two dollars to free yourself forever yeah the average click for members saves over a thousand dollars a month you guys okay quick for us never cost you a penny it becomes free okay so when I was pricing aside two choices the first option was go steep as possible and try to sell everybody in this room the problem with that though they didn’t really incentivize me to stack on the value for you guys okay now what’s interesting is this since we’ve launched click funnels head we’ve had 37 people who’ve launched companies trying to beat us 37 people how do I know that every time someone launch does when I get 800 emails never I know dude they’re trying to and the headlines always like click funnels killer we’re gonna take him out and guess what they do they try to undercut us in pricing right for $100 lifetime access you get access to our funnel builders way better click funnels guess what happens to those people those companies those companies go under every single one 37 are now gone wonder why they can’t support their members ok I spent over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a month every single month to some programmers to make quick funnels better for you every single month you will notice everything logging gets better and better and better okay we have over a hundred and twenty full times support people to support you so if you get stuck or your technical person is stuck you know I don’t know what to do if a hundred twenty people to back you up you will get on your thing and help you with what it is you’re doing okay so because of that obviously requires a little higher investment in and you guys but we’re building a foundation for you to 10x your company okay and so in exchange for a little more money we can we can put more resources into guarantee your success okay so my question for you is this for each of you for your company for your business what do you think one funnel would be worth for you it’s CPA for all you guys if you had one successful sales from what’s that worth extra is an extra $10,000 a month for you extra $100,000 a month for you or more if you know what that number is how much would you pay to give you a funnel to make an extra ten grand a month or a hundred grand a month or more how much did you pay to get that one perfect funnel can this fund right here myself in front cost me twenty nine thousand dollars to build this funnel i me a CB 29 grand if I give this funnel right now not many of you guys are let me put some perspective okay it cost me twenty one twenty nine thousand dollars before I sold the company it was making seventeen thousand nine hundred forty seven dollars per day it’s 500 thousand dollars a month is six million dollars a year the people about the company bought it for a lot more than the 29 grand how many guys would give me $29,000 if I gave you company is making six million dollars a year Oh change this perspective right the funnel is the key you guys okay in fact these little book funnels they’ve been worth more than a hundred twenty-seven million dollars of the funding to me that’s the power here’s getting this you just took one $20 and funny I build a funnel way beat them both of them we’re gonna be the next ones too okay so you see right now people pay me to and fifty-thousand launch plus royalties just for me to set up a single funnel for them okay that’s the value where I’m trying to give to you guys here you guys understand that this will 10x your company faster than anything else you can dream up fashion anything else you can do is better than the hiring of ourselves but Ike this is the fastest way 10x your company so you can see why this in the screaming good deal at the eleven thousand five hundred fifty dollars the each of you committed to earlier today okay outside of the event we sells for five thousand nine ninety seven dollars but because I truly believe and I truly want you guys each to ten extra come to next twelve months when he Isis to everything talked about today for just one payment of two thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars now I put this in perspective yeah so always get signed this hour cheering on this respect if you ought to click for him right now and you want to get the count you guys get for free snacks twelve months at three thousand five hundred sixty-four dollars okay and you guys get it for free with your investment today and this isn’t something I made up to go to cliff loans might come right now to a nice and dollars a month we have over eleven thousand people right now on that plan okay you guys get for free for next one month now for all of you guys who are sitting here with me today who’ve just heard me talk about something you’ve got two choices Kemp your first option it’s don’t do anything yeah that was awesome Russell as exciting I know I need a funnel but I’m gonna go a lunch and you can do that if you want to okay the promo says if you do that the nothing’s really gonna change okay we’re not here to dabble and to think about over here to 10x our companies right that’s the plan so your second option is it’s just pony up with this tiny little investment today compared to all the value in return just give it a shot just see if it’s gonna work for you okay we’ll philosophy here my company says if we can’t make you money we don’t deserve yours okay so we’ll give you guys money back fact we have a money back guarantee 30 day money-back guarantee and the way works you signed today if you don’t like for any reason at all I don’t care for 29 days 23 hours and 59 minutes um today just let me know and we’ll give your money back I want you guys understand this is not about me whether you invest today or not it will not change my life one iota I’m not gonna buy different car nothing will change for me but I promise you that everything will change for you this is about you this investment will change your business and it will change your life so the question for you is this is it worth gambling a few minutes your time to check this out which even if only does half what I’ve claimed her in today’s training will literally pay for itself the second your very first funnel is live so what are your other options other options you want try tennis you’re coming next so much you could go back to college I was just in some math on this you were just Stanford is $189,000 even guess your best case scenario is best case starting salaries sixty seven thousand dollars a year it’s not better for Princeton Harvard Cornell so you can do that you’re not gonna text your business or eat your Alex Leila did and they got started okay they launched their first funnel in April this year and within a month they passed the two comma Club and within eight months they made over ten million dollars okay and the same thing could happen for you when you guys are willing thank you all right so here’s recap what you get a 12-month brand price scanner click funnel six week four locks masterclass funnel builder secrets for traffic secrets funnel scripts told about eleven thousand five fifty dollars but I got one last thing I want a 10x what you guys are offering our bonus our main key ten exponent so this is the bonus for those who get started first thing is what we call our unlimited count inside your clown by default you have seventy funnels hundred thousand monthly visitors those who get started and break I’m gonna dub I’m not getting double wait a 10x is for you guys so we’re gonna give you unlimited funnels means you could build a thousand funnels your account or not gonna charge you any more we’re gonna give you unlimited traffic in your funnels you can get as much traffic it’s not gonna cost you any more and also my priority support guys will have your back that means if it’s 3:00 in the morning and you’re stuck message then what happens a login account just do it for you or they make you video showing you how to do it value that’s priceless plus a couple other things anyone to get started in the break I also get to say you’ve learned my QuickStart coaches amused you get back home you give us a call with someone spend an hour with you on the phone getting your phone set up with you that way you can hit the roads running fast to end this out you guys or less thank you [Applause] so once again and then while and last recap everything you get tell you guys you’re gonna get the 12-month County ClickFunnels™ six-week frocks master classes funnel building secrets traffic secrets funnel scripts the 10x bonuses taught about eleven thousand five fifty dollars you get it for two thousand nine nine seven dollars thank you guys again for having me I appreciate you I cannot wait to 10x your company’s next twelve months thank you everybody [Applause]

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