️ Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2

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????️ Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

People are always asking me what they need to do to fix a funnel that is not working the way they thought it would. Julie Stoian outlines the steps that she uses on hers and her client’s funnels. Realize almost all funnels when you first create them do not work as well as they should. You will want to listen to this one a couple of times. There is also a transcript of this episode so you can print off the details.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Your funnel can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to look at your numbers (1:21)

Fixing copy (4:17)

Sorry you have to hear this but you have to be willing to light a match to $1,000 for your funnel and ads (9:08)

Know that if your front-end funnel breaks even or has some percentage of profit then that is a successful funnel (10:52)

Change your funnels step by step and look at the numbers after each step (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re just working on a $100 budget, it’s going to take a long time to generate the traffic to even determine if the funnel is working or not.”

“I would say the very first thing you do is tweak the copy. And if you’re tweaking the copy so much that it sounds like a different offer then there’s information there.”

“You have to be willing to spend $1,000 at least on a funnel and in ads. If you’re not willing to spend that then you’re not going to get enough numbers going through to see if it’s really working or not working.”

Audio Clips:

(5:51-6:02) “How many people need to see the page to get one buyer? Like almost a hundred leads. So, you need to get a hundred leads before you can even look at that funnel and say ‘Ugh, that needs work.’”

(10:27-10:44) “That’s exactly what I say to my clients, it’s like we’re going to light a match to this money and don’t expect anything from it. Because that’s exactly right, we’re buying data. There’s no way to know unless you use the market place to test if your funnel is broken

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:


welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward once again welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and again today you are third time hearing from the one and only Jewish Dorian Julie welcome back hi hi everybody thanks for having me so fun this has been a ton of fun and just for those guys who are listening to podcast this is our third one we’re recording in a row so if we’re getting tired it’s because we’ve actually been at this three times this is called podcast stacking if you’re not familiar that we’re basically we’re bunch of episodes all done at one time highly recommend you guys do the exact same thing with your time maximize your time trying to stack things as much as you can but this one is a topic I wanted to kind of save to the last and that is gonna be fixing a broken funnel it’s a question we get all the time and we think gosh we need to show this and the great thing about Julie is she has such an amazing teacher she’s actually being able to help you visualize every single on of your pages and exactly how to fix them as we’re going through this so with all that said I want to dive right into this topic as far as how to fix a broken funnel so Julie let’s just dive in let’s see where we’re gonna go with this one awesome okay so a couple things before we dive in number one I want you to like close your eyes and remember fifth-grade scientific method if you were in science class it was always like you know find the isolating part [Laughter] it’s like isolate the variable right like you didn’t know if your science experiment worked if you just like changed all the variables all at once right so part of a funnel is like there’s lots of places where it can quote break or leak and so we just want to isolate that one at a time the second thing is almost every funnel is broken when it launches no it’s very very rare for a funnel to just like be perfect right out of the gate so like broken might make you feel like oh crap it’s broken but it’s not it’s just not optimized yet that’s the difference okay there’s something not quite right and it’s a matter of when you get it right not if you get it right if you keep at it so this is money like two big disclaimers so the first spot where a funnel might quote break is on the ad itself and that is really simple to determine you can just look in your ads manager if you’re doing Facebook to see how many clicks you’re getting and if you’re seeing a cost per click that’s higher than like 50 Cent’s you know and every industry it’s gonna be different so please take that with a huge grain of salt and Facebook changes every five seconds but right now if I’m looking and I’m seeing clicks that are costing me $2 a click or $3 a click its something’s not right with my ad it could be the copy it could be the image or it could be the audience all right so the first thing is you got to get people to click on your ad so that’s your first method so okay that’s step one step two is how many people are opting in on your landing page on your squeeze page and everybody’s gonna have a different benchmark so you might be like oh normally I’m at 30% but this one’s at 20% so now you know but if you have no benchmark because you’re brand new use 20% as like a industry average so that means for a hundred people that click on your ad you want at least twenty leads it will be lower if you’re in a local business because usually your audience is narrower and so those leads are fewer but if you’re in like a big like expert based business where people can buy whether they live in China or California 20% I love those little things that are so important people is these little tiny numbers because that’s what people get so fresh like I don’t even know where to start and so by getting those numbers it helps a ton so if you look and you’re like okay my cost per clicks around 50 Cent’s okay all right that’s cool you know that your ad is kind of resonating look at your facebook relevancy score you want to see a relevancy score of 7 or higher the next thing to look at is that landing page and if it’s lower than 20% probably your copy it’s probably your copy as much as I hate to say this because the designer and me loves beautiful design it’s copy that usually causes the issue even ugly funnels convert if the copies right right that happens so many times oh my gosh ah that’s yeah other podcasts will review at the top of hunt funnels but that was one of things we came out was we were looking at all those with oh my gosh these are so but but yeah so if your copy doesn’t so then you can start tweaking your copy now some of you might be like oh I can’t like I tweaked my copy and it doesn’t work it’s still not converting then your offer might suck because if you can’t like at some point you’re gonna tweak your copy so much that you’re selling a different offer right and that’s the point your offers no it’s like you keep tweaking it and you’re like shoot that’s a different offer well yeah so so you know that’s kind of how to fix that so then the second the the last way to fix a broken funnel is to look at all the statistics in the rest of the funnel and people are shocked when I tell them that industry averages like if you have like a low-cost item on your thank-you page like after people opt in one to five percent is pretty standard for buying so people like spend 20 bucks on ads and they’re like ah my phone’s broken like you’ve had three people look at it you cannot so but just like do the math if if your by rate is one to five percent how many people need to see the page to get one buyer like almost a hundred which means you need at least a hundred leads before you can even look at that page and be like ooh that page needs work so I think that’s why focusing on the ad first is the right place too many times people want to play all day long in the funnel and the ad is so critical there I think that’s great advice right exactly because you’ve got to get people in you got it like if the ads not getting good clicks like you’re not gonna get enough traffic to be able to measure it and so there’s so it you know once you get like a thousand people hitting your landing page if you’ve got a 20% opt-in rate what is that 200 people are opting in that means if 200 people are opting in you want to see one – two – three – four – five sales on that sales page and if you don’t then that’s where the leak is like that’s and and then the OTO the last like and I’m doing like a self-liquidating offer funnel right now the OTO and so many people say my OTO doesn’t work and again it’s the same problem if two hundred people opt in and you get ten people to buy if your OTO if you’re looking for like 10% that’s one purchased right it’s like a numbers game and so you know sometimes people look at like Russell’s funnels in there like oh they work so well part of the part of the advantage that Russell has is he can push massive traffic into a funnel really fast and get all those numbers and those benchmarks like this and if you’re just working on a hundred dollar budget like it’s gonna take a long time to get the amount of traffic you need to even make the call if the funnel is working or not I love that I think that’s the part that people get so frustrated so it just says I’m working like their hat you haven’t had enough people go through the funnel to even know if it’s going to work and especially when you start talking about you know Chios and down sales and you’re like wait a second here there’s a percentage of breakage all the way through that we anticipate and expect to have happen and so just because you’re not getting me that you hope for there that was anticipate about that doesn’t mean that it’s broken so i love love that idea that’s fantastic oh well shoot you know like I don’t have a lot of ad money there’s lots of ways to push traffic into your funnel besides just ads you can do podcast interviews you can shoot for your dream 100 you can stick your funnel in your email signature you can you know like start a Facebook group do SEO do YouTube videos like there’s all kinds of ways so some of its patients so my recommendation is like if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads you want at least a hundred people to opt-in before you make a decision about that first offer and then you want at least twenty to thirty purchases before you make a decision if your oto is not working and I would say even like 50 purchases and then you look at the data and you see where the leak is and then I would say the very first thing to do is to fix the copy is to try to tweak the copy and if you find you’re tweaking the copy to the point where you’re making a different offer then there’s information there Julie that’s fantastic and again for those of you guys who hate writing copy we’ve got product out there called funnel scripts Jim Edwards created by almonds go to photo scripts calm and check that out for sure but I think the key here is helping people understand I love really as you started things off the whole idea as far as this whole scientific theory with that whole idea of understanding listen you have to start my only change in one variable you can’t change the ad you can’t change the offer change the coffee and think you’re gonna get anything out of it so you have to be patient through this which I know is it’s hard it’s frustrating for people just going listen I’ve only got so much money and add spin here that I can get go on this thing I want to make sure it works right out the gate well I’ve always looked at anything and I may be just stupid on I think you gotta be willing to spend $1000 at least on a funnel in ads if you’re not willing to spend that you you’re not gonna get enough numbers going through to be able to understand if it’s really working or if it’s not working so I will start any the finals I’ve ever looked at buildings it listen I’m willing to literally light a match to a thousand bucks if I have two examples that I’m okay with the fact that the information I’m buying information that’s death is how I look at it as far as I got to buy the I gotta buy the data and no one has the data but the marketplace and so I’ve got to pay people for that data and that’s how I’ve always looked at any funnels and it’s it’s always working mean that way that’s like that’s the most brilliant explanation I’ve always tried to explain it and I’ve come up short and that’s exactly what I say I have said to my clients it’s like we’re gonna light a match to this money like don’t expect anything from it but that’s exactly right we’re buying data there’s no way until you use the marketplace to test to know if your funnel is broken and so I think that’s brilliant and I think the the the other thing is and the difference between a front end and a back end funnel and for those of you who are building the front end funnels like the free plus shipping or the the self liquidating offer funnels those funnels are successful if they break even or if you make a little bit of profit that’s their design like the back end funnels are where you want see that profit maximizer I had a client she’s like I’m spending a hundred I spent like three thousand dollars on ads and I made like four thousand from it and it’s a front-end funnel I’m like awesome like that awesome it’s just like is it I’m like yes because now all of her leads she’s acquired like thousands and thousands of leads for free and she’s made a little bit of profit but she’s like why I need to sell them something else I’m like exactly so like that’s like that’s sometimes why people say build your back-end first because it’s like once that back-end is ready and then you start building your front ends then you have something to sell them and you start to see that momentum but beginners are like oh just make something small and I’ll make a little front-end funnel and then it breaks even and they’re like crap it’s not working like no it’s working I love it again we talk about this all the time if you’re not familiar a customer in average cart value so see a C and a CV are two of the most important things when you’re paying attention to a front-end fundal is what is the cost to acquire the customer and what’s your average cart value and that’s again look at average cart value is the sum of all the products that basically were women’s ot owes down sales products or deformed bumps all that as far as what’s the average cart value for that because if you can get what Julie just said it’s literally the holy grail of marketing and then it’s so funny I was talking with a huge I mean a multi hundred million dollar company the other day and they’re like if what you guys are really talking about really would work we have become a billion dollar company and I’m like it works the property they don’t know your numbers and again they’ve gotten so big that they’re like you know we just keep throwing money it just keeps growing I’m like know if you’ll pay attention to your cost acquire customer your average car value in the front end their back end is so huge they live just below this thing it could easily be a billion dollar company but they’re struggling around again that two to three hundred million which again it’s a big company it’s like it really works up for any size company so I love I love the fact that you pointed that out thank you um last thing I wanted to talk about with the broken funnel is the stats inside the click funnels editor when you decide so like let’s say you do get traffic like all right Julie I got traffic something’s broken I want to tweak something what you can do is you can use the date filter and like like you grab a week right like December 1st to December 10th or whatever and write down what your what all your percentages were for that week right in the past change your copy like change your headline and whatever copy you want to change maybe your call to action places you want to change your like headlines and calls to action and places like that and then run it for another week and then look at that week and compare it and see and then use that filter to see like how did that we do versus this week do and then you can kind of guess all right the copy helped or no the copy didn’t help you know I love that oh man Julie again love love your experience love the fact it’s always fun to talk to someone who’s built not on their own funnels but working with clients because you have such a much broader range of experience so thank you so much for all that you’re doing we appreciate your contributions any party remarks on how to fix it broken funnel I just just don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away it’s it’s like getting the funnel launched is the beginning of your adventure not the end and everybody has a funnel that doesn’t work when it starts that’s just normal so it’s just stick with it and don’t give up I love it Julie thanks again we’ll talk soon yes thanks bye guys thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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️ Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2

️ Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2